Interview with Jimmy Quinlan of TUF (4/2/13 Q&A)

Hey, Mania.

Here is a short interview with Jimmy Quinlan of MassBJJ from this season of TUF. Jimmy is fighting this weekend at the TUF Finale. I'll have a separate fanpost up taking PRE-fight questions.


Favorite story (that you can talk about) from your time in the house?

JQ: in general there are not a ton of individual moments that stood out to me as much as just the general good memories of the house.. we had a lot of laughs and I enjoyed all the guys we lived with.. I tried to keep everyone laughing and having a good time.

Best striker on Team Sonnen during practice?

JQ: Obviously the best striker was Uriah. The dude is an amazing striker. He didn't stand out a ton in actual rounds -- if you're crowding him and staying tight, he is not as effective at the kicks and things like that -- but in general he was awesome to watch. He could do some ridiculous things with his kicks.

Long term -- stay at MW? Or will you try to make WW? How much do you cut right now?

JQ: I'm heavily considering a move down to WW. I think I can be competitive at MW, but I think I can be a contender at WW. I don't cut much -- 10-15 lbs.

At what point do you decide to tap to strikes? A lot of people will never be in a pro MMA fight. Is there a moment where you realize you need to save yourself from punishment for your long term career? Health vs. reward thoughts?

JQ: I would generally never tap to strikes, especially in the UFC. The situation in the TUF is different than what anyone thinks watching it. Going from a fight with Clint, then about a week and a half later going into another fight, I was VERY banged up. I had issues with my head and things like that going into the second fight and knew I wouldn't be able to take much more damage. Obviously, I would never pull out of the fight. I just figured I'd go in and do the best I could and hopefully pull it out, but I knew I was in trouble before the fight started if I took too much more head trauma.

If you were to be stuck on a desert island with 3 people from the house, which 3 would you pick, and why?

JQ: I would pick Luke, Tor, and Kelvin. Luke because he's the man, and we get along very well. Tor because he is extremely level-headed and logical. He is also a very good cook and VERY smart. Kelvin because he is just an awesome guy to be around -- he's always happy, doesn't have a care in the world, and keeps a level mind no matter what. I thought I was a carefree, nothing-bothers-me type of person until I met Kelvin Gastelum.

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