Jose Aldo vs Anthony Pettis UFC featherweight title fight is 'on' for Aug. 2013

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

After further consideration, UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo has decided to accept a fight against Anthony Pettis in August after recently saying he didn't think "Showtime" deserved the 145-pound title shot.

Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC) President Dana White tonight (Feb. 25, 2013) revealed that he just got off the phone with Andre Pederneiras, Jose Aldo's manager, to confirm that "Junior" had indeed agreed to defend his Featherweight title against No. 1 Lightweight contender Anthony Pettis on Aug. 3, 2013.

White shared the good news during one of the five-minute Metro PCS fan chat delays -- it had its fair share of technical difficulties -- after a recent conversation with the Brazilian contingent.

White's words:

"In the five minutes we've been down, I just got off the phone with Andre Pedeneiras and the Aldo fight is on. The fight is done, Pettis vs. Aldo in August. That was quick. You heard it here first."

So why is this news?

Well, according the White, Aldo wasn't too keen on taking on "Showtime" in his next title defense, expressing that Pettis wasn't qualified to get a title shot in a weight class in which he had never competed inside the Octagon. He argued that Ricardo Lamas -- who is on a four-fight 145-pound win streak -- was more deserving of the opportunity.

His protest didn't last very long.

Not one to take his fighters turning down fights lightly, White threatened to lay the law down, saying Aldo "wouldn't like how things would turn out" for him should he back out of the proposed "super" showdown with Pettis, who got the fight with a text message.

White, as well as mixed martial arts (MMA) fans can now rest easy as Aldo has agreed to take the fight against Pettis at a yet-to-be revealed location in August. Apparently the threat of facing White's wrath -- most likely in addition to some little extra hush money -- was something Aldo and Co. opted to avoid ... and ultimately accept.

Wise move.

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