49ers vs Ravens Super Bowl Score 2013: Live Coverage And Play-By-Play Results (Fourth Quarter)

Ezra Shaw

A live blog with up-to-the-minute updates of the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl XLVII game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers tonight (Sun., Feb. 3, 2013) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Super Bowl XLVII is taking place today (Sun., Feb. 3, 2013) from Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, featuring the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers taking on the AFC Champion Baltimore Ravens.

We're three quarters in and the 49ers, after playing awful for the first two quarters and digging a big hole, found new life in the form of touchdowns from Michael Crabtree and Frank Gore. The Ravens were up 28-6 at halftime and now head into the final quarter of the season up only 28-23.

But the Ravens are answering with a big drive and are in San Francisco territory and threatening at the 18 yard line.

Here we go.

A live blog with updates from the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVII is below. Remember to refresh often and enjoy the game!



Geno here.

The Ravens have a fresh set of downs at the 49ers 18 yard line.

1st and 10: Rice up the middle and he gets to the 14 for a four piece.
2nd and 6: Flacco, out a single back three receiver set, found Bolding on a crossing pattern for another first down and they've once again got a fresh set of downs only five yards away from six points.
1st and Goal: Rice went hard up the middle but met Dashon Goldson and the ensuing collision stopped him short at the two.
2nd and Goal: Rice again goes up the gut and again is met with a big pile of bodies that he can't manage to get through.
3rd and Goal: They run hurry up and Flacco gets under heavy pressure before throwing it away.
4th and Goal: Tucker out to attempt a short field goal and it goes through no problem.

San Francisco-23

It's still a one score game, though the 49ers would need a two-point conversion after a touchdown.

LaMichael James brought the kick out to the 24 yard line where the 49ers will start this drive.

1st and 10: They run a fake end around misdirection to Gore, who hits the outside edge before cutting in to pick up five.
2nd and 5: Play-action pass to Moss downfield yields a big gain all the way up to the Ravens 39 yard line. That's a 32 yard gain.
1st and 10: Gore stiff arms the shit out of a defender and finds his way to the outside for another big gain. The 49ers are into the red zone already.
1st and 10: They go with the read option and Kaepernick runs right into Ray Lewis after a gain of just three yards.
2nd and 7: Kaepernick decides to run around the outside and he manages to get into the end zone for the TOUCHDOWN.
Two point conversion attempt: They don't get the two points thanks to an Ed Reed blitz and high throw to Moss over the head.

San Francsco-29

Wow. This is an awesome Super Bowl.

The kickoff from Akers is taken at the goal line and he brings it out up to the 20 yard line.

1st and 10: Flacco runs play-action and finds Rice on a screen for a gain of four.
2nd and 6: Rice tries to hit the edge and Navarro Bowman runs him down with a textbook tackle and a loss of three to bring up a HUGE third down with under nine minutes to play.
3rd and 9: Flacco misses the throw to the outside to Smith but Culliver is flagged for a pass interference. They were both being physical but that's not a bad call based on the instant replay.
1st and 10: Pierce re-enters the game and picks up two up the gut.
2nd and 8: Flacco moved around with all day to throw in the pocket and scrambled out to hit Boldin for a big first down right at the marker. It was close, so they brought out the marker but he got the first down.

The 49ers decide to challenge the ball spot here and this seems like a really risky move, considering they only have two timeouts left and they'll lose one of them if they get this wrong. The replay shows that's not likely to happen but even if they win the challenge, it will be 3rd and Inches.

Jerome Boger tells us they get the call on the challenge, so it's reversed.

3rd and Inches: The Ravens decided to throw it up to Boldin with bump and run coverage and he made a fantastic play on the ball to make the catch and get the fresh set of downs.
1st and 10: Rice runs through the line and picks up 13 for another first down.
1st and 10: Rice up the middle and he gets two. A touchdown here with only 5:40 and counting to go would damn near put this out of reach. This overrated 49ers defense has to make a stop here.
2nd and 8: Pierce got the ball this time and he didn't gain but a yard to set up yet another huge third down play.
3rd and 7: Flacco operated from the shotgun and was under heavy pressure in a hurry. That's because the 49ers were offsides and that's a free five yards and a replay of the down. Again, this 49ers defense is just awful lately.
3rd and 2: They ran a short inside route and Pitta failed to hang on to the ball, though Flacco gunned it in to him. That would have been a first down, too.
4th and 2: Tucker came out for the biggest field goal of his life from 38 yards away and banged it through.

San Francisco-29

There are under five minutes to play in this game, folks. This is where legends are made.

Tucker blasted the ensuing kickoff out of the end zone, putting the 49ers at their own 20 yard line with 4:19 to go in the game, down by five points.

1st and 10: Kaepernick ran the read option and made the right call giving it to Gore, who went up the middle and got seven.
2nd and 3: Another passing play broke down into a scramble and Kaepernick picked up the first down up to the 36 yard line. He now has 62 yards rushing in this game.
1st and 10: Play-action pass leads to a deep ball to Vernon Davis that he just barely missed off his fingertips. Wow. That would have been HUGE.
2nd and 10: Crabtree breaks free over the middle and Kaepernick gunned it right in to him for a 24 yard gain. They're moving the ball right down the field again.
1st and 10: Gore breaks free for a huge gain all the way up to the seven.
1st and Goal: James is the first guy to get the play here and he picks up two yards to the five.

Two minute warning.

2nd and Goal: Kaepernick rolled out to the right and tried to find Crabtree but it was too wide.
3rd and Goal: Unbelievable. Delay of game penalty pushes them back five yards. Wait, it turns out they called a timeout on the sidelines before the play clock expired.
3rd and Goal part deux: Crabtree caught it in the flat but couldn't hang on. That brings up the play of the game. This is it.
4th and Goal: Kaepernick tried to throw it up to Crabtree and he wasn't able to break free of coverage. Turnover on downs.

Baltimore takes over at the five.

1st and 10: Rice up the middle picks up a couple and the 49ers call their last timeout.
2nd and 8: Pierce gets the ball and goes off to the left for a gain of just a yard. But he stays in bounds and the clock is a running.
3rd and 7: They run with Leach and he doesn't get anything. There are only 11 seconds left on the clock, though. This punt will basically decide this game, unless they get one more play, a hail mary into the end zone.
4th and 7: Koch decides to do an intentional safety and the 49ers weren't ready for the call, so Koch was able to burn seven seconds off the clock. That leaves four seconds for the kickoff.

San Francisco-31

One more kick and this one will be over.

Ginn returned the kick but couldn't get into the end zone, and that's the game.

San Francisco-31

The Baltimore Ravens are Super Bowl XLVII champions.

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