PRIDE NEVER DIE!!! Wanderlei Silva is the fighter that got me into MMA. Watching his fight was absolutely exausting, but even more thrilling. I couldnt stand still without sharting my pants, but he pulled off the unthinkable. There talk about a Stann taking a dive(which I started) & that turned out to be far from the case. FOTY candidate & leading candidate for moment of the year.

Mark Hunt getting his 4th straight victory, was nearly as awesome, but for me Struve fought....wierd. Either his weight-cut was too much, he lost his bjj skills, or his desire to win the fight wasnt all there.

Hector Lombard, well I thought he actually won rds 1 & 3. Rd 1 was close because he appeared to win the standup pretty well, but got taken down tho didnt take any damage. But im not here to stick up for him, not when he fights with Melvin Guillard type IQ. WHY ARE YOU SITTING IN HIS GUARD? Okami was clearly hurt, he didnt make him stand back up. Bottom line is Lombard isnt being paid to be "just another guy" I would be surprised, not shockedm but surprised if he doesnt get cut from the roster or take a massive pay-cut. Id prefer the latter but I'm not sure I see that happening.

Herb Dean is well-reknown for being a great referee, but multiple fights telling fighters to "work" when they clearly were in positions like full-mount & side control.

It seems like every card I watch there are 2-3 fights that frustate me due to fight IQ. When guys like Hirota & Bahadurzada are constantly getting shot on, use the bloody uppercut!! Its obsurd to me that guys continue to throw straights & hooks when there opponent is changing levels, ugh! Yum Yum Kim may not have finished the fight(again) but he showed some awesome flair in round 3.

Some other random thoughts; Does K-Flo realize that there are two fighters in the cage? It seems like he gets really locked in & over-hypes everything fighter A does while acknowledging nothing from fighter B when the fight is close or Fighter A is even losing.

Some great quotes from Anik:

"The crowd is going sick!"

"HIgh head kick!!"

"A nice low leg-kick from B-Stann" lol, pure gold(berg?)

With Lombard losing & Anderson seemingly not wanting to fight Weidman(for w/e reason) I think if GSP wins against Diaz, Anderson will agree to drop down to 170 to fight GSP in the fall. Espeacially if Condit can knock off Hendricks from title contention, not that they would tell Anderson "No, we'd rather do the Hendricks fight sorry bud."
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