Cain Velasquez and the MMA Community

As an American of German, Scot-Irish, and Latino descent, it really pisses me off how racist people are against Cain Velasquez. It is my opinion that people dislike him simply because he is brown. The majority of MMA hate him because he is a Mexican holding a non-Latino man’s belt. This needs to change. We need our sport to love Mexicans because right now all the posts about Cain Velasquez may consciously seem to have nothing to do with race, but deep down anyone can see the hatred for Mexicans spewing out from their unconscious! It is so stupid I mean look at this post:

Of course not

But he could shrug off 1 or 2 & get the KO. BF has heavy hands & Cains chin isnt the best. I give BF a 17% chance to win because anything can happen in this great sport

by JonBon Joey on Feb 12, 2013 | 10:04 PM up reply rec flag

Can you believe he is giving Cain absolutely no respect?!?! See we think he is saying that there is a slight possibility that Bigfoot could KO Cain because of Silva’s big hands, but what JonBon is really saying is that “Cain is a stupid Spick with a weak ass chin, and I hate him simply because he is Latino.” See you have to read things unconsciously to really understand the racism that is present within these posts.

Now let us look at the Top MMA Draws according to this website that attributes PPV averages to fighters when they appear on the poster of a card (They explain how they reach certain averages on the site seem pretty legit).

1 Rashad Evans 4,530,417 503,380

2 Shane Carwin 1,741,250 435,313

3 Georges St-Pierre 5,311,250 408,558

4 Quinton Jackson 3,795,625 379,563

5 Jon Jones 1,843,906 368,781

6 Lyoto Machida 2,169,375 361,563

7 Anderson Silva 3,584,583 298,715

8 Cain Velasquez 1,253,750 295,625

9 BJ Penn 4,098,666 292,762

10 Dan Henderson 1,125,000 281,250

See look at this Racism!! Cain Velasquez is at number 8 because people hate him because of his ethnic background! Oh yes the fans love 4 black guys, the engineer, the French-Canadian, and the Japzillian in front of him. He is also barely ahead of that Hawaiian. This must mean that All Canadians, Black People, Engineers, Japanese, Brazillians, Hawaiians, and white people who are MMA fans must hate Latinos. This is the only logical answer that I can derive from the statistics that show other fighters of different ethnic groups ahead of Cain Velasquez in popularity.

We need to do something about this, and I am going to call on and blame primarily the white people. If they would stop disliking Cain Velasquez and posting racially insensitive things like “I think Bigfoot has a chance to beat him” or “JDS will win in the rubber match” then the world and the mma community will be a much better place.

Also, just to prevent any future racism: If Cain goes on a 6-7 fight win streak while champion and develops a super annoying belief that he God’s gift to MMA, a sense of entitlement, and decides not to take a fight against Chael Sonnen on 8 days’ notice because his head wrestling coach, Daniel Cormier, advises him against it you cannot dislike him for it. This would be ultimate racism because everyone knows that if you dislike someone that just happens to be of different ethnic background than you because of certain personality traits that person possesses then you are a racist. Saying that I dislike Cain because he is entitled is just like saying Cain is stupid because he is brown. SO DO NOT DO IT!

Sorry I just really had to get all of this off my chest

Thanks for reading.

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