UFC 159: A sheep in wolf's clothing - it's coming up soon now

UFC 159 is fast approaching and ever since it was announced many of us have been scratching our heads and lighting up the threads with our feelings about the main event match-up. Chael Sonnen a most notorious man in MMA and the UFC made his way into a championship fight a weight class above his comfort zone against arguably the 2nd greatest p4p fighter on the planet and of all time. Not only did he do this at the expense of moving along contenders more efficiently at 205 lbs , he got this shot coming off a second loss to Anderson Silva.

Yes , the " American Gangster " went from this :


to this :


Now we all can go on and on and on about who should've or shouldn't have got the shot in place of Chael , so let's not go there for time and sanity's sake. The fact of the matter is that as of now Jon Jones will defend his light heavyweight title against former middleweight try-hard Chael P Sonnen.

The reactions: For the most part the initial reaction to Chael getting the title shot was shock and dismay , but that all soon turned to glee due to his large following and the widespread hatred ( or racist tendencies ; justme1 ) toward Jon Jones. Aside from Chael's fanbase being satisfied to see him being in the spotlight more against Jon , many fans objectively want to know how the UFC justifies such a gift to someone who hasn't 'earned' it. As we all know or at the very least should know by now ...

" Deserve aint got nothin' to do with it."

Clint Eastwood ( Unforgiven )

Many title shots let alone regular matchups aren't decided by rankings or resumes in the UFC. The UFC is an entertainment company first and a money hungry entity second. It is viewed by many as a sport but we know how this thing works and the many differences between the UFC and mainstream sports at any level. Seeing as the UFC is all about the Benjamins it only makes sense that Chael Sonnen gets to play the bad guy against the 'fake' good guy and young phenom champ Jones. So neutralizing the fact that Chael has in no way earned his shot at Jon Jones' title but has more-so talked his way into it is that Chael fills seats. Not only is Chael MMA's ultimate troll he's a tough competitor and one of it's greatest entertainers. The UFC likes entertainers and Chael likes to get paid. Matter of fact I'm sure all of us by now must realize that Chael's yapping is directly fueled by the UFC's deep pockets. Plain and simple UFC 159 will do quite well overall in it's ratings and PPV buys so the UFC has done it's 'job'. The straight forward reason for this is that Jon is disliked enough that many people have convinced themselves that Chael has a pretty good chance. Others want to see Jon fight off his back , while the rest of us either want to see Chael get crushed or see a brutal fight from both guys so we feel less screwed by the UFC giving us a bogus main event.

While the challengers chances are slim to beat Jon especially by anything other than a 25 minute decision in a fight that isn't justifiable in many eyes , I believe there is much much more to UFC 159 than a ridiculous main event and immediate PPV success.

What's really going on : Clear your mind and stop to think about what the results of a well fought fight and victory for Jon 'Bones' Jones are at UFC 159. No not another consecutive title defense against a middleweight. No not edging closer to setting impressive records in the UFC's deep LHW division. Nope not bragging rights , a large paycheck , or a win over a villain to reduce a smug image. Although all of these things are part of the probable aftermath they are trivial compared to what the UFC has done. By getting Chael a fight and most likely a loss against Jon Jones , the UFC has stacked the deck to get a fight that more than makes up for the main event at 159. Ironically the champion at 159 is not even close to the most important fighter to the UFC , especially because he should in fact get the win. Basically Jon is supposed to go in there as the heavy favorite and retain his belt handily etc. Chael on the other hand is the golden ticket. Even though Chael could pull off the upset , with a loss he holds the key to the fight of all fights. When Sonnen has losses to both Jon Jones and Anderson Silva back to back along with a microphone in his face every 15 seconds he has the power to make a super-fight happen. Chael without a doubt will be asked to draw comparisons between Jon Jones and Anderson Silva to which he will gladly oblige. Between the two we know who Chael will praise more and who he will try to discredit and put in a bad light. Whether asked by a reporter or not provoked Chael will be given the nudge to revive the hating mob he created against Anderson Silva and talk highly of Jon as the superior fighter and so on and so forth. This will create a domino effect between the UFC fans , Anderson , Jon , and the UFC brass. Jon will begin to get questioned more and more about the super-fight to which he will seem more than confident about. Anderson will be asked more as well and will probably say he'll do it with certain conditions etc leading to an agreement from both sides and the super-fight we all want to see.


Now this all seems a little out there and maybe desperate but in all honesty can you say it doesn't make sense ? Chael has already started down such a path with his comments that Jon is considerably better than Anderson Silva although Chael has never been in the cage with Jon and we know Chael doesn't ever talk objectively about Anderson.

Maybe it looks a little better put into an equation of photos :













please take a look at all of this and draw some conclusions

Thank you for your time.

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