Well, that escalated quickly eh. Stann was drafted in to have a stand up war with Silva to appease the fans, and especially the Japanese fans inside the Saitama Super Arena. And he duly obliged. Both guys put on a fuckin war. You know those you clammer for technique, go watch the new version of Diego Sanchez and tell me how much you enjoyed that hot shit of a technique fight. Fuck that, this is the just bleed shit we all crave. Sure technique and gameplanning can be exciting. I enjoy a good technical ground game with slick jiu-jitsu and/or a sweet and smart boxing as much as the next person. But that shit is nothin compared to a good 'ol slugfest. That card last night was saved from mediocrity thanks to some good 'ol fashioned stand up WAR!!!

Oh ya, you guys remember the Rally for Mark Hunt? You know the one where everyone was clamoring for Mark Hunt to get a title shot when no-one was available to fight for the belt against JDS, Reem got suspended, Brock got retired and Mir got told to fuck off. So why in the fuck would the majority have picked against him? I know I did here, only because I had him in the moneypool and I just mix shit up in the freepool without care. But seriously? Did ye not see the Struve Big Country fight? That was the blue print for how this fight was gonna go. I'm pissed off with myself for not pickin him here.

Hunt V Nelson anyone?


Like a Boss!!


As for Hector Lombard. So many on his nuts aswell. And I include the 45 or whatever amount in the Moneypool who, like Lombard, looked passed Okami. Any of ye see the Okami 2.0 version against Belcher? Ye actually think he was really gonna stand with Lombard? Sure Lombard has Olympic level judo, but cmon now. That was gonna be a blanket decision all night long. Sure some will say Lombard won that fight, but personally I had it 29/28 Okami, and I'll take the points and run.

And what the fuck is up with the judges lately. I mean ffs, Gomi won that fight. Lets not fuck around, that was a done deal. Since when the fuck does Sanchez back pedal against anyone? Oh ya, Jackson camp, fuck that noise. But seriously, fuck the judges givin that fight to Sanchez and givin Okami a split?? Twice I marked up the scores, only to have to change them cos of some incompetent spastic judgin. Oh, and lets not forget the Bruce Leroy bullshit.

Anyway, rant over.


On to the results.

Top 3



Numero Uno, TopDog.


Get used to this lads, mofo here is on a motha fuckin tear. Congrats again to Rolo!!




Yo, PotOfGold. Nice to see ya man, welcome back to the top 3 of an event. Really closely fought 2nd place here only missing out on top spot by a mere 3 points. See Rolo comin back here ruin peoples dreams lol. Unlucky Pot, actually had more correct than the winner. Hot bout screwed ya, but well done all the same!!!

  • Scored 67 points
  • Had 8/11 correct picks
  • 3 perfect picks ( Rani Yahya, Hyun Gyu Lim, Brad Tavares )
  • 10 Hot Points
  • Moves up to the top 10



scott1, TheNextDamnChamp

In 3rd we have 2 guys who both scored the same. Ironically, the last time both these guys made the top 3, they also tied for 3rd. That was in the first event of the season. Although, in the league itself, that where the comparisons end. For Scott1, who has yet to settle in 2nd or 1st in an event this season, he has settled in 2nd overall.

Nice one lads.


  • Scored 64 points
  • Had 7/11 correct picks
  • 2 perfect picks ( Hyun Gyu Lim, Kazuki Tokudome )
  • 22 Hot points
  • Moves to 2nd overall.


Almost identical, but good call on the Sanchez split. That was a gift lol.

  • Scored 64 points
  • Had 7/11 correct picks
  • 2 perfect picks ( Diego Sanchez, Kazuki Tokudome )
  • 22 Hot points



Hate to call someone a shit picker when they come last after scoring 31 points. But this was a fully picked card, and you sir, just scored the worst. It all came down to the main event. Raymondo hit 11, The Rocketeer hit 7. So close.

Unlucky, but Rocketeer, with 5/11 correct yet 31 points, you are our:


Event Scores:

We had 20 of us who made full picks this week. For that I thank you. Nice one!!













5 55 paulnewman
6 49 IrishKev
6 49 McRad
8 48 Aiden08
8 48 Scaly_Manphi
10 46 wolfman13
10 46 T_BUCK7
12 42 Bons_210309
13 41 vhw
13 41 liverpoolsnxt
15 38 bezeau24
16 34 fulch
16 34 UKBlitzkrieg
18 33 karpentero
18 33 Raymondo




Current League Standings:

Biggest mover here was Scott1 jumpin from 7th up to 2nd to knock myself down to 3rd.










4 310 T_BUCK7
5 306 wolfman13
6 297 fulch
7 294 Scaly_Manphi
8 292 karpentero
9 291 IrishKev
10 280 PotOfGold
11 275 TheNextDamnChamp
12 257 the_rocketeer
13 248 bezeau24
13 248 Raymondo
14 242 liverpoolsnxt
15 230 UKBlitzkrieg
16 208 vhw
17 116 PorkchopSandwich
18 111 burlzilla129
19 96 paulnewman
20 91 McRad

64 Man Bracket Tourny

We are down to the last 16. After the next event, we will be down to 8. So who goes into the next round with an advantage, and who are just to close to call. Lets check it out.

KG12 V Rolandando.

Rolo takes a tasty, but not unsurmountable 15 points lead.

Wyldeman V Phasebook

Phase would be wise not to overlook Wyldeman here. Wyldeman with a slight advantage of 8 points.

Oilcheck V SpaceBen

Oilcheck with a comfy 27 points advantage

JonnyBoy V Sanabriaman

JonnyBoy puttin up a scrap here scrapin by with a 3 point lead

T_Buck7 V Yan117

Fairly comfy 19 point lead for Yan

Snake_Pliskan V Redman

Can Snake be stopped? 12 points lead here for Snake

Ohmadoes V Karpentero

Ohmadoes no shows. Karp into the qurter finals? Lol. Looks like it. 33 points ahead.

Afrotikiman V Letstalkmma

14 points head start for Letstalkmma.


Good luck all!

Well, that was a bit more in dept than usual. Hope you fuckin maggots appreciate it.


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