Jose Aldo: There's no way in hell I'm fighting Anthony Pettis


So about that Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis featherweight championship fight planned for a UFC event later this year ...

For a while there, some fans and a few fighters were shocked that all it took for Anthony Pettis to earn a featherweight championship opportunity was a timely text message to UFC President Dana White. That's what it seemed like, at least, after "Showtime" did just that following Frankie Edgar's defeat at the hands of current 145-pound kingpin Jose Aldo and the promotion announced it was booking the fight.

Well, for those who didn't like it, the champ agrees with you.

That's because "Scarface" is apparently outright refusing to play ball with the UFC, feeling as though a title shot in his division was unfairly awarded to a fighter who competes at lightweight.

Here's White on the situation at last night's UFC 157 post-fight press conference (via MMA Fighting):

"Jose Aldo came out and said ‘There's no way in hell I'm fighting Pettis,' He's absolutely refusing to fight Pettis. Doesn't think he deserves the shot. He sat down with me and Lorenzo and he said 'we don't think he deserves it.' I said ‘What do you mean, you don't think he deserves it?' I said ‘Are you out of your fucking mind? Are you serious, did you seriously just ask that question?' It's like if Aldo wanted to move up to 155, we're going to say he's not the number one contender? What are you talking about?"

Pettis has won seven of his last eight fights, including his last three in a row, punctuated by his UFC on Fox 6 "Knockout of the Night" winning performance against perennial lightweight contender Donald Cerrone.

That's just the thing, though. Cerrone is a lightweight contender, as is Pettis. How can he simply choose to forgo his place at the 155-pound table in favor of jumping to the big boy chair at 145-pounds? Doesn't seem fair, no?

You may think so but the featherweight division isn't exactly booming with hot challengers lining up to dethrone the pound-for-pound great holding the belt in that particular weight class. Plus, "Showtime" was promised title shots in the past, ones he never received.

Now's the time to fix that.

As for whether or not the fight is actually going to happen, White is emphatic that it will.

"That fight's on. He's going to fight Pettis or he's not going to like how this is going to turn out."

There you have it.

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