WSOF 2 results recap: Marlon Moraes vs Tyson Nam fight review and analysis

Photo by Esther Lin via MMA Fighting has a complete breakdown of last night's World Series of Fighting 2 co-main event between Marlon Mores and Tyson Nam. What helped Moraes score his second straight significant victory? Find out below.

Two very talented bantamweight strikers battled for supremacy last night (March 23, 2013) as Marlon Moraes took on debuting Tyson Nam in the co-main event of World Series of Fighting 2 in Atlantic City, New jersey.

Both men were coming off by far the biggest wins of their respective careers thus far and each had a nice wave of hype behind them entering the bout.

But it would be Moraes who left the building with his momentum intact.

Each young striker showed respect towards the other in the opening minute of the fight, neither really looking for that big shot, but finally Moraes landed some offense and it was evident that he was the more explosive of the two, at least early.

Moraes tried to get into a groove attacking low with leg kicks and snapping off a quick jab before Nam could utilize his counter striking, and it worked. Moraes frustrated the Hawaiian into changing up his attack and instead of looking for that big counter shot, Nam went on the offensive with outside leg kicks of his own.

A very brief takedown from Moraes might have been the final nail in the coffin for Nam as the next time he went to throw a kick, he faked low and went high, completely catching the youngster off guard and clipping him in the top of the head. Nam was stunned and Moraes followed up with some vicious hammer fists on the ground to force the referee's hand and finish the fight.

For Tyson Nam, he never really got an opportunity to get going. As a counter striker, it doesn't help when your opponent is so patient and quick that you don't get a chance to get your timing down before having to deviate from the gameplan and become the aggressor. Moraes was just a step too quick with his explosion and Nam was never able to fire off those vicious counters of his. With Moraes going low as well as landing the takedown, it was difficult for Nam to predict what was coming and he never saw the headkick until shin was colliding with the top of his head.

Next up for Nam should be another chance to redeem himself against a solid bantamweight veteran in Miguel Torres, as long as he's still under contract with WSOF.

For Marlon Moraes, this was potentially the beginning of a very special career. Moraes looked very sharp on the feet and he was so damn fast with every attack he threw that he didn't give his opponent enough time to get his timing down or counter. It was one way traffic for much of the fight and the head kick he threw to finish it was a thing of beauty. Look low, go high, it's a trick many veterans use and Moraes pulled it off to perfection. That head kick looked like it was going low the entire time all the way until Moraes' leg bent upwards and clipped Nam. Once he had his opponent hurt, he swarmed him and scored the very impressive finish. Those were some very nice killer instincts.

It's tough trying to figure out who Moraes should face next as there is no one left with enough name value to be a step up from either Torres or Nam. Perhaps Carson Beebe would be a fun fight, but that's a stretch if you want to continue developing the prospect along.

WSOF will probably have to sign someone if they want to give Moraes a proper next opponent.

For complete WSOF 2 results, including blow-by-blow, fight-by-fight coverage of the entire event as well as immediate post-fight reaction click here, here and here.

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