Dana White: The Klitschko brothers are the most boring guys in the history of boxing

Martin Rose

UFC President Dana White shared his distain for the fighting style of the infamous Klitschko brother while appearing as a guest on "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast on Thursday (Feb. 21, 2013), saying he believes the two Ukrainian's are "the most boring guys" in the history of boxing.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is a boxing enthusiast and admittedly has been throughout his life; however, he doesn't think particularly high of world-class champion brothers Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko.

There' are plenty of fighters White is a fan of when it comes to boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), but when the Klitschko brothers enter the ring to compete, the UFC boss believes it doesn't get much worse in terms of entertainment value.

White appeared as a guest on "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast (watch it here) on Thursday's (Feb. 21, 2013) and when the Klitschko name came up, was very open and critical with his thoughts on the two Ukrainian heavyweight boxers.

His words:

"The most boring (expletive) guys in the history of the sport. The Klitschko brothers drive me (expletive) crazy man. Jab, jab, hold. Jab, jab, hold. Jab, hold, right hand, hold. (Expletive) all fight man, they'll put you to sleep."

This isn't the firs time White has put the Klitschko brothers on blast, as the UFC president has called them boring in previous interviews over the years.

White's criticisms almost came back to bite him in the backside, though, as on the podcast he recalled a time where he ran into both Klitschko brothers at a restaurant in Los Angeles and was concerned he was about be the recipient of a hellacious -albeit boring-- beating.

The story:

"So me and Elliot and I think Craig Borsari are in Beverly Hills, right. I talk so much shit about the Klitschko brothers all the (expletive) time man, all I do is (expletive) hammer these guys. ‘They're boring, they suck, they're this, they're that. They're one of the big problems with boxing and (expletive) heavyweights nobody cares.' As much shit as I can talk. So there's this little restaurant in Beverly Hills called ‘Il Pastaio' and it's (expletive) tiny, but it's badass, great food and everything else. So we go there for lunch one day and we walk in the (expletive) restaurant and both the Klitschko brothers are sitting right there and they both look at me and I'm like, ‘Oh (expletive).' The Klitschko brothers are in here right? So I said, the lady says, ‘Would you like to eat inside or out?' And I said, ‘I'll eat outside, thank you.' So she goes outside we tell - I tell Elliot we go, ‘(Expletive) both the Klitschko brothers are in there and they're both in there staring at me.' I said, ‘I'm probably going to get my (expletive) ass whooped today, but don't worry, it'll be boring they'll jab and (expletive) hold me for about 20 minutes over on the (expletive) corner here.' So they both get up and they walk outside and they walked our table and they were looking at me but they didn't say a word, they didn't say anything to me."

During the podcast White praised boxers such as Mike Tyson and Adrien Broner, saying those are the types of fighters he enjoys watching. Not the Klitschko's.

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