49ers vs Ravens Super Bowl Score 2013: Live Coverage And Play-By-Play Results (First Quarter)


A live blog with up-to-the-minute updates of the first quarter of the Super Bowl XLVII game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers tonight (Sun., Feb. 3, 2013) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Super Bowl XLVII is just about to kick off from Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, as the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers will do battle against the AFC Champion Baltimore Ravens.

Kickoff is set for today (Sun., Feb. 3, 2013) at 6:30 p.m. ET.

The 49ers got here with impressive victories over the Green Bay Packers and Atlanta Falcons while the Ravens scratched and clawed their way past the Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, and New England Patriots.

The last time these teams played was November of 2011, a game that saw Baltimore come out on top 16-6 at home. Will we see a similar outcome here?

A live blog with updates from the first quarter of Super Bowl XLViI is below Remember to refresh often and enjoy the game!



Geno here.

The Ravens won the toss and deferred to the second half. The 49ers will start with the ball.

The kick goes out the back of the end zone. San Francisco begins at the 20.

1st and 10: Kaepernick came out in the pistol and went play-action downfield for a big play to Vernon Davis. 20 yards later, a flag came down for a false start. Turns out it was illegal formation and it will cost five yards.
1st and 15: Gore gets the carry out of the pistol and runs into a line that won't let him through.
2nd and 15: Kaepernick wasn't on the same page with Gore on a play-action and the busted play resulted in an incompletion along the sideline. Not a good start here.
3rd and 15: They went with a give up play on a draw to Gore for only a gain of two yards. The 49ers will punt.
4th and 15: Andy Lee's punt traveled back to the 40 and the Ravens will start with great field position.

Baltimore begins at its own 49.

1st and 10: Flacco hits Vontae Leach out of the backfield for eight yards. A quick hitter underneath for some easy yardage to get the offense flowing early.
2nd and 2: Ray Rice got his first carry of the day and picked up four to give the Ravens a fresh set of downs. They're in San Francisco territory on their first possession.
1st and 10: Flacco went downfield to Torrey Smith for a big gain up to the 16 yard line. Donte Whitner laid a big hit on him but Smith held on.
1st and 10: Rice was stopped for no gain by Ahmed Brooks.
2nd and 9: Play-action and Flacco had to scramble around before throwing the ball out of the back of the end zone. Great pressure from the front four.
3rd and 9: Flacco took a shot to the end zone into triple coverage but did so only because the 49ers were offsides and he knew he had a free play. That's five free ones.
3rd and 4: Baltimore came out in a five-wide set and Flacco found Anquan Boldin in the end zone with a beautiful touch pass for the first points of the day, 13 yards out.

San Francisco-0

That was, dare I say, a methodical first possession. The Ravens showed no respect for that San Francisco defense.

Another touchback on the ensuing kickoff and the 49ers will take over for their second possession from their own 20.

1st and 10: Back into the pistol and Kaepernick howls signals at the line. He gives the ball to Gore and he runs into his own line for a loss of a yard. That was ugly.
2nd and 11: Kaepernick found Michael Crabtree on a crossing pattern and he made some things happen after the catch for an 18 yard gain.
1st and 10: Gore into the line for nothing.
2nd and 10: From the pistol, Gore got the handoff and went inside for eight yards, shifting and moving his way near the marker.
3rd and 2: From the shotgun, Kaepernick ran on a designed draw and picked up a first down. The 49ers are into Baltimore territory now.
1st and 10: Kaepernick decided to run and picked up seven more. Not designed this time, just good coverage and he decided he could do better to use his legs.
2nd and 3: Pistol yields another inside run for Gore and he picks up four and that moves the chains.
1st and 10: The Ravens brought up a few defenders to cover the run and the 49ers made them pay with a throw downfield to Vernon Davis. Beautiful throw and catch to make it inside the 10.
1st and Goal: Gore crashed into the line and picked up maybe a yard, if that.
2nd and Goal: Shotgun set with two wideouts to the bottom and Kaepernick very nearly found Randy Moss in the back of the end zone but the throw was too high. Turns out it was Crabtree he was going for.
3rd and Goal: Looked like Baltimore was offsides but there was no flag and Kaepernick was sacked for a loss of 12.
4th and Goal: David Akers hit the field goal from 36 yards out.

San Francisco-3

Great drive that should have ended in a touchdown. Points are points but if the 49ers defense plays like it did on that first Baltimore drive, this won't end well for the boys in red and gold.

Jacoby Jones took the kickoff out for a solid return and the Ravens will start from the 22.

1st and 10: Play-action yields a nine yard gain out to Dennis Pita. Aldon Smith got pressure but couldn't get there.
2nd and 1: Rice tried to run inside but found no opening. No gain on the play.
3rd and 1: Rice got another carry and this time picked up two to move the chains.
1st and 10: Rice again and this time he picks up three on an inside carry.
2nd and 7: Flacco wanted Boldin on a slant but the ball was too far ahead of him and he could only get one hand on it.
3rd and 7: Five wide again and Flacco floated a pass up under pressure and managed to complete it to Boldin for 31 yards downfield. Horrible coverage by Chris Culliver.
1st and 10: Flacco avoided multiple sacks from multiple 49ers to complete a short pass that actually lost three yards.
2nd and 13: Flacco decided to try one deep for Smith along the sidelines but it was too long.
3rd and 13: Finally, the pressure converged on Flacco and he couldn't get away while the pocket was collapsing on him.

That's the end of the first quarter.

Join us right HERE for our second quarter coverage of the 49ers vs. Ravens Super Bowl XLVII game.

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