The Second MMAMania awards


Sup Maniacs?

It's been over a year since the last MMAMania awards. In October of 2011, LJ. created the awards and caused a hell of a discussion. Since we know every Maniac's favorite topic is himself(or herself), I figure it's about time to give everyone an option to discuss.

Plus, there's like three weeks until the next card.

Anyway, here are the categories!

#1 P4P Poster (Favorite Poster)

The LMAO Award (Funniest Poster)

The Bloody Elbow Memorial Award (Most Annoying)

The MMABrainiac (Most Knowledgeable)

The Get Away From My Bridge Award (Biggest Troll)

The Shakespeare Award (Best Writer)

The I'd buy that for a dollar award (Best Fanpost)

The You'd have to pay me to read that award (Worst Fanpost)

If anyone would like to add another category, post it, and if it gains support, it'll be added on. One thing I'd like to say is that for the best and worst fan post award, it must be in the last year and a half. Otherwise, I have a feeling the same posts would win and that shit's boring. However, feel free to vote for the same posters.

Here's how it will work PLEASE READ

I will comment each of the categories. Please put all nominations as replies to my comment in the corresponding category. Do not debate a nomination under my comment! Discussion is absolutely encouraged, but please do it below my comments, as I don't feel like wading through a thousand comments to see who is nominated and for what.

Rec any nominations you agree with!

After I get contestants for each category, we will vote in a new post. A results post at the end, and we're done for 2013!

Let's do this Mania!

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