Donaire vs Rigondeaux full fight results, LIVE online HBO coverage tonight

Buckle up, "Filipino Flash" and "El Chacal" are out to establish who is the most super Bantamweight boxer of them all TONIGHT at Radio City Music Hall in New York, New York. And is your home for up-to-the-minute coverage of the showdown between Nonito Donaire vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux tonight on HBO.

This is something super.

Two of boxing's greatest talents will lock horns later tonight (Sat., April 13, 2013) inside Radio City Music Hall in New York, N.Y., when the "Filipino Flash," Nonito Donaire, takes on two-time Olympic gold medalist and amateur legend Guillermo Rigondeaux in a 122-pound battle to determine the top Super Bantamweight boxer on the planet.

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of the bout, starting with the HBO broadcast at 11 p.m. ET.

Since moving up to 122 pounds after an impressive run at Bantamweight, Donaire has been on the warpath, taking out the likes of Toshiaki Nishioka and Jorge Arce in his impressive undefeated (4-0) 2012 run. The owner of 2011's "Knockout of the Year" against Fernando Montiel, he has not tasted defeat since his second pro fight, nor gone more than three fights without scoring a knockout.

"El Chacal," meanwhile, has been similarly destructive, dropping or finishing every opponent he has faced in his 11-fight pro career. Prior to his debut, Rigondeaux amassed one of the most impressive amateur records in history, scoring more than 400 victories and just 12 losses and winning gold in both 2000 and 2004.

Both the WBA and WBO belts, respectively held by Rigondeaux and Donaire, will be on the line in what will most likely be a very entertaining title unification match.


122 lbs.: Guillermo Rigondeaux def. Nonito Donaire by unanimous decision (114-113, 115-112, 116-111)


Super Bantamweight Championship: Nonito Donaire vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux

Round one: Quick exchange early, Rigondeaux stings him with a solid left. Pawing with their lead hands, both men land their power hands to the body. Another one to the body. Couple of solid lefts by Guillermo. Rigondeaux right hook, Nonito sneaks in a left hook. Guillermo lands a right hook to end the round. 10-9 Rigondeaux.

Round two: Nonito with a straight to the body, then a short right as Guillermo ducks past. They go back to pawing. Nonito with another right downstairs. Body shot from El Chacal. Left straight upstairs. Donaire plugs the body once more. Two more rights to the body. Counter left just misses from Guillermo. Round ends, giving it to Nonito on activity. 19-19.

Round three: Guillermo connects with a tight right hook. Donaire with a combo, only the right downstairs lands. Left straight from Guillermo is blocked, Donaire's counters don't connect. Good short lefts by Rigo. Low-high left hands. Donaire lands a right downstairs and whiffs big on his left hand. Nonito lands a pair of rights, his best shots so far. Guillermo with a left. Good fight so far, 29-28 Rigondeaux.

Round four: Guillermo lands a right hook, then a left-right combination. Donaire connects with a glancing left hook, then a good jab. Good straight. Short counter left by Rigo. Sneaky right hand, Nonito with a left. Both men land power shots downstairs, Guillermo left strays low. Nonito lands a great left hook, Guillermo cracks him as he approaches. Crazy exchange to end the round as Guillermo lands his big left hand. Very close round. 39-37 Rigondeaux.

Round five: Nonito pawing out with his jab, avoids a right hook. Rigo potshots a left through Nonito's guard. Clubbing left uppercut from the Cuban as he avoids Nonito. Computer runs out of power, and I miss the rest of the round.

Round six: I only manage to catch the last minute of the round; not much happens. Bad Left Hook gave this and the last round to Rigo, though, so 59-55 for the Cuban.

Round seven: Donaire with a right to the body. One upstairs, plus a left hook. He's coming forward consistently now. Limited action here; nobody's throwing. Nonito moves in, Guillermo lands a left downstairs. Rigondeaux slips some power shots, Donaire blocks a left upstairs. Crap round, 69-64 Guillermo for ring generalship.

Round eight: Donaire continues pursuing, Guillermo connects with a right upstairs. Rigondeaux paws with his right hand, continues avoiding Donaire's punches. Quick jab as Nonito comes in. Left to the body. Another. Another as Nonito comes in, then one upstairs. Still not that fun to watch, but it's rare to see such a boxing clinic at this level. 79-73 Rigondeaux.

Round nine: Rigondeaux continues slipping everything Nonito throws at him. Pair of stiff jabs from the Cuban. Donaire connects with his left hook in close. Sneaky uppercut by El Chacal. Jab, left straight downstairs. Couple short punches by Rigondeaux. Round ends, 89-82 same.

Round ten: Rigondeayyx goes down, but it's ruled a slip. Nonito finally lands a big left hand and puts Guillermo on his seat; this one's a knockdown. Rigondeaux is back up and Nonito seems buoyed. Rigondeaux connects with a counter left as he comes in. Glancing hooks by Donaire. Things slow back down with a minute left. Guillermo lands a right. Lovely straight between Donaire's guard from El Chacal. Jabs from both. There's the bell; 10-8 Donaire, but still 97-92 Rigondeaux. Nonito needs something special.

Round eleven: Donaire not pressing his advantage, instead advancing slowly as Rigondeaux circles. Both wing bit shots but fail to connects. Short punches with the lead hands. Donaire combination met by a left to the head. Donaire left hook falls short once more. Lovely left-right from Rigondeaux. Straight to the body. Donaire pursues with punches to no effect. Rigondeaux jabs to the body to end the round, 107-101 Rigondeaux.

Round twelve: Counter left early from Guillermo. Donaire backpedaling now; he might have gotten hurt by that left. Nonito's right eye is damaged now and he eats yet another left. Nonito's right glove is glued to his face and there's another left from Guillermo. Right hook. Hard left uppercut. 2-1 now. ANOTHER uppercut. Guillermo is just kicking his ass this round. Donaire chases with punches. Another left straight by Guillermo. Donaire swings huge and whiffs, Guillermo taunts him for it. End of the fight. Nonito's eye is a swelling in a hurry; that left may have busted his orbital. 117-110 Rigondeaux.

Final result: Rigondeaux def. Donaire by decision


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