Video: UFC President Dana White wraps up UFC 156: ‘Aldo vs. Edgar' in Las Vegas

At the conclusion of UFC 156: "Aldo vs. Edgar" last night (Feb. 2, 2013) in Las Vegas, Nevada, UFC President Dana White appeared on the FUEL TV post-fight show and provided his thoughts on the key storylines to come out of the event. Watch the video interview above or check out transcribed highlights below.

Following UFC 156: "Aldo vs. Edgar" Saturday evening (Feb. 2, 2013) in Las Vegas, Nevada, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White shared his thoughts on all the major story lines to come out of the card with MMA Fighting and FUEL TV correspondent Ariel Helwani on the UFC 156 post-fight show on FUEL TV.

Among the issues discussed in the interview were White's thoughts on Jose Aldo's victory in the main event, the co-main event bout between Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Rashad Evans, Antonio Silva's stunning knockout of Alistair Overeem and more.

Check out highlights of Dana White's UFC 156 post-fight interview below, or check out the video embedded above.

On how he scored the main event:
"I gave it to Aldo, you know, Frankie's like - this guy's like to Arturo Gatti of mixed martial arts. You watch the first two rounds and you're like, ‘This is not looking good for Frankie.' Third round he starts to find his range, he starts to come back, Jose looks like he's tiring out a little bit and it depends I think on how you really scored that third round, but it definitely - what'd the judges have it? 49-46? It's more like 48-47, that's how this thing would have been, the other one was way off, but I think Jose Aldo won the fight."

On if Edgar deserves an immediate rematch:
"The guy is so tough, he's always going to be in these type of fights no matter what weight division he's in. I don't think he'll be granted an automatic rematch, we'll see what happen. I like him a lot better at 145."

On Rashad Evans' performance:
Rashad Evans didn't' do anything. If you consider this (jumps around) doing something, then he did a lot, because that's all he did. He looked terrible, I've never seen Rashad look as bad as he looked tonight.

On if Chris Weidman is now next for Anderson Silva:
"If I had to go out on limb right here, right now and say it, I would say yes Weidman's going to get that shot."

On Silva's knockout of Overeem:
"Yeah, coming into this fight I thought this fight was going to be a crazy slugfest from the minute the first bell rang, but I'll tell you what happened - Alistair didn't look good tonight either. Alistair came in and was running into a clinch, you know, it wasn't like he was trying to strike, he was running into a clinch, getting him on the ground and ground-and-pounding him, then he gassed out and, you know, it was an awesome fight by ‘Bigfoot Silva'. [Overeem had his hands down] the entire fight, from the first round to the last round he had his hands down here by his sides, you know, it's real weird."

On what's next for Cain Velasquez:
"That's a good question, the fact that [Silva] just knocked [Overeem] out, I mean they called that a TKO, I don't know what was TKO about that, that was a knockout man, he knocked Alistair Overeem out, and who knows, maybe ‘Bigfoot' gets another shot. Look what he just did to Alistair, Alistair's the guy that everybody was saying, ‘Oh god, this guy could be the next heavyweight champion,' and he just got viciously knocked out by him, so, again, you guys always ask me these questions, I literally just walked in the back here and you guys want to know what the next fight is."

On Demian Maia's win over Jon Fitch:
"No doubt about it [Maia] is [a top contender], you know, beating Fitch is a big deal. Fitch has lost two of his last three, and you know, when you beat Fitch it means something."

On Joseph Benavidez wanting to wait for a flyweight title shot:
"I don't have a problem with that, with guy's saying, ‘I want another fight,' definitely."

Do you agree with White's overall assessment of the UFC 156 main card? Why or why not?

Sound off, Maniacs.

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