UFC Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 Episode 7 results recap for 'Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen' on FX


Episode seven of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 went down on Tuesday night via FX Channel. "His Fist on My Face" featured Hooters, hospitals and the sixth elimination fight. Full results and recap below.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was back on FX Channel on Tuesday night (March 5, 2013) with episode seven of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17: "Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen."

The "Bones" squad shits on Uriah Hall for his uncalled for comments about Adam Cella's lady friend on last week's episode. Talk quickly turns to this week's match-up between Clint Hester and Jimmy Quinlan.

On the other side of things, Team Sonnen makes its way to Hooters to stare at boobies and decompress. Naturally, the booze starts flowing and someone acts like a dipstick. This time, it's Gilbert Smith, who seems to enjoy trying on women's clothing.

His teammates had a chuckle, but quickly soured when Hall alienated himself from the group, brooding in the corner and refusing to partake in the reindeer games. By his own admission, the knockout artist is having difficulty with the mental aspect of life in TUF house.

Josh Samman wakes up and his leg is jacked up, which alarms him since he has a history of blood clots. Was something compromised in his fight against Tor Troeng in last week's victory? He heads to the hospital to find out and as it turns out, he's in the clear.

Samman hopes to be ready to compete again "in a week or two."

Quinlan gives us some background on his life in Boston and how he quickly embraced a career in law enforcement. He's also trying to give cops a good name by being a stand-up guy and says the police academy was a good prepper for his current living conditions.

Coach Sonnen talks up Jimmy's ground game as he prepares for Clint, who is a accomplished boxer, as well as a gigantic middleweight.

Now it's Hester's turn to introduce himself to the audience and he split his childhood between New Jersey and Georgia. He also gives props to his supportive family and promises to remain humble when he becomes a superstar. Coach Jones is teaching him the controversial oblique kick and "Bones" is happy with the way his pupil learns technique when taught.

Cardio, however, remains a potential weakness that can be exploited.

It's time for the weigh ins and both fighters tip the scale without incident. Each team makes a legitimate argument for their respective representatives and Jimmy and Clint are actually quite chummy the day of the fight. Can we have a good fight without bad blood?

We shall see.

Elimination fight #6: Clint Hester (Team Jones) vs. Jimmy Quinlan (Team Sonnen)

Round 1: Arianny sighting! Dana sighting! Quinlan eats a jab on his way in for a takedown, which he gets with authority. He lands in side control and does nothing except let Clint escape. He shoots again and gets it to the ground. Once again, Hester pops up.and grabs Quinlan in a guillotine but Jimmy escapes. That looked close. Hester has him pressed against the cage and lights him up with punches. Quinlan instinctively shoots but Hester sprawls and avoids the single leg attempt. Clint roasts ribs from the top. Quinlan doesn't give up and eventually wrestles his foe to the floor. Unfortunately, he can't do anything with his position. Hester up and slammed back down. Hester busy from bottom and Quinlan does zilch. This was a wrestling match, not an MMA round.

Round 2: Hester runs in for a takedown and everyone is shocked. He sails past Quinlan but still has position against the cage by way of element of surprise. Jimmy shoots and gets the takedown against the fence and Hester gives up his back. Quinlan starts pounding away from the top and flattens him out but can't finish him with strikes. That's why they created rear naked chokes.

Jimmy Quinlan def. Clint Hester via submission (rear naked choke)

Here is the updated roster through week seven:

Team Jones:

Dylan Andrews
Adam Cella
Collin Hart (1-0)
Clint Hester
Bubba McDaniel
Josh Samman (1-0)
Gilbert Smith

Team Sonnen:

Luke Barnatt (1-0)
Kevin Casey
Zak Cummings
Kelvin Gastelum (1-0)
Uriah Hall (1-0)
Jimmy Quinlan (1-0)
Tor Troeng

After the fight, both coaches recap the bout and tell us nothing we didn't already know. Hester is a little broken up and hopes to get into the wildcard spot. Coach Sonnen barges into the Jones locker room to give "Bones" the Team Sonnen jersey he must wear after losing their bowling bet from last week.

Stay tuned next week as Dylan Andrews fights Zak Cummings, the coaches drive construction vehicles in this season's "Coach's Challenge" and each team gets a curveball from Dana White.

See you in seven!

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