A Bad Dream in Japan


If you had a choice to pick two men to compete with all the makings and potential to be a canidate for fight of the year in 2013, Gomi and Sanchez would be a great start. Opportunity officially blown and ironically by the man who previously held the honor in 2006 (the heat vs the nightmare)

I was looking forward to this fight most of all. But when I saw that mockery of a so-called "trainer of fighters" tagging along with Diego at the weigh ins I should have seen the colossus red flag, but I didn't. I was sure there was no way that Diego, who pours his heart and soul, blood and tears, and gives everything he has, would be relegated to a point fighter by even the master strategist of point fighters himself j***son, boy was I wrong.

Before this fight Diego had not one, not two, but THREE, consecutive back to back to back FIGHT OF THE NIGHT performances that will live on regardless whether titles or top contender ship were at stake or not. The aggression heart and will that diego displayed vs guida, parisyian, kampmann, thiago etc is unmatched and admired by fighters and fans alike.

Then when you put Takanori Gomi, who has his own legendary history as a former champion who boasts the same ferocity and killer instinct that have garnered him tremendous respect from his peers and love from his supporters... in the same arena to face Diego there is a recipe for something special to take place.

This is the second fight within 18 months that ja***son has played a huge part in ruining for everyone watching. When Carlos Condit was telling the world in the prime time special that his fight with nick diaz would be a dog fight, and one that fans wouldn't want to miss turned out to be empty words as he followed his trainers given strategy to a T. Sure he won a close decision but he really lost in the end when his employer and fans alike were disgusted with a main event fight were only one competitor came to fight and the other came to score points.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the ultra aggressive fan favorite Diego Sanchez back pedaling and shuffling around the cage, content with trying to score favor with ringside judges, as if I was watching an episode of the twilight zone, It seemed as if even gomi was surprised, when he had to wave diego in to engage. unf**king believable. While in the background you could here that worthless fake j***son in his gay voice calling for td's repeatedly. The same clown who felt it necessary to tell the lhw champ to act like he cared for his incoherent opponent to gain some fans.

Sanchez blew it, he had an opportunity to take that FOTN bonus with ease and etch his mark in history with a fight that could have lived on long after his days competing (e.g. Nick Diaz vs Gomi, don't act like you don't watch it on yt every now and again) while leaving the Japanese fans in awe.

Every body knows that before Mr. White is president, he is a passionate supporter and fan, and he was utterly disappointing with that fight as were many. Its ashamed that such a great opportunity was blown. Yes, he won via controversial split decision, but he lost alot more (with what he could have accomplished) than what he actually gained.

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