Maniacs: Share Your Top Three Favorite Online Sites





It's Monday morning once again Maniacs and it's time to start your week with a post that will talk about everyone's favorite subject --- YOURSELF.

For this installment, let's talk about something that all of us can relate to -- YOUR TOP THREE FAVORITE ONLINE SITES.

Let me explain further: So you have a free time and will click your internet browser, now tell us what would be the three (3) web addresses that you would immediately go into?

As simple as that unless you speak 209 or Dana White language.

The purpose of this post is to know more about the other aspects of your online life aside from watching half-naked men trying to punch, submit or rub areolas with one another in an Octagon.

Please no spamming of porn sites or gay dating sites (unless you're really into Oily's world). Also no posting of links that will lead us to linkbucks or any other money-making click-whore sites.

Let's keep it clean and conversational.

I will start with mine:




Utopia - is one of the oldest running massively multiplayer online browser game. It is a real-time strategy in virtual persistent online fantasy world that use Player versus Player and Team versus Team interactions. The Game uses a text user interface. I have been playing this game for thirteen (13) years now. I actually discovered it when I was in high school as I am a big fan of the Lord of the Rings books and movies. This game features orcs, humans, elves, undead, halflings. You know fantasy stuffs. Basically, the aim here is you have a kingdom to build and grow and you work with other 24 teammates to achieve glory by winning wars with other kds. This is where I first interacted with the international community as most of my teammates are Americans, Canadians, Australians and other Asians -- sounds like Mania to me. I know this game is for kids but hey, there's just somethings you can't outgrow for now! LOL

2. MMAMania



When I open my browser, this is the first site that I type. What can I say? I feel like I am home on this site and the interactions with my fellow Maniacs is more than enough to be glued on the site. Top-notch writers and the non-MA discussions are more than appreciated.




Okay, let me clear it out, there are better sports sites out there but the reason I am putting this is because it offers a very good platform for fantasy games. I am currently running an NBA Fantasy season using Yahoo's platform and we have 10 player-friends with a bet of just $2 each. LOL. We're poor you know. hahahaha. I actually plan to run an NBA fantasy season for Maniacs next season -- we can start with no entry fee first and later on see if we can do a small-prize league. I also read articles from Kevin Iole, Dan Wetzel and Adrian Wojnarowski on this site.

There you go, what are your top three favorite sites Maniacs? Please do not hesitate to share and discuss.

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