Wisetoad-gate (this really happened)


Shit got ugly today and I'm not really sure why, so I'll explain how the process went down.

I log on about 9am. I see longtime Maniac "Wisetoad" has a FanPost on the transgender story published by I put it in the queue while I post that crap about Belfort not getting approved for TRT in Vegas.

Then I read Toady's post, which consisted of a picture of Chaz Bono and something to the effect of "Some guy who used to have a dick and now has a pussy wants to fight women," with a link back to (which isn't "breaking" a story, BTW).

There was no way in hell I could front page that disaster, so I draw up a separate post on Fallon Fox and publish front page.

Ready for the punchline?

Halfway through the story, I wrote: "Our readers have already started to debate this issue here" and provided a link back to Wisetoad's FanPost so he could get some love.

Then people start hitting it hard and gee, what a shock, I'm wasting my time babysitting the FanPost because the comments section dissolved into a cess pool of awful hate. It got so bad, I had to go back and take the link out of my story, because I didn't want incoming readers to go there and see it.

A lot of folks didn't think it was that bad, well, you didn't see the shit I had to delete, and I was chasing after every comment like I was spinning plates.

It got to the point where I had to hide the FanPost altogether, because I was then too busy babysitting my own story, which also got out of control.

Then I leave to go to a parent-teacher conference and when I come back, Wisetoad is banned, comments are closed, Mania has been spammed with porn and people are losing the plot. All because a transsexual wants to fight females in Florida.

Welcome to my job.

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