Hell yeah!

That was a very entertaining event producing only 3, 25%, decisions. That is very fuckin rare and pretty much the kind of finishing ratio Dana can only dream about in his ppv's. Although that ratio is probably not much of a surprise for the few who actually bother to watch these shows anymore. I certainly don't and I always fear these event cos it's a shot in the dark for most of the fights. This is usually the event that fucks with everyone's scores. In saying that, just because of the lack of star power, doesn't mean these guys wont bring it. Although there was one or two fairly poor performances, but overall, an enjoyable event.

This event really did have the lot.

  • Knock outs
  • Illegal knock outs?
  • Slick submissions
  • Back and forth wars
  • Kim Winslow bein a shit ref (Should have deducted Blanco a point)
  • Kim Winslow bein a good ref ( Good stoppage for Zingano )
  • Upsets and derailing of a hype train
  • Kotn: Travis Browne? Gtfo. That Hellbow for sure!!

Couple of dumbass happenins aswell. What fuckin judge gave Barnett all 3 rounds??

And Bartski! Why the fuck give up your back to a BJJ Black belt.

Also, those bangin on about Miesha Tate's honker of a nose can rejoice. That hooter got pretty bust up. Zingano couldn't really miss I suppose.

Anyway, enough of my bullshit, on with the results:




Having the ambition of finishing in the top 10 isn't really much to aim for. But considering VHW has only finished in the top 3 once before, and was shit picker twice in a row, top 10 isnt so bad. Consistent score the last few event makes top 10 a realistic finish. Point in note. Must do better next season.

He takes 3rd by scoring:

  • 64 points
  • Had 7/12 correct picks
  • 22 hot points
  • 2 perfect picks (Barnett and Blanco )
  • Well done




Yours truly is on the motha fuckin charge to the title here. This was the event I figured I'd fuck up as usual considerin I haven't followed a series TUF in years. But no, I didn't and I'm on course to save myself $20 cos none of you chumps can stop me. Or can you? Unless I royally shit the bed next event, it's a done deal. And I have already made my picks, this paddy aint fuckin about, fuck missin the picks.

I took silver by scorin:

  • 73 points
  • 8/12 correct picks
  • 22 hot points
  • 2 perfect picks (Barnett and Blanco )
  • Freepool Champ in waiting!



Numer Uno, Top dog!!



Just gonna fly the flag there lads. The Paddies with the 'ol 1-2.

Takin top spot is my fellow countryman and good friend Irish Kev. It was a close one, but well deserved. Cracking the top 3 for the second time this season and winning an event for the 1st time, Kev does so by not hitting the hot bout perfectly and with only a single perfect pick!!. That doesn't happen very often. I know he likes him some Miller, so I know he was cheerin the most here when Bartski gifted Miller his back, and in doing so, gifting Kev an invaluable 7 points. With the majority of correct picks, its moved him into the top 5. Good goin Kev, well done!

Kev takes gold by scoring:

  • 75 points
  • 10/12 correct picks
  • 10 hot points
  • 1 perfect pick ( Samman )
  • 78 out of 1823
  • Nice one feen!!



Made 5 picks and only got 1 correct. 7 points off Browne. Expected more from you UK tbh.

Event Scores:










4 53 megamike1989
5 52 McRad
6 51 Aiden08
7 50 scott1
8 47 karpentero
9 46 Raymondo
9 46 fulch
9 46 the_rocketeer
12 45 T_BUCK7
13 44 Rolandando
14 41 bezeau24
15 37 wolfman13
16 31 TheNextDamnChamp
17 27 Scaly_Manphi




Current League Standings:

Considering Rolo isn't a part of the actual league, the following table will be modified next week to show the true table. Which means Fulch is 3rd.










4 502 fulch
5 474 IrishKev
5 474 T_BUCK7
6 471 wolfman13
7 470 scott1
8 439 Raymondo
9 428 bezeau24
9 428 the_rocketeer
10 415 TheNextDamnChamp
11 381 vhw
12 353 Scaly_Manphi
13 309 UKBlitzkrieg
14 302 liverpoolsnxt
15 280 PotOfGold
16 180 McRad
17 168 Aiden08
18 116 PorkchopSandwich
19 111 burlzilla129
20 96 paulnewman
21 53 megamike1989
22 33 thunderdownunder
23 11 tr8k

64 Man Bracket Tourny

And then there was 2.

But there can only be one.

Unlucky to Rolo and Karp. I really was rootin for one of you guys, but not to be.


Good luck to Oily and Snake.

As a reminder, if there is a draw in the last event, the qualifying score wins, which hands the advantage to Snake with his score of 70. All the best lads.


Tumblr_ls44b8mlxi1r3j3aao1_500_medium Shout out to Megaman. Thanks for joining. Hope to see many of you back next season. Nice one!!

Thats your fuckin lot you fuckin maggots, hit it up!!

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