Why Aldo won Round 5:

Why Jose Aldo won round 5:

It seems there has been a debate deeming yet another Frankie Edgar fight controversial. I don't see the controversy and personally scored the fight 48-47 for Aldo giving him rounds 1, 2, and 5.

One of the biggest rounds that is being debated a the moment is 3. I did not feel Jose did enough aside from the front kick to win the round and felt Edgar won that round and clearly won round 4 making the fight even through 4 rounds.

So here is a little breakdown of why I feel Aldo won the 5th round thus securing the decision victory.

First lets take a look at the statistical breakdown:

Total Strikes:

Edgar: 18/73

Aldo: 14/58

Total Head Strikes:

Aldo: 14/55(6 power, 8 Jab)

Edgar: 8/58(3 power, 5 jabs)

Body/Leg Strikes:

Edgar: 10/15

Aldo: 0/1


Edgar: 0/2

Aldo: 0/0

Statistically speaking, Edgar threw and landed at a slightly higher rate; However Aldo's head strikes, which were of a much higher significance landed at a higher rate.

Aldo threw 6 power strikes to the head compared to Edgar's 3 including a superman punch that was clearly the most significant of the round.

Edgar was the more aggressive fighter, but he didn't overly land at a higher rate and did nothing signifigant to give him the round.

Significant Moments of the round:


-4:08: Aldo scores upstairs with a straight jab

-3:55: Aldo stuffs takedown

-3:15: Aldo stuffs takedown, eats small knee in process

-1:19: Aldo lands big counter

-0.40-0.00 Aldo dips everything Frankie throws(Anderson Silva mode)

-0.05: Aldo lands superman punch, flushesh shot of the round


-3:48: Edgar scores with a jab upstairs

-2:40-2:29: Edgar lands 2 signifigant leg kicks

-1:40: Edgar lands upstairs with a counter

-1:03: Edgar lands a nice combo

So, why did Frankie win round 5 in your opinion? I am still having trouble seeing how Frankie won the round, perhaps you can shed some light on what I'm missing.

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