UFC Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 Episode 6 results recap for 'Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen' on FX


Episode six of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17 went down earlier tonight on FX Channel. "Path to Greatness" featured bad attitudes, bad bowling and the fifth elimination fight. Full results and recap below.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was back on FX Channel earlier this evening (Feb. 26, 2013) with episode six of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17: "Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen."

Things get underway with a quick recap of Bubba McDaniel's shocking upset loss to young buck Kelvin Gastelum.

With Team Sonnen in control, the boys hit the gym to get some work in, but internal conflict rears its ugly head when Uriah Hall pops Luke Barnatt a little too hard in sparring. Both fighters have different views on what the appropriate level of force is and let's just say it's miles apart.

Tor Troeng fights Josh Samman in the fifth elimination fight and one of the running jokes is how nobody has a handle on who Tor is, not even his teammates. That's because his motto is to walk softly and carry a big stick, paraphrased down from some Swedish jibber jabber.

My dutch is a little rusty.

Some of the guys from Team Jones head outside to get some training in and not everyone is happy with Josh's attempts to take charge and boss people around. He defends his assertive actions as an effort to help his teammates out and he "made a move to take up a leadership position."

Jones says Samman, who fights to make up for a childhood void of violence and physicality, has a lot of heart and good cardio, but could stand to do some more kicking.

Things between Luke and Uriah come to a head later in the day when Hall decides to pick him for the next match-up, even though they're on the same team and the elimination rounds aren't over. The team is not pleased with Hall's impromptu call out.

Does Uriah secretly want to be on Team Jones?

He hooks up with the "Bones" crew for a fireside chat but things quickly dissolve when Hall cracks under the teasing of his fellow contestants and goes too far, asking Adam Cella if his girlfriend is a little bitch like he is. Wow, that was uncalled for.

All that good will from his highlight-reel super kick is quickly eroding.

After the "Real World" nonsense the house heads to the local bowling alley to have fun and watch the fights. Jones and Sonnen get their own coach's challenge underway with the winner being forced to coach in the opposing team's jersey. Turns out there is something Jones can't do after all.

"Bones" loses and runs out of the alley. Someone screams "Forrest!" and I chuckle accordingly.

It's time for the weigh ins and both guys make their marks without incident. Fast-forward through a bunch of dopey commercials and we get right to the fights. Samman is spouting off about how great he is and how no one can keep up with him while Tor just looks at the camera and says he wants to win.

He's direct, I'll give him that.

Elimination fight #5: Josh Samman (Team Jones) vs. Tor Troeng (Team Sonnen):

Round 1: Late start to this one. Looks like we get a finish. Woo hoo! Touch of gloves and Samman opens with a kick and a combo, then rushes in with punches, which Tor eats. What's up with the hands? They tie up against the cage and struggle mightily for position. Knees are exchanged. Josh tries for a takedown but ends up on his back. Tor does some meek ground and pound and looks lost in guard. He postures up and Samman escapes. He smashes Tor in the face against the cage and they separate briefly then go back to hugging. Samman working knees. They push off and get back to the center of the cage. Tor has his hands low (again) and gets smoked with a barrage of punches. Tor-rible performance.

Result: Samman def. Troeng via technical knockout

Here is the updated roster through week six:

Team Jones:

Dylan Andrews
Adam Cella
Collin Hart (1-0)
Clint Hester
Bubba McDaniel
Josh Samman (1-0)
Gilbert Smith

Team Sonnen:

Luke Barnatt (1-0)
Kevin Casey
Zak Cummings
Kelvin Gastelum (1-0)
Uriah Hall (1-0)
Jimmy Quinlan
Tor Troeng

After the fight, Jones says it was "crazy" and real "high-paced," even though they spent three minutes against the fence. No matter, his team regains control. Samman thinks his performance scared off the rest of Team Sonnen and calls himself "the number one seed" in the house.

Tor says he's not sure what he learned from his loss. How about, "Keep your hands up?"

Stay tuned next week as Clint Hester (Team Jones' first pick) battles Jimmy Quinlan (Team Sonnen) in a classic match-up of grappler versus striker. In addition, Samman goes to the hospital with a bum leg. Hey look, it's Hooters! Literally!

See you in seven!

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