'Lynch mob' attacks force Lloyd Irvin to terminate his affiliate program

Lloyd Irvin (third from left) during happier times. - Tracy Lee/Combat Lifestyle

If you're an affiliate of Team Lloyd Irvin looking to distance yourself from its recent scandal, don't bother, Irvin has done the work for you.

Things are going from bad to worse for Lloyd Irvin.

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist came under fire earlier this year when two students from his grappling school, Matthew Maldonado and Nicholas Schultz, were accused of allegedly raping an intoxicated female acquaintance from the gym in a parking garage on New Year's Eve.

Irvin, who was acquitted of his own rape charges back in 1989, responded by purchasing LloydIrvinRape.com.

Shortly thereafter, gym member Jordon Shultz revealed a culture of bullying, hazing and abuse under the banner of Team Lloyd Irvin, in addition to shocking allegations of sexual misconduct. You can read his entire statement by clicking here.

As more and more of the ugly details begin to surface, members of the Team Lloyd Irvin affiliate program have been the target of "lynch mobs," who won't be satisfied until Irvin is hung from a tree (yes, he went there) or his head is on a stake.

He vents to his Facebook fans (via Bloody Elbow):

Effective Immediately: Team Lloyd Irvin Affiliate Program is Terminated! I want to thank EVERY Team Lloyd Irvin affiliate for their loyalty and friendship throughout the years and especially during the last 2 months... However there is clearly a lynch mob made up of a handful of people who will settle for NOTHING other than my head-on-a-stick or me hanging from a tree. And I don't believe the majority of our community really wants nor benefits from this never ending pissing contest. My purpose in making this statement is singular... The lynch mob has been bullying and abusing my Team Lloyd Irvin affiliate members businesses,and that is downright unfair to them. Attacking me is one thing, attacking my affiliates unfairly is a completely different animal. And in an effort to preserve my personal relationships with them I am disbanding the association. This is to serve notice to the lynch mob members that they can stop targeting, bullying and attempting to harm my affiliates businesses because they are no longer affiliates. End of story.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veterans and longtime grappling students Brandon Vera and Dominick Cruz, as well as BETA Academy and Purebred, recently disassociated themselves from Team Lloyd Irvin and now the remaining affiliates can follow suit. Irvin has denied any wrongdoing in the scandal in this online statement.

We'll see if the courts agree.

For more background on this developing story click here, here and here.

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