49ers vs Ravens Super Bowl Score 2013: Live Coverage And Play-By-Play Results (Second Quarter)


A live blog with up-to-the-minute updates of the second quarter of the Super Bowl XLVII game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers tonight (Sun., Feb. 3, 2013) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Super Bowl XLVII is well underway tonight (Sun., Feb. 3, 2013) from Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, featuring the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers taking on the AFC Champion Baltimore Ravens.

The first quarter is in the books and featured the Ravens moving the ball well on their first drive to put the first points on the board but the 49ers buckled down and answered with a field goal of their own.

The second quarter begins with Baltimore forced to punt after a sack.

A live blog with updates from the second quarter of Super Bowl XLVII is below. Remember to refresh often and enjoy the game!



Geno here.

It's 4th and Long and the Ravens will be punting from around the 50 yard line.

4th and 18: Sam Koch punted into the end zone for a touchback. Only a net of 22 yards right there.

For the third straight drive, the 49ers will start from their own 20 yard line.

1st and 10: From the shotgun Kaepernick found Vernon Davis across the field for a big gain.
1st and 10: That got them all the way to the 50. Another dime to Davis yields 10 more yards and another first down. Kaepernick is just gunning that ball around.
1st and 10: From the full house formation, LaMichael James gets his first carry and he goes up the gut for another nine yards. This offense is getting its legs under them.
2nd and 1: Gore got the ball and went inside with great blocking off the option for another seven yards. Fresh set of downs.
1st and 10: James got the ball on the read option and ran around end just fighting to get back to the line of scrimmage. Once he got there, he was hit and and fumbled the ball. The Ravens pounced on it too.

Baltimore will start this possession from their own 25.

1st and 10: Pierce got his first carry of the day running around the outside for a five yard pick up.
2nd and 5: Pierce got another carry and picked up four to set up a short third down.
3rd and 1: They went back to Pierce and he got three more to move the chains.
1st and 10: Flacco found Pitta out of the backfield for an eight yard gain. This isn't flashy or pretty but they're moving the ball.
2nd and 2: Pierce got another carry and hit the line only to be met by Patrick Willis for a gain of a yard. I guess they're giving him the ball spot for a first down. Awful.
1st and 10: Flacco took a deep shot and somehow Ed Dickson managed to hold on after bobbling it and taking a hit for a 23 yard gain up to the 29.
1st and 10: Ray Rice went up the middle on a fake end around for seven yards.
2nd and 3: Flacco had time to throw and found Ed Dickson for a big gain up to the red zone. On top of that, Whitner got flagged for a facemask to move the Ravens half the distance to the goal.
1st and Goal: Rice got the carry and picked up a couple. They are at the two yard line now.
2nd and Goal: Play action fake and Flacco found Pitta with Whitner on coverage and because Whitner is awful and it's a touchdown.

San Francisco-3

That was ugly in so many ways. The 49ers defense once again looked like it needed all the help it could get and they didn't get any. Donte Whitner is a liability in every way.

The 49ers returned it to the 21 and that's the best field position they have had all day. Pretty rough.

1st and 10: From the pistol, Kaepernick directed traffic pre-snap before faking to Gore and going downfield into deep coverage. He overthrew his man and Ed Reed intercepted the pass.

Oh shit, they're brawling on the field and a Ravens player pushed a referee. They just went in on each other and there are flags all over the field. Personal foul on the 49ers, personal foul on the Ravens, penalties offside at the dead ball spot. The referee getting pushed will not result in an ejection, apparently.

Ravens start from the San Francisco 40.

1st and 10: Rice up the middle gets six.
2nd and 4: On play-action, Flacco finds Leach out of the backfield for five and a first down. Flat route got the job done and this could get ugly in a hurry.
1st and 10: Rice into the line and picked up maybe a yard.
2nd and 9: Rice again up the middle and he got five to set up a big third down. 49ers badly need a stop here.
3rd and 4: Rice caught a pass out of the backfield and juked his way to a first down. There were five 49ers around him and no one could make the play. This is getting ugly.
1st and 10: Pierce comes in for relief and picks up a yard.
2nd and 9: They spread five wide and Flacco tried to hit Boldin on a slant but he dropped it. Really close to an interception off the deflection.
3rd and 9: Flacco floated one high into the end zone for Smith but it was too far and that sets up a field goal attempt.
4th and 9: HOLY SHIT, they tried a fake run with Justin Tucker and he only got seven yards. Wow, that was insane. He almost made it but just couldn't get to the marker.

That was a crazy play that resulted in zero points. If the 49ers can make something happen here before the half, the momentum could turn but they are starting from their own six yard line.

1st and 10: They give the ball to Gore off the right side and he's only able to get back to the line.
2nd and 10: Kaepernick with a dangerous throw to the sideline that very nearly got intercepted.
3rd and 10: Instead of risking anything like another turnover, Harbaugh called a draw to Gore and that went for about five to set up a punt. The Ravens call a timeout with 2:19 left to give themselves some time to make something happen before the intermission.
4th and 4: Lee booted one deep and Jones took it out to the 45 yard line on the return after muffing it.

Baltimore will have 2:07 to put some more points on the board.

1st and 10: Flacco wanted Jacoby Jones on a quick hitter inside but he couldn't hang on.
2nd and 10: Flacco tried to go deep to Torrey Smith but he was covered by Culliver, who nearly had an interception but was mauled by Smith. No flag, which is a bullshit call, frankly.
3rd and 10: Flacco just heaved one deep to a wide open Jones, who caught the ball, fell down, managed to get back up and score a 56 yard touchdown. That's a devastating blow.

San Francisco-3

This is a beating now. The pressure isn't there from the front four and the coverage on the back end is non-existent.

The ensuing kickoff is downed for a touchback.

1st and 10: Kaepernick finds Crabtree for a short gain, about six.
2nd and 4: From the shotgun, Kaepernick found Delanie Walker on the outside for a first down but a flag came in for roughing the passer. That's another 15 yards.
1st and 10: A throw inside to Randy Moss fell incomplete.
2nd and 10: Kaepernick with a dime down the field and Walker made a hell of a play on the ball to catch it at the 17 yard line. They're in the red zone now and badly in need of a touchdown.
1st and 10: They went to Davis on a short throw inside, getting up to the 10 yard line.
2nd and 2: Gore goes inside on a read option but doesn't get anywhere.
3rd and 2: Kaepernick rolled right and found no one, deciding to just drop to the ground and set up a field goal attempt.
4th and 2: From 27 yards out, Akers knocks one in to close the half.

San Francisco-6

That takes us to halftime and while the 49ers were moving the ball at times, they were never able to punch it into the end zone. Put simply, field goals aren't going to cut it, especially when the Ravens are making the big plays when they're going for them.

Remember to join us HERE for our third quarter play-by-play.

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