Report: Jose Aldo to get UFC Lightweight title shot with win over Anthony Pettis


Jose Aldo leveled the playing field when he agreed to defend his 145-pound title against No. 1 Lightweight contender Anthony Pettis in Aug. 2013, inheriting the 155-pound title shot with a win over "Showtime," according to a Brazilian report.

File this development under "Bad Ass."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo wasn't thrilled to learn that Anthony Pettis was gifted a 145-pound title shot with a text message to company president Dana White. In fact, "Scarface" recently told White that there was "no way in hell" he was going to fight "Showtime."

His tune abruptly changed this evening, when White revealed during a Metro PCS fan chat that the deal was "done." Now we might know the reason behind his about-face, according to a recent report.

With a win over Pettis on Aug. 3, 2013, Aldo won't just keep his Featherweight title, but he'll also emerge as the No. 1 Lightweight contender, which is a position that Pettis currently holds. Indeed, Aldo will win exactly what Pettis would have won, a world title and a 155-pound title shot next, making the outcome even for both sides.

If accurate, it makes twisted mixed martial arts (MMA) sense, all things considered. was the first to reveal the potential wrinkle, including a comment from Aldo's trainer, Andre Pederneiras, who passed along this message from his fighter:

"I'm getting this over with. They're saying I'm running away, so they're seeing who's running away from whom then! If you guys like beatings, you must buy Aug 3rd PPV because that's what you're getting -- heads will roll!"

Aldo has flirted with a move up to 155-pounds often throughout his UFC tenure, revealing just last year that it was ultimately up to his coach to decide. However, with 12 straight wins at 145-pounds under his belt in stints with World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) and UFC, including a recent win over former 155-pound champion Frankie Edgar at UFC 156 earlier this month, perhaps the time is right.

The situation certainly couldn't be more ideal.

Pettis is the rightful No. 1 Lightweight contender behind Gilbert Melendez, who will battle reigning champion Ben Henderson at UFC on FOX 7 on April 20, 2013. However, rather than sit and wait, Pettis was inspired immediately after UFC 156 wrapped to follow in Edgar's Featherweight footsteps -- albeit briefly -- to battle one the the sport's pound-for-pound best.

After all, Aldo is a tougher fight than Henderson, according to Pettis. However, with a loss against Aldo, he may never know if that bold statement is accurate.

Fair is fair.

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