Keeping it real. Nick Diaz has big brass balls that clink when he walks.


One think I respect about Nick Diaz is his courage. He is courageous and there's no doubt about it. Here's why I think so.

Courage is not about being fearless, we all know that, it's about conquering your fears. Nick Diaz knows what's coming and yet he still appears like he's gonna show up for it. That, my friends, is real courage. If he didn't know what's coming, he'd be just another fool about to get a violent reality check. The thing is, though, he knows.

He fuckin knows it all too well.

What does he know and why do I know he knows it, you ask? Follow me into the rabbit hole, we're going to Stocktonland.


If you listen to Nick Diaz with the right hearing aid, you can learn exactly how he thinks he's gonna lose to GSP.

A. Via pure strength.

B. Via impeccable BJJ technique.

C. Via ground and pound.

D. Via vastly superior tactical and strategical preparedness.

Pure Strength.


Nick Diaz knows that GSP is a very strong wrestler that will overpower him against the fence, throw him down at will, and maintain firm control thereafter for as long as need be. I know he knows it because he's already accusing GSP of using roids in order to excuse the fact that he will get manhandled for the duration of the whole fight. If Nick Diaz is not as strong as GSP, there must be a reason for it and, breaking news!, it won't be because of Nick Diaz' own training regimen or personal discipline, no sir, it will be because GSP uses roids. As a martial arts teacher, it is imperative for Nick Diaz to defend the merits of his own system. If that means throwing roids accusations in order to save face, Nick is all up for it. He already wants you to know that if he looks like a weak little girl on fight night, it's only because the other guy roided. If you forget, don't worry, he'll remind you repeatedly after he actually loses. He knows he'll get tossed around like a paper doll. That pisses him off, anyone can hear that. He fuckin knows.



Nick Diaz knows GSP's BJJ defensive techniques are too sound for him to hope for a possible submission. Nick will try alright, but just like Carlos Condit, every submission attempts will lead to the same place: nowhere. I know he knows it because greasing accusations towards GSP is a daily topic over at that Gracie gym. They're ready for it. They'll beat that drum like nobody's mother. If Diaz can't get anything going on the ground, It won't be because his skills are inferior to GSP's, my God no, It will be because GSP greases. Nick Diaz is keeping it real, he knows he's not gonna sub St-Pierre so greasing accusations is a must for his blown up ego. Count on it. Fucking bank on it. His BJJ skills reputation must be protected at all cost so expect that line of excuses from Nick Diaz. Always remember Nick Diaz views himself as a victim, not a winner, a victim.

Ground and pound.


Nick Diaz knows elbows will be raining down and many will get through to his mean mug. Just one of them could end it all. In fact, that's the most likely scenario. When I asked the Oracle about that fight, she said: "Blood, blood, blood." That's it. That leads me to believe all the blood from cuts on his face will have Nick Diaz himself wonder 'where the fuck is all that blood coming from?'. He can already taste it. That is why Nick wants elbows outlawed from mma, he can't do that shit himself so it's obviously unfair. Nick Diaz knows that those strikes will spell his end and that is why Nick's already calling elbows from the top 'illegal' strikes. They should be banned, he says. He's terrified of GSP's elbows, he so wishes he could take away elbows on a downed opponent away from mma it's not even funny. When he gets cut via elbows to the face, he'll call those strikes unfair. Always remember Nick Diaz is a victim, a loser who must explain and try to justify why he's lost a fight. He's just decided to start early this time and elbows are unfair.

Tactics and strategy.


Finally, Nick knows GSP will put on a near perfect performance. I expect GSP to be absolutely flawless in this one. He will have trained for any possible scenario, will be focused like a laser beam, on target, and robot-like with his game plan. Now why do I say Nick Diaz knows that already? Check out this direct citation from Nick Diaz during the conference call:

(...) if I had the money and the right people on my side (...)

Can't you hear it? Nick is so envious about the whole staff GSP has got working for him, it is actually sad. Nick knows GSP's team of specialists selected from around the world will make the amateurs he has in his corner look like, amateurs. He knows it. Like an implant in his brain, he knows Cesar Gracie and friends are no match against the world's bests. If the best Muay Thai machine is in South East Asia, GSP's camp gets him to Montreal. If the best pound for pound wrestler is in California, GSP's camp offers him a plane ticket and a hefty paycheck. If the world's best BJJ practitioner is in London, GSP's camp gets his ass in Tristar gym. Nick Diaz knows Cesar Gracie is a clown compared to the professionalism of a John Danaher, or a Firas Zahabi, or a Jonathan Chaimberg. He knows it. So what does he say? It's unfair GSP has all these specialists working for him when he, Nick Diaz, the victim and the loser, only has dumbass Cesar Gracie to help him out. Totally unfair. It's clear for all to hear.


So there you have it. Nick Diaz' four main axis of excuses to follow UFC 158. And because Nick Diaz knows what's coming, I find his courage admirable. I really do. He may lose like a cunt and hold on every excuses he can get a grab on and run with it, but he sure is courageous, knowing all he knows and still showing up on fight night.

Credit attributed.

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