Interview with Jimmy Quinlan of TUF


Apologies for the slow turnaround on these, but I've been having a lot of things come up in my personal life.

Without further ado, a short interview with Jimmy Quinlan of TUF. Jimmy Quinlan represents MassBJJ. Questions were from his fight with Clint.



1. Not a question, but Mania would love to see you "choke out that dickhead, Uriah Hall."

*laugh* Uriah isn't as bad as the show makes him look.

2. Can you tell us a little about how you get food, supplements, vitamins, etc., while in the TUF house? Did you have any dietary challenges?

I actually simplified my diet quite a bit. A lot of people were taking advantage of the free food. I just didn't want to be in the kitchen crowded and cooking with a bunch of dudes. I made cooking as quick and efficient as possible. Everyday you had a list with your name next to it and you could request anything you wanted for food. Almost nothing was ever turned down. Some guys got sushi every single day. Lobster tails were regularly turned down, but that didn't stop the guys from trying. Vitamins, supplements, and everything else from the outside world worked exactly the same way. -- put it on your request list and hope you get what you wanted.

3. How do you respond to criticisms that you should've been more active with your striking on the feet or on the ground? Did you find it difficult to maintain dominant position in round 2 (aka did you feel striking from those positions would've disrupted your base too much)?

I try to not respond to criticisms. When you're in the cage against someone as dangerous as Clint on the feet and is much less dangerous on the ground, an obvious game plan is to take him down.. I made a mistake the first time I got to side control underestimating Clint's ability to power up and for the rest of the first round I was not able to secure Clint in a dominant position. In the second round, once I got to a dominant position on the ground, I finished him. All the talk about lay and pray is just haters because they talk about how I didn't attempt to finish the fight, except for the part where I finished the fight. No fighters have criticized what I did because they have actually stepped in the cage and understand what has happened. Sure, I had opportunities to strike more but when you're getting elbowed in the head by Clint, plans change.

5. Do you feel any of the fighters were milking minor injuries or doing whatever they could to avoid certain matchups?

I didn't know about any of the guys on Team Jones being injured until after the fact. They kept that stuff pretty quiet. On our team [Sonnen], nobody was trying to use excuses like that to avoid anything.

6. How much did Chael improve or refine technical elements of your MMA game, and how much of it was input from his coaching staff?

Chael didn't improve or refine technical aspects of our games. He was very big on, "I can't change you guys physically in 6 weeks." Chael and his team of coaches worked to keep us in shape and improve the mental aspects of our game.

7. This one is from unambig on Mania -- "Why do you have such pillow fists? Why are you such a lay-n-prayer? I want to fight you. You ain't nothing."

*sarcastically* I was born with them, I can't help it... I was scared shitless of Clint and thought God would help me if I prayed a lot during the fight ... if you can get into the UFC I will fight you no problem. We can talk to Joe Silva.

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