Who Should Fight Who? UFC 157 Winners & Losers


Alright, here is another Who Should Fight Who.

Rousey should fight The Winner of Tate vs Zingano - Reason: There really aren't many women for Rousey to fight yet in the UFC and Tate is one of the best in the world so I think she'll be fighting the Winner of Tate/Zingano next.

Carmouche should fight McMann - Reason: McMann is on the rise and Carmouche just fought for the title so I think this fight should happen.

Machida should fight The Winner of Gustaffson vs Mousasi - Reason: Machida just beat Hendo but he didn't look great doing it. I think he'll get killed in a rematch with Jones so I think he should fight one more time before getting his title shot, there aren't many guys for him to fight except for the Gustaffson/Mousasi winner. He could fight DC if DC drops down to 205 and he could also fight Glover Teixeira if he beats Ryan Bader but I doubt either of those fights happen. The two real options are Jones II or Gustaffson/Mousasi Winner. After Jones beats Chael, he will fight either DC, Machida or Gustaffson. I don't think Machida should fight for the belt again yet so I hope he fights the winner of Gustaffson/Mousasi. They can fight each other while Jones fights DC.

Henderson should fight Nogueira - Reason: I've wanted to see Shogun/Nogueira II for a while now but there is talk that Rashad Evans wants to fight Shogun next so I'm thinking that the Shogun/Nogueira rematch will have to wait. So, Nogueira needs a new opponent, who better than Dan Henderson. These two fought back in PRIDE and I'm sure Hendo would love to get a rematch, now I don't want to hear any bullshit about this fight like "Oh, Loser vs Winner fights don't happen", listen to me they fucking happen all the time and this one would be awesome. I'd love to see it and it makes sense. Book that shit! I always like to leave other options out there so Hendo could also fight Evans or The Loser of Gustaffson/Mousasi.

Faber should fight Wineland - Reason: I know they already fought and it was only a short while ago but both of these guys are top contenders and they want a title shot. This is the #1 contender fight we all want to see. Book it. If Barao/Cruz doesn't finally happen next then Wineland can fight Barao and Faber can fight McDonald.

Menjivar should fight Jorgensen - Reason: Menjivar just lost to Faber, no shame in that so he should fight another top guy with a big name, Jorgensen fits that description. I like this fight, hope it happens. Menjivar could also fight Brian Bowles where the fuck has that guy been or Eric Perez.

McGee should fight Nelson - Reason: I have them ranked close to each other, they both just won and I like this fight. It would be a tough challenge for Nelson who hasn't really fought a grinder like McGee yet. I think it would be a good fight. McGee could also fight Swick, Kruass or Smith.

Neer should fight Thiago - Reason: Both have lost a bunch in a row now and this could be a very exciting loser leaves town fight. I like it stylistically, I just really like this fight and I hope it happens. There is a good chance Neer could be cut but if he isn't I like this fight. Neer could also fight Whittaker or Noke.

Lawler should fight Kampmann - Reason: Lawler just beat Koscheck who is a top 10 WW, so he should face another top 10-15 WW. Kampmann's style would make for a great fight, a total all out BANGFEST. I love this fight and I hope it happens next. I think Lawler's next opponent will be Woodley but I hope they don't give him another great wrestler. I hope its Lawler/Kampmann next if that fight doesn't happen then Lawler/Alves will be just as good.

Koscheck should fight The Loser of Ellenberger vs Marquardt - Reason: Koscheck has lost two in a row now and could be getting cut but I don't think he will yet, he should get at least one more chance. A fight against Ellenberger/Maquardt Loser will be a fun fight and a one that he can win. It will be a tough fight but I can see this being his next fight. I like it, Koscheck could also have a rematch with Thiago Alves or a fight against the Winner of Kim/Bahaadurzada.

Schaub should fight Duffee - Reason: Schaub has a garbage chin, one of the worst in the HW division, one of the worst in any division but he wins fights. He just fought and beat Lavar Johnson who has dynamite in his hands, he took him down with ease and laid on top of him for 15, he won't do that to Todd Duffee who also has incredible power in his punches. I like this fight, I can see it happening and I'll be watching. Schaub could also fight Carwin or Barry.

Johnson should fight Del Rosario - Reason: They have both lost a couple in a row now and it would be an exciting Rematch. Loser leaves town, book it. Johnson could also fight Ben Rothwell.

Chiesa should fight Stout - Reason: They both fought and won on the same card, Style vs Style, I like this fight. He could also fight Vallie-Flagg or Guillard.

Kuivanen should fight Sotiropoulos - Reason: Kuivanen has gone 1-2 in his last 3 fights and will probably be cut but if he isn't he can fight Sotiopoulos. Another guy he can fight is Mike Rio.

Bermudez should fight The Winner of Yahya vs Hirota - Reason: Hes an exciting guy to watch and hes never out of a fight. I think a fight against the Winner of Yahya/Hirota makes sense. Yahya who I'm assuming will win has been a top guy for a while now and will be a great test to see whether or not Bermudez is a contender. He could also fight The Winner of Hettes/Siler.

Grice should fight Holloway - Reason: Grice looked great in his last fight against Bermudez, yes he lost and he got wobbled a bunch in the third round but he fought his ass off and he won the fight in my opinion. I was rooting for Bermudez and was happy he won but I think Grice should have won that fight. He showed a ton of heart in that third round. Anyways, I think hes a great fighter and I'd like to see him fight Max Holloway next. It would be a great fight. Grice could also fight Rony Jason.

Stout should fight Chiesa - Reason: They both fought and won on the same card, I like this fight a lot. Style vs Style, book it. He could also fight Guillard or Vallie-Flagg.

Fodor should fight Edwards - Reason: They both just lost and they have a common opponent in Stout. I like it, book it.

Robertson should fight Swick - Reason: Swick is on the downside of his career and Robertson just pulled off a very impressive submission in his win at UFC 157. I think he'll get a big name fighter, Swick has that big name. Robertson could also fight The Loser of Hardy/Brown.

Jardine should fight Maguire - Reason: Both are low ranked guys, both are coming off of a loss, book it.

Magny should fight Burrell - Reason: They both won on the same card, book it. Magny could also fight Moraes or Whittaker.

Manley should fight Villefort - Reason: They both lost on the same card, book it. Manley could also fight Maguire or Jardine.

Burrell should fight Magny - Reason: They both won on the same card, I think this could happen next and I like it. Burrel could also fight Moraes or Whittaker.

Villefort should fight Manley - Reason: They both just on the same card, book it. Villefort could also fight Maguire or Jardine.

Alright, leave your comments and Rec if you really liked it. Let me know what fights you like and what fights you want to see happen.

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