Brian Stann: ‘There's a lot of people getting cut from their jobs in America, not just UFC fighters’

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

If you think the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the only company in America making cuts, think again. Brian Stann says the promotion releasing fighters is not any different than many people in America losing their jobs on a daily basis due to the bad economy.

It's no secret times are tough in America, as far as the economy goes.

With people struggling to find jobs or maintain the ones they already have due to companies downsizing its staff to save a buck or three, the economy has seen better days and people losing their jobs is far too common.

And no, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) isn't struggling for cash; putting on shows at a record pace and constantly selling out arenas while ruling the pay-per-view (PPV) world. But, nevertheless, the world's leading and most prosperous mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion sometimes has to trim the fat off its roster to look out for their financial interest, too.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why company president Dana White informed his fighters that there will be plenty of more cuts coming in the upcoming weeks following the release of 16 fighters on the roster a few days ago.

Jon Fitch was without a doubt the most high-profile and highest paid athlete among them and according to current light heavyweight and middleweight contender Brain Stann, the promotion made an example out of him, showing that regardless of name and attraction value, you are not safe from getting the boot if you don't perform.

"All American" stopped by "The MMA Hour" yesterday (Feb. 25, 2013) to discuss the topic and said due to the recent string of events, the fact that anyone could be released following a loss has forced him to change his fight mentality when he steps inside the Octagon:

His words:

"Absolutely, not only does it change my mentality, the fact that coming off a loss the UFC put me in a main event; they have put me in several co-main events and they have put me in main events before but I got injured. So, I take that responsibility very serious. So, for me, I think it's very important that I go out and fight that way. But look, they made a statement with Jon Fitch being cut. It doesn't matter who you are, what your name is or what you do or if you are marketable or not, when you get to a certain aspect of your career and you start making decent money and you don't perform, there is somebody else who will. And that's no different than the civilian world. You know, just as well as all of these other fighters, the economy is tough in America right now and there is a lot of people getting cut from their jobs, as well; we are not the only one in the fight industry."

Stann is coming of a unanimous decision loss to Michael Bisping at UFC 152 last September, so you can bet when he steps into the cage this weekend (Mar. 3, 2013) to face Wanderlei Silva in a 205-pound contest at UFC on FUEL TV 8 from Saitama, Japan, he will be going for broke (no pun intended) in order to entertain as well as get the all-important victory to hold on to his roster spot.

With that mentality intact, it is highly likely Stann's prediction of both men taking a post-fight trip to the plastic surgeon's office -- or that one of them will be knocked out unconscious -- will come true.

Anyone care to dissect Stann's comments?

Is the MMA community, who was shocked by the release of Fitch, forgetting that there are thousands of people losing their jobs in America every week, too, and failing to realize that the UFC is no different than any other business?

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