Phil Davis: Vinny Magalhaes is not on my level and doesn't deserve to fight me

Vinny Magalhaes picks up his first UFC win against Igor Pokrajac at UFC 152 - Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Former Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 8 runner-up Vinny Magalhaes received the opportunity to compete at UFC 159 against Phil Davis, but, according to "Mr. Wonderful," Mags hasn't accomplished enough inside the Octagon to warrant a fight against him.

Vinny Magalhaes is currently riding an impressive six-fight win streak and has proven he can be a true contender in the light heavyweight division.

The problem is, only one of those wins has come under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) umbrella. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt's first run with the promotion didn't go smoothly, as he suffered back-to-back losses to Ryan Bader and Eliot Marshall after a semi-successful stint on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) Season 8.

After racking up a 7-1 record since his release from UFC back in 2009, Vinny received a call to return to the big leagues where he proceeded to blitz through Igor Pokrajac at UFC 152 in the very first round, earning him his first official victory inside the Octagon.

Though Magalhaes showed slick submission skills, it wasn't enough to impress Phil Davis -- who has six fights under the ZUFFA banner and was on the cusp of fighting for the title had he defeated Rashad Evans at UFC on Fox 2 a year ago --- or warrant a fight against him.

"Mr. Wonderful" appeared on "The MMA Hour" to break down Vinny's fight credentials, or lack thereof, and talk about the Brazilian's unwillingness to step up to the plate after non-stop trash talk.

His words:

"You know, If I say it simply, he is out of my level, he doesn't deserve to be fighting me, I feel like that sounds worse than it actually is and it almost sounds like I am talking about his character a person rather than his fighting skills. So let's say, what he's done in the UFC which is one win, and I guess if you count his old two losses, it doesn't really warrant him a fight with me. But, you know, it's fine. Listen, I don't do matchmaking, Joe Silva is a genius and I am just going to go with what he says, I don't question him, the man knows what he's doing."

After Forrest Griffin came down with an injury and was forced to bow out of his 205-pound fight against Davis at UFC 155, "Mr. Wonderful" revealed how Magalhaes turned down the chance to channel his inner- Chael Sonnen and accept a fight on short notice after talking so much trash.

The tucking of the tail by Vinny was only "silly" and "annoying" for Davis, though Mags declared he didn't have enough time to train properly. According to Phil, once you begin puffing out your chest and start the trash talking, you forfeit the right to a full camp and should take the fight once it's presented to you:

"Here's my thing. It's one thing if you want to call a guy out, that's fine. I don't really call people out, it's not what I do, But, if that's what you do, cool, no problem. After my buddy Forrest Griffin got hurt at 155, he (Vinny) called me out while I was still in Brazil. I had just got done fighting, I'm still in the arena, and he tweets that he wants to fight me next, that's cool, that's really cool. I'm amazed, I always want to be at the level where guys call me out, and it's weird that I've reached that point. Now, if you have the opportunity to fight me, you can't back down after you've already agreed, it's silly, it's annoying. They offered him the fight, a co-main event at 155 against me and he turned it down. I don't want to quote his excuses because this is an hour-long show. First he said he was overweight and I didn't want to give him a full fight camp and blah, blah, blah. You forfeit your rights to all these things when you start calling a guy out. Chael Sonnen, whether you love the guy or hate the guy, he would fight you on a week's notice. That's who he is, that's Chael Sonnen. Vinny, he isn't that guy, I don't know who he is."

Nevertheless, despite having only one win inside the Octagon, Vinny will get his much-desired showdown against Davis as the two are set to throw down at UFC 159 on April 27, 2013 in Newark, New Jersey.

How about it Maniacs, do you side with "Mr. Wonderful?" Does Vinny deserve such a high-profile fight on such a highly-anticipated event after obtaining only one UFC win?

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