Well that was the first PPV of the year/season. And what an event it was. Absolute carnage all the way through. Major upsets, not so major upsets and some good 'ol slobber knockers. Just a quick musings on the fights.

  • Frankie did what Frankie does, but Aldo won that fight. But not by 49-46 ffs. 48-47 imo. Great fight too.
  • I have no idea what happened in the Rashad fight. I didn't watch it cos I knew it would be borin as fuck. Apparently I was right.
  • Overeem. Hahaha, you just got Knocked De Fuck Out Bitch. Bigfootfinish_medium

    This is meant to be a Gif ffs.

  • Fitched, got Fitched. How does it feel blanket boy?! Maia is lookin like a motha fuckin beast at 170 steamrollin to 3-0 in his new weight class.The rest of the 170 top tier are now on alert.
  • Benavidez and McCall was a really good fight and it could have gone either way once again (Vegas judgin), but correctly went to Benavidez. But predictabably it's gone to the judges again. We know these lil guys can finaish fights, we just need to see it a bit more ffs.

Right, Onto the events results. If you scored around the 50 mark, you actually did really well. This was not a high scoring event, what with all the upsets and that. So without further a fuckin do.

Top 3




Flyin the flag lads.


My good 'ol Paddy friend takes 3rd spot by continuing a decent run of form and some how managing to scrape into the top 3 when actually picking more losers than winners. That's right, he had more losing picks. Fuckin shows how crazy last night was. I honestly don't think this has ever happened before. What the fuck like.
Luck o' Irish eh.

Kev takes the bronze by scoring:

  • 56 points
  • Had 5 correct picks. 6 losing picks.
  • Only had 1 corrects pick on the main card
  • 3 perfect picks ( Benavidez, Rivera, kimura )
  • 22 Hot Points




What's this? Another Paddy in the top 3. Not bad eh? Yours truely somehow managed to crack the top 3 here. I'm actually doing better here than I am in the Moneypool. Which is no bad thing, cos if I win this thing, I don't pay any of you fuckers to join the Moneypool next season.

Fuck knows how, but I scraped past Kev for 2nd.

Oh wait. I know how I did it. I was the only motha fucker here to select Bigfoot to win by knockout!! Thats right, got the round wrong, but the 2 Bonus points helped me overtake Kev!!!! Did so by:

  • 58 points
  • Had 7 correct picks
  • Just 2 correct picks. (Aldo and Benavidez)
  • 10 Hot Points
  • 2 Bonus points from Bigfoot.



Numero Uno, Top dog Wolf


The Wolfman is in the house. Can you hear him? OOooowww. You know what? I have been givin Wolfman some shit lately callin him the decision king cos, ya know, ye always has lots of decision pick. Well, fuck knows if he listened to me or not, but he mixed his picks right up this event, and it has paid off in spades tbh. I said it to him before the event when I saw his picks, said I liked his Maia pick. All of this and now he sits a top of the score chart for this event.

Very well done!!

Wolfman took this event down by:

  • 68 points
  • Had 7 correct picks
  • Had 3 correct picks. ( Benavidez, Rivera, kimura )
  • 22 Hot points
  • #13 out of 2107

Also have to mention that Wolfman made it to the front page of PG, scoring in the top 15 of all of PG. Congrats fella. Also, Scarnon is there too, so well done to him.

Reppin Mania lads, Respect!!


Congrats lads!!



Holy shit balls. Vhw takes this award by scoring a fuckin shity 10 points. Now don't get me wrong, there was nothing really wrong with his picks, he picked a full card, but just never got the rub of the green. Well, tough fuckin shit, cos VHW.

You are this weeks SHIT-PICKER.

Honorable mention goes to UKBlitzkieg for only scoring 12 on a fully picked card.

Event Scores:










4 48 TheNextDamnChamp
5 41 karpentero
6 39 scott1
6 39 burlzilla129
8 38 bezeau24
9 37 PotOfGold
9 37 the_rocketeer
9 37 T_BUCK7
12 36 fulch
13 28 Scaly_Manphi
14 24 PorkchopSandwich
15 21 Raymondo
16 15 liverpoolsnxt
17 12 UKBlitzkrieg




Current League Standings

Well, the whole complexion of the season has just been changed. The top 3 of last nights event have now positioned themselves in the same way overall.










4 154 fulch
5 151 scott1
6 145 T_BUCK7
7 142 the_rocketeer
8 141 Scaly_Manphi
9 137 TheNextDamnChamp
10 135 karpentero
11 126 liverpoolsnxt
12 123 Raymondo
13 116 PotOfGold
14 111 vhw
14 111 burlzilla129
15 103 bezeau24
16 100 PorkchopSandwich
17 82 UKBlitzkrieg
18 42 McRad




64 Man Bracket Tourny

These are the scores after round 1. Highest combined scores are now as follows and are through to round 2.

Round 2 will consist of the best scores combined of the next 2 events. UFC London and UFC 157.




That's your lot Bitches.

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