Scottidog Money Pool Season 9 Event 6 Results: UFC on Fuel TV 8 (Axe Murderer vs All American)



Sorry again Maniacs for the late post and apologies in advance for the GSP-Diaz card results that will again be posted late. Real life and work-related matters have been limiting my Maniac time.

Unambig called it a "decision-laden" night with 8 fights going to decisions. It was also the night of the underdogs as Silva, Hunt, Okami, Yahya, and a few other underdogs won their respective fights. The judging was once again put in the spotlight as there are some controversial calls on "Caceres-Kang, Yushin-Hector and Diego-Gomi. " But hey, this is MMA and when you put fights into the hands of judges, expect the unexpected.

As for me, the thing I have learned for two events now is never pick guys that are members of the Blackzillians and anything that has to do with Marcello. Fuck Cristiano and Yuri Villefort for causing me 44 points now. Fuck them hard.

In our own money-pool, ricky dooby and Oilcheck, after advising each other to pick with their dicks, if their heart and mind wouldn't suffice topscored this event scoring 89 and 88 points respectively. This event proved helpful to both as ricky entered the top 5 and Oily is now in the top 10. Phase and kg12 slid. Snake_Pliskan is still leading but letstalkmma is not far behind.

Let's go ahead to the results:


Wanderlei Silva vs. Brian Stann -- Silva defeats Stann via TKO (punches) at 3:28 of round three
Mark Hunt vs. Stefan Struve -- Hunt defeats Struve via KO (punch) at 1:44 of round three
Takanori Gomi vs. Diego Sanchez -- Sanchez defeats Gomi via split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)
Hector Lombard vs. Yushin Okami -- Okami defeats Lombard via split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)
Mizuto Hirota vs. Rani Yahya -- Yahya defeats Hirota via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)
Siyar Bahadurzada vs. Dong Hyun Kim -- Kim defeats Bahadurzada via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Riki Fukuda vs. Brad Tavares -- Tavares dedeats Fukuda via unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)
Bryan Caraway vs. Takeya Mizugaki -- Mizugaki defeats Caraway via split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)
Cristiano Marcello vs. Kazuki Tokudome -- Tokudome defeats Marcello vis unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Alex Caceres vs. Kyung Ho Kang -- Caceres defeats Kang via split decision
Marcelo Guimaraes vs. Hyun Gyu Lim -- Lim defeats Guimaraes via technical knockout (strikes) in round two


  • DLOCC, WYLDEMAN99, JELLY_BELLY, KEVJACK115, NNR, DANAGO, BIGGANT, PABLOXL, SCARNON, DILDON, PHINSALLDAY, HIGHALLTH3TIME, CRUZJACKSON, TAP SNAP OR BONS, JONNYBOY6969 and SPACEBEN formed the 25% that picked the Super Samoan to win against Stefan Struve. Struve had all the chances to win by sub or coast to a decision on that fight but he offered his chin on the silver platter to the hardest hitter on the game today and he paid the price.
  • LETSTALKMMA, DANAGO, NINJA_OREO DOLLOP, BITEMYJACKET, SCARNON and HIGHALLTH3TIME were definitely irate right now that their pick Gomi did not win and was "robbed." The fight could go either way but one could make the argument that neither fighter did enough to have a convincing win to their resume.
  • JIDO7, RICKY-DOOBY, OILCHECK, KEVJACK115, DANAGO, BNF, 209STK, BITEMYJACKET, BIGGCASTLE, VICDUNDEE, JOBEN, SPACEBEN, snd DLOCC comprised the 21% that picked the Axe Murderer to win against All American. It was a gutsy pick considering how Wandy seemed to have lost that chin but hey congratulations on the gutsy pick paying off guys.
  • NNR, DANAGO,209KING, WISETOAD, SUPERFKNMARIO, SHIVANTIGER, RILLY, BIGGANT, SCARNON, BIGGCASTLE, TAP SNAP OR BONS, SPACEBEN AND WYLDEMAN99 picked Siyar to win against the wrestling prowess of DHK. Instead of getting points, what we got from Siyar is the inability to mount any offense on the ground. Or in fact the ability to just turtle, wiggle and do nothing once the fight hits the ground.
  • 44 people (70%) of the camp picked Brad Tavares and he disappointed the hopes of the 19 people who picked Fukuda to grind.
  • 40 people picked Takeya to win and he proved that the alternating win-loss record curse is now off the hook. But of course the 23 people who picked the Kid Lightning from Team Alpha Male will disagree that Miz won that fight.
  • YAN117, KEVJACK115, RGIII, 209KING, ULF_MURPHY, SHIVAN TIGER, REDMAN, SABUDHABISANDWICH, AND WYLDEMAN99 probably forgot about the Dan Stittgen fight when they clicked Marcello Guimares in their PG accounts. Honestly, I was having my balls and dick sunk when I saw that Ace was being outstruck by Guimares there. Fortunately, a well-timed knee brought my dick up to its normal Asian-flaccid state upon seeing it.
  • In the closest picks of the evening, 33 people (52%) picked Kang while 30 people (48%) picked Bruce Leroy. Again, another controversial call but I will take my 7 points from Bruce Leroy. I needed it upon picking Cristiano Marcello.
  • 43 people (68%) picked Rahni Yahya to win against Hirota who was picked by 20 people (32%). Yahya showed us Demian-Maia like grappling until the second round. If only he has the cardio of GSP, Yahya would be a tremendous MMA grappler.
  • KG12, OILCHECK, YAN117, NNR, DANAGO, 209STK, BITEMYJACKET, DONKEYPUNCH81, REDMAN, SABUDHABISANDWICH, HIGHALLTH3TIME, TAP SNAP OR BONS, JOBEN, FREENOW82 and WYLDEMAN99 put their fate in the hands of Thunder and boy di Yushin controlled Lombard for two rounds. I am quite surprised that it went to a split decision when it's clear as diamond that Yushin won rounds 1 and 2.
  • In the Hot Bout of the evening, 38 people picked Tokudome while 25 of us did the unimaginable and picked Cristiano Marcello. Shit, what the fuck did I think picking the guy with one of the best jiu jiutsu in the game and yet try to implement a Jorge Gurgel game plan.




  • Ricardo took it this event scoring an impressive 89 points
  • He went 8/11 with perfect scores on Kim, Tavares, Mizugaki, Lim, Tokudome and Yahya
  • Impressive as he placed 5th overall in PG for this event
  • I'm happy he scored high after I eliminated him in Bon's bracket. LOL
  • Impressive Ricardo and you're guaranteed of a spot next season
  • I hope you can finally win this thing after many seasons you've been playing
  • Went to the top 5 after this feat



  • For two consecutive events now, has been magnificent in his picks
  • For this event, just fell short of one point to tie Ricardo
  • Scored 88 points going 9/11
  • Perfect points on Kim, Tavares, Tokudome, and Yahya
  • Also made an appearnce on the PG homescreen
  • Now in the top 10 after this good two events
  • Keep it up and you might win this thing on your first try



  • Scored 83 points going 8/11
  • Perfect points for Silva, Tavares, Tokudome and Yahya
  • First time that he made an appearance at the top three this season
  • Went up in the camp's leadership after this event.




  • Fucking scored an event-low 18 points
  • Went 2/11 correct picks only getting 11 points on Kim (duh?) and 7 for Ace.
  • Horrible way to represent the free poolers NOD
  • You will get a sig of shame courtesy of ricky dooby which you will wear until after the GSP-Diaz fight


Camp Rank Points Player
1 89 ricky-dooby
2 88 OilCheck
3 83 Dlocc
4 79 Jonnyboy6969
5 76 209stk
5 76 SanabriaMan
7 75 goldmouth
8 71 Jido7
9 70 Joben
9 70 swiftman
9 70 highallth3time
9 70 MMA_Boss
13 69 biggant
13 69 Snake_Pliskan
13 69 bitemyjacket
16 68 unambig
17 67 sarah-
17 67 wyldeman99
19 65 Yan117
19 65 kimuralloverurface
21 64 donkeypunch81
22 63 VicDundee
22 63 pabloXL
22 63 phinsallday
22 63 jelly_belly
26 61 Aussie
26 61 letstalkmma
26 61 murph0706
26 61 spaceben
30 59 Phasebook
30 59 Christophecleus
32 58 ViolentMike
33 57 RedMan
34 56 thepride
34 56 SabuDhabiSandwich
34 56 Tap-or-snap-Bons
37 55 sklart
37 55 kg12
37 55 DanielWorby
40 54 dmerit
41 53 CruzJackson
41 53 dildon
43 52 danago
44 50 Rilly
45 48 BNF
46 47 afrotikiman
47 46 Deuce02
47 46 NNR
47 46 MixedMartialFarts
50 44 freenow82
50 44 Ulf_Murphy
53 42 sepenoob
54 41 Rampagelangford
55 40 ShivanTiger
56 38 Wisetoad
57 37 kevjack115
58 30 DetroitDrew
58 30 scarnon
60 24 bigGcastle
61 23 RGIII
62 22 209king
63 18 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop


  • Snake_Pliskan is still comfortably seated at the top spot with 377 points and a 9 point lead over letstalkmma
  • Jido7, DetroitDrew's protege, is now third with 361 points.
  • ricky dooby, with his excellent performance this event, went up 7 nocthes to secure the 4th spot.
  • Oilcheck breaks in the top 10 with his good performance and went up 9 notches.
  • donkeypunch81 went up 7 notches
  • AJ Sanabriaman went up 6 notches
  • MixedMartialFarts went down 5 notches and crashed out of the top 10
  • dlocc, highallth3time and Jonnyboy6969 are the biggest gainers with 12 notches up
  • freenow82 crashed out of the top 10 and went down 6 notches.
  • unambig, 209stk and pretty babe sarah went up 10 notches
  • phinsallday, bitemyjacket and biggant went up 9 notches.
  • goldmouth and pabloXL went up 8 notches
  • ohmamadoes by not picking registered the biggest fell of 18 notches below
  • bigGcastle is the second biggest fall down with 15 notches below
  • Third biggest downfall were registered by DetroitDrew and scarnon who fell down 13 notches.
  • Ninja Oreo Dollop fell down 8 notches.


MMAPlayground Season 15: Karate Choppin' Ninjas
6 / 10 events complete
Rank Points Player Movement
1 377 Snake_Pliskan Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium+/-
2 368 letstalkmma Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium+/-
3 361 Jido7 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
4 356 ricky-dooby Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium7
5 355 kg12 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium2
6 349 OilCheck Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium9
7 344 Yan117 Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium+/-
8 343 Phasebook Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium3
9 337 sklart Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium3
10 336 jelly_belly Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium1
11 335 swiftman Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium2
11 335 MMA_Boss Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium2
12 329 SanabriaMan Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
13 323 wyldeman99 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
13 323 MixedMartialFarts Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium5
14 319 Dlocc Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium12
14 319 thepride Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium+/-
15 316 Christophecleus Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
16 313 freenow82 Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium6
17 311 spaceben Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
18 310 Jonnyboy6969 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium12
19 309 ViolentMike Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
20 308 afrotikiman Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium5
20 308 goldmouth Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium8
21 305 Joben Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
21 305 Tap-or-snap-Bons Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
22 301 VicDundee Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
23 298 CruzJackson Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium+/-
24 294 murph0706 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
25 293 unambig Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium10
26 292 kimuralloverurface Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium7
26 292 highallth3time Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium12
27 290 Aussie Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium5
27 290 bigGcastle Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium15
28 289 sarah- Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium10
29 288 DanielWorby Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium1
29 288 SabuDhabiSandwich Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium+/-
30 286 DetroitDrew Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium13
31 283 phinsallday Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium9
31 283 dildon Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium+/-
32 282 scarnon Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium13
33 281 RedMan Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
34 279 pabloXL Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium8
35 273 biggant Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium9
36 271 Rilly Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
37 269 ShivanTiger Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium5
37 269 SUPERFKNMARIO Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium2
38 265 donkeypunch81 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium7
38 265 bitemyjacket Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium9
39 263 Deuce02 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium2
40 261 Wisetoad Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium3
41 253 Rampagelangford Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium2
42 244 Ninja_Oreo_Dollop Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium8
42 244 ohmamadoes Klhgu_d0393d_3827455_medium18
43 241 Ulf_Murphy Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium3
43 241 209stk Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium10
44 237 BNF Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium5
45 230 dmerit Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium7
46 223 sepenoob Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium5
47 217 209king Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
48 214 danago Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
49 205 RGIII Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium1
50 203 NNR Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium6
51 196 kevjack115 Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium4
52 123 Scottidog Ffd_216ad3_3831603_medium
53 106 jacare Hiughg_295c39_3831488_medium5

Event Winners:

  • Event 1: bigGcastle - 65 points
  • Event 2: Snake_Pliskan - 74 points
  • Event 3: scarnon - 69 points
  • Event 4: the pride - 94 points
  • Event 5: bitemyjacket - 86 points
  • Event 6: ricky dooby - 89 points

That's it Maniacs. Let's start the Diaz-GSP war now. Who you got? The weed or the French-Canadian. Do you think the Beard gets it done against the Natural Born Killer?
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