Maniacs. Lets help out PHASEBOOK.

I noticed recently, that Phasebook hasn't been around much. Just one of those things that you notice, and kind of think nothin of it, but still, kind of wonder about. Considerin he is one of the most active around here, it just seemed a bit odd.

And now, I know why. He recently posted this comment on the rankings thread:

The project I am doing was already sent just waiting for their reviews and hopefully we get paid for it.

On another unrelated and unfortunate note, this is the part I hate being in the third world. Some thieves just stole my ipod touch while I was travelling the metro rail transit. So the only time I get to visit Mania is when I am in the office (free internet) and when I get home and the neighbor is stupid enough to not put password on his router.Unlike when I had my ipod (mind you I had it since 2008) where I can just go to a wi-fi zone and start commenting mobile on Mania. Not to get any sympathies from you Maniacs but just letting you know why I have been MIA the past couple of weeks.

Okay, first off, he's workin on a project, and not even sure he'll get paid for it.

Works and lives in the third world.

Had an ipod for 5 years.

Got fuckin robbed.

Looks like this fucker:


Now, Phase does a shit ton for this community. His Moneypool recaps are very detailed and I know, they take a hell of a lot of time and research. I myself do the Freepool recaps, and don't put nearly as much time and effort as Phase does, and that still takes me a while to do. And the whole Freepool idea was Phase's. He also has other random posts that involve the interests of all fellow Maniacs. He comments on almost every thread and fanpost and is generally one of the good guys here.

If you don't know who Phasebook is, your not a true Maniac!

Basically, I'm askin for the Maniacs to show how great our community is by helpin him out to get a new ipod, or even an ipad.

Even if I can get 10 Maniacs to donate the price of two pints, that will be almost $100 (initial target) towards a new gizmo. I don't want people to go mad, $5 or $10 is plenty.

Also, I don't want Phase to think he is a charity case, so if I offend or caused embarrassment Phase, I apologise and I will delete this post.

Obviously, Phase could have plenty of money and I look a fool for this, if so, fair do.

Please make any donation via pay pal. Yes, we can use pay pal as it's not for gambling.

If you need to set up a paypal account, sign up here:

From there, when you register your card, just click 'send money'.

So to get the ball rolling, I will commit $25.

Send your donations to me:

In say a weeks time, I will forward it to Phase.

Yes, I probably should have run this by Phasebook first, but considerin he may be off line for a few days, I just figured I'd roll with it anyway.

Once again, I will delete and return any money donated if Phase feels I am out of order.

P.s. This is not an April fool joke post btw.

Nice One!

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