Jake Ellenberger: 'I want to wear Johny Hendricks' teeth as a necklace'

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Jake Ellenberger isn't giving up his quest for a showdown against current No. 1 welterweight contender Johny Hendricks, saying he will eventually get him inside the Octagon and when he does, he plans on making a necklace out of "Bigg Rigg's" teeth.

You know that scene in "The Walking Dead" where Daryl Dixon is sporting a necklace full of "walker" ears?

Well, Jake Ellenberger wants to re-enact it, only instead of ears, he wants the necklace to be decorated with teeth that come from the mouth of current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) No. 1 welterweight contender Johny Hendricks.

Why so graphic?

Apparently, "The Juggernaut" is still peeved that "Bigg Rigg" chose the "less dangerous" path to the title, opting to face Carlos Condit at UFC 158 instead of him as originally planned.

Nevertheless, Ellenberger knows they will meet inside the Octagon sooner or later and when the time finally comes, Jake is confident he has the two-time NCAA Division-1 wrestling champion "figured out."

He said as much in a recent interview with Bleacher Report:

"We are going to cross paths at some point. I'm sure of it. Whether it comes this year, next year, or the year after; Johny Hendricks and I are going to fight. It's a stance I've taken and I'm not going to back off of that. Like I said, nobody wants to fight him because he's a wrestler and he has power. I think I have him figured out, and I've been saying his name for the past year and trying to get inside the cage with him. I had the fight, but then he found a way out. I want to fight him so bad and I believe I can beat him. I want to wear Johny Hendricks' teeth as a necklace."


For now, Jake is off Hendricks' radar, seeing as how Johny has much bigger fish to fry as his sights are set on current 170-pound kingpin Georges St. Pierre, receiving his much-desired title shot -- which will likely happen later this year -- after he defeated "The Natural Born Killer" in Montreal in a spectacular "Fight of the Night" performance.

Ellenberger made a statement of his own in Canada, knocking out Nate Marquardt in the very first round, establishing his own case for title shot consideration.

Should Jake choose not to play the waiting game and take another fight before seeing how the title contest between St. Pierre and Hendricks unfolds, perhaps a showdown against Rick Story is in order.

Apparently, "The Horror" has the same bad intentions towards Ellenberger as Jake has for Hendricks.

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