Jon Jones and the MMA community

There is a growing epidemic in the mma community and it is only getting worst!

people sedomely ask why is Jones been treated differently from other fighters in the sport but that question always have too many answers that by the end of the day there is no aphoristic truth to any of them.

Who are these haters?

A huge population of this demographic fanbase are White males.

The way Jon Jones is been treated by the mma white demographic fans is unheard of in modern day sport and i am sorry to say that but if you look at the majority of people insulting Jones and booing him at weigh ins and forums they are white males.
The hatred run so deep, even when Jones welcome his child into this world, a poster posted on Mania "

confirmed positive result on HIV test.

announcement is he is leaving the sport forever to die slowly off camera.

by ( Name withheld) on Mar 4, 2013 9:35 AM PST reply actions

There are other terrible insults and rants that are thrown at Jones on a daily bases by this so called mma fans.

The truth is they want him to lose or leave the sport for good, other than that they will not like him.

Now i am not saying every white mma fans are like this but majority of them are. They have never accepted Jones as one of theirs and they will never until he loses or go to HW and lose. Jones is just in the wrong sport. A sport where the fans will rather root for a Brazilian over an African American hence the Jon Jones will never be the GOAT, Anderson Silva is the GOAT.
These are the same fans who put Lesner over Silva even though Lesner didn’t have the kind of dominant run that Jones is having right now. Everybody was put ahead of Silva until Jones came along, only then did Silva started having fans calling him the GOAT. Because they don’t want Jones to get that title, the lesser of two evils.

Majority of the guys who call themselves Silva fans are not even a Silva fan, they just rally around Silva just so Jones can not get the recognition as the best fighter in a sport they call theirs.

It has always been about the white supremacy, boxing was able to get rid of that problem a long time ago. As cocky and disrespectful as Floyd or Broner you will never hear fans booing them at weigh ins when they work out.

If you have ever been to any live mma even featuring Jon Jones you will know there is a huge racial problem in mma. The racial undertones is always deep!

Dana white knew of this problem but he can’t handle it because majority of the people that buy his PPV are white males, the urban African Americans lost all hope in the sport when Rashad, Kimbo and Rampage got dethroned and since then Dana has been trying to sell Jones to bring in the black community but to no avail. Because the black community rather watch boxing where race is not an issue.

This is an extract from the ban of mma in New York

" "Not surprisingly, this rapidly rising blood sport is likewise wildly popular among racist
skinheads and other
young extremists with a thirst for violence."
5 "

And sadly that is the truth. Majority of the mma fans just can’t stand a black African American dominating the sport so bad that they have to look for other ways to damage Jones personality outside the cage.

Anderson Silva put on great and exciting fights but he is not the biggest PPV draw out there.

Jon Jones put on great exciting fights and finish but he is not the biggest PPV draw out there.

GSP dry humps people and put on boring fights and he is the biggest PPV draw in all of MMA!

If Jones and Silva dry humps fighters to a decision win all the time will you guys still pay 50 dollars to watch them fight?

These racist fans hide under the banner of " haters" and carry out their rants quietly as long as they don’t use the N word they are not doing anything wrong. If anybody accuse them like this article, they will turn the table around and call that person the racist for pulling the race card.
They use code words like " Jon Jones is a pussy, Jones is a douchebag, Jones is fake, Chicken Bones Jones, Jones is a coward, Jones is arrogant " as long as they are not using the N word they are just exercising their freedom of speech.

Now the media is not helping at all either because there is racism in the media too who don’t like Jon Jones. For example, there was an advert of Jon Jones flexing his muscle during weigh ins at the top of every mma site but they have replaced it with a Ronda rousey holding her belt advert. These ads lead to BR ( Bleacher report) and the Jones ad was up for over 5 months, the ad was about the worst moment in mma and it spoke about how Jones gave mma a bad name and how he is bad for the sport. Other fighters would have sue but Jones as a humble guy kept quiet. New fans that came into the sport saw that ad and Jones was losing fans by the day with that. Now Ronda ad is up and it is full of praise.

Now these racist what they do is tell you how they are not racist because they like Rashad, Rampage, Anderson, and other black dudes, well the point is if Jones lose they will like him but since he remain unbeaten that goes against everything they stand for which is white supremacy. Anderson Silva on the other hand they will make a case that he is not an African American, that he is multi ethnic. According to Snowden from BR " Let's parse that a bit. First and perhaps most obviously, Brazilian is not a "race." Scientists will debate appropriate racial distinctions until the end of time, but none to my knowledge have ever defined "Brazilian" as a racial group.Brazil is a country. It's made up of a diverse population of both indigenous peoples and those descended from the Portuguese who conquered the region in the 1500s or the slaves who were imported shortly after to work in the sugarcane fields" Source BR So they rather rally around him than Jones. But when he was fighting Chael, they rally around Chael.

For mma to grow and become a mainstream sport racism has to go. Racism is strong in mma that it is really sickening. Ask your self this, in the Jones/Machida weigh ins, why was Jones booed and Tito cheered? That was before Jones DUI, Evans fight and UFC 151 cancellation.

Every single day these racist fans look for ways to justify their hatred for Jones and the more he continue to win they will continue to hate him! Hence the i can’t wait for DC to drop down and beat him even though DC has not compete in that weight class before and he is not deserving.
That is why they also want him to move to HW knowing fully well he will be at a disadvantage so he won’t be able to break every record in the UFC.

The only reason why DC is loved right now is because they see him as a guy who can stop Jones reign so they rally around him. I remember when DC said he want to remain at HW and challenge JDS, he was hated big time when that news came up and he later change his tone.

Even Jones fans get hate for supporting Jones online. many of them out of peer pressure are force to deny they are not Jones fan so they can fit into the community.
Not only Jones fans get hate every body who associates them selves with Jones get hate, Greg Jackson, Jackson whole camp, Jones fiancee, NIKE, even the UFC took heat too when they sponsored Jones, funny how they are not taking heat for sponsoring other fighters.

This madness have to stop! I am not saying you should not hate on Jones, but bring it down a notch just like you treat other fighters. Any thing more than that you are a "poser" a racist posing as "Hater"

This is 2013 let’s stop this madness.Let’s leave as one

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