Take on Muay Thai 19 Live Results from Queens, NY

Evening everybody, I'm here live at the Resorts World Casino here in New York City, and we're about to get underway with the first matches of the evening. This is actually a fairly awesome mix of old-school NY with the adjacent Aqueduct Racetrack next door, planes flying in and out of JFK airport and a new, modern casino, playing host to some of the best Muay Thai practitioners in the country.

I will be posting results as they happen along with as much media as comes my way. If you really want to see stuff as soon as possible, follow me on Twitter @krmtdfrog - my partner in crime, announcer Larry Legend, tends to hit me up with the hottest off the press shots and videos from his incredibly unique position as the in-ring announcer. His twitter is @blklkp and you might recognize him from his time with the extreme pro wrestling organization, CZW.

Results will go from the bottom up top, so scroll down and please, refresh often.


Stahinja Ivonovic (7-5) Capital MMA, DC
Wayne Barrett (15-2), Square Circle Muay Thai, NY

ROUND 1 - Ivonovic in the red corner with the iconic Dropkick Murphy's walkout music. Chopping leg kicks from both fighters. 1-1-2 from Barrett. Left to the body lands, but a left up top gets blocked by Ivonovic. A Dutch-style 1-2-leg kick lands for Barrett. Ivonovic with a leg kick that he ends up slipping on. Ivonovic closes into the ropes with a flurry. Barrett hits a body left to finish the round. 10-9 Barrett.

(dem legs)

ROUND 2 - Barrett whiffs on a front kick, but hits a jab off a weak leg kick from Ivonovic. Looping left from Ivonovic is blocked. Teep and a left for Barrett. Right Hook for Barrett. Clinch from Ivonovic and he's not looking happy right now. Three body shots from Barrett as Ivonovic covers. Jab, jab, hook from Barrett and... Ivonovic quits? He just seemed to realize he was getting outclassed and called it before he got hurt.

RESULTS - Wayne Barrett wins via TKO (2:43 of round 2)

Sean Fagan (10-2) New York Muay Thai
Omar Estevez (7-3), Sitan Gym, NY

ROUND 1 - Estevez with a switch kick and checks a low kick from Fagan. Right from Fagan. Leg kick from Estevez. Fagan misses a right, but lands one a few seconds later. Estevez misses an uppercut, but then lands his a few seconds later. Dejz vu all over again. 10-9 Fagan.

ROUND 2 - clinch knees from both are landing solid to the body. Overhand from Estevez glances and he whips a leg kick to the right kneecap. Fagan bullies him into the ropes and lands a right, but Estevez reverses, hits a couple shots and then trips him down as they land in a heap. Clinch knees from Estevez as Fagan hits a body shot to end the round. 10-9 Estevez.

ROUND 3 - Inside leg kick from Estevez. Overhand right from Fagan. Exchange of knees in the clinch. Big right hook from Estevez. Straight right from Estevez. Uppercut from Fagan. Right high kick misses from Fagan as does an overhand, but he shoves Estevez to the mat. Fagan catches a kick at the end of the round, but aside from Estevez stumbling nothing comes from it. 10-9 Estevez.

ROUND 4 - Fagan pushes Estevez into the ropes left of me and hits a pair of winging hooks. Estevez explodes off it with a body knee to Fagan's left side. Jab from Fagan. Lead left hook from Estevez. Big knee to the breadbasket of Fagan. Liver kick from Estevez, but Fagan fires back at the end of the round with a sharp knee to the left side of Estevez. 10-9 Fagan.

ROUND 5 - Fagan comes out firing in this final round. He lands multiple rights, while Estevez fights back with leg kicks and a flush uppercut. Teep from Fagan. Left from Fagan. Right from Estevez. Liver kick from Fagan. Clinch and an exchange of knees. Fagan misses a superman punch and lands a right as the bell sounds. 10-9 Fagan.

RESULTS - Sean Fagan takes a Unanimous Decision (50-45, 49-46, 48-47)

Stoney Morales (14-2), Renzo Gracie Brooklyn, NY
Rich Brattole (10-1), Weapons 9/Modern Martial Arts, NJ

ROUND 1 - Remind me to get on Larry's case about pronouncing the 'R' in Renzo. Left from Morales to the temple. Big right body kick immediately reddens Brattole's side. They clinch and Brattole lands a bunch of knees. Low kick for Brattole. Flurry from Morales, but only a couple land. Morales loses his mouthpiece in a clinch and when they break, the ref recovers it for the fighter. Morales leg kick gets checked, but he ends up landing one a few seconds later to the thigh. 10-9 Brattole.

(ring girl Alicia in between rounds)

ROUND 2 - Flurry from Morales, but Brattiole covers and lands a leg kick as Morales circles away. Brattiole lands a slapping kick directly to Morales' left kneecap a few feet in front of me. Brattiole has been pushing forward this round and is backing Morales into the corner. Liver shot from Brattiole. Right high kick scores for Morales. 10-9 Brattiole. I gotta say, having an judge live-score this is pretty awesome.

ROUND 3 - Brattole is landing rights solid here. Big, big leg kick from Brattole out of the red corner that causes Morales to wince badly and spit out his mouthpiece and get an 8-count. Brattole lands a right in the clinch and out goes the mouthpiece from Morales again. The fight continues and he eats an enormous leg kick that reverberates ringside. Brattole pouring it on as he senses this might be the end. Another 8 from the ref, but the corner throws in the towel and the fight is ovah!

RESULTS - Rich Brattole wins via TKO (corner stoppage) at 1:38 of round 3

Manny Casais (6-0), Cobans Muay Thai, NY
Freddy Cheung (5-1), Sitan Gym, NY

ROUND 1 - This is probably what people think about when they think of fighting practitioners, as both dudes are in shape and throwing hard from the outset. It's a mini Bloodsport movie as they wing hard and fast. Cheung with a trip. Casais with a body kick. Cheung hits a charging knee. Body jab for Casais. Jab for Cheung. Solid technique from both as the round ends. 10-9 Casais.

ROUND 2 - Casais is throwing at an extraordinary rate, including two uppercuts that break through. Cheung crashes through the ropes after a glancing punch, but it's ruled a slip as his corner complains of a shot to the back of the head. Cheung catches a high kick and Casais limp-legs to avoid eating anything big. They clinch and Casais eats a low blow that wasn't flush, but was bad enough to earn a break. Cheung firing. They clinch directly in front of me, but the ref breaks them and the bell rings. 10-9 Cheung.

ROUND 2 - Casais is throwing at an extraordinary rate, including two uppercuts that break through. Cheung crashes through the ropes after a glancing punch, but it's ruled a slip as his corner complains of a shot to the back of the head. Cheung catches a high kick and Casais limp-legs to avoid eating anything big. They clinch and Casais eats a low blow that wasn't flush, but was bad enough to earn a break. Cheung firing. They clinch directly in front of me, but the ref breaks them and the bell rings. 10-9 Cheung.

ROUND 3 - Immediate low blow just seconds in on Casais again. He recovers after a brief rest and comes back with a spinning high kick. Left straight from Cheung in a clinch. Casais tries a kick, but it gets checked. They're firing back and forth, but it appears that Cheung is the fresher of the two and is landing at a higher workrate. 10-9 Cheung.

RESULTS - Majority decision for Manny Casais to the dismay of a partisan home crowd.

Angela Hill (12-0), Evolution Muay Thai, NY
Ariana Gomez (5-0), Muay Thai Academy, CA

*122 lb. Women’s WKA TITLE BOUT*

ROUND 1 - Solid aggression from Hill, as she's landing repeated body knees. Trip from Hill. Right hook from Gomez, and an inside leg kick. Another takedown for Hill. Big knee from Hill. Jab from Gomez. Kick from Hill to end the round. 10-9 Hill.

ROUND 2 - Clinching against the ropes and the ref is letting it go. They trade knee after knee before a separation. Hill smothering the spinning kick and another clinch into a takedown. Jab and a right from Gomez, but the right misses. Hill powers into a clinch and knees to the body. 10-9 Hill.

ROUND 3 - Jab into a clinch for Gomez, but Hill backs her into the ropes. Knees again. They trade jabs. Hill hits a straight right that staggers Gomez into the far ropes and the ref steps in to give Gomez a standing 8. Hill trying to finish here and is throwing the kitchen sink, but Gomez has recovered and battles back as the bell sounds. 10-8 Hill

RESULTS - Unanimous 30-26 decision for Hill.

(Angela Hill, postfight)

Prairie Rugilo (5-1-1), Girl Fight MMA, NJ
Kate Allen (3-1), Cool Hearts Muay Thai, PA

ROUND 1 - The challenger, in the red corner, is the taller Kate Allen, who's dancing to the DJ's mix of Katrina and Nicki Minaj. Huge cheers for Rugilo. Teep from Rugilo knocks Allen to her buttm but she comes back ferocious. She charges at Rugilo who's on the ropes, and they clinch. Knees to the thighs are traded. They break, and Rugilo misses a pair of spinning backfists. Allen with a jab. Rugio with a trip and a left. Solid straight left from Allen hits flush and Rugilo replies with a trip. Teep from Rugilo and another trip to end the round. Action packed round 1, the judge scores it 10-9 to the champ, Rugilo.

ROUND 2 - Rugilo is catching Allen's the lankier Allen's kicks repeatedly and using them to knock her opponent straight back. Stiff jab for Allen. Body kick from Allen. Another spinning backlist misses for Rugio. Jab from Rugilo lands and a teep. Another 10-9 for the blue corner and champ.

ROUND 3 - Jab from Rugilo catches Allen off-balance and she slips. Rugilo with an ineffective teep and an effective jab. Big outside leg kick from Allen. Allen misses a straight right and they clinch. Knees and a break. Simultaneous jabs, which indicates Allen is doing something wrong, as she has a definite reach advantage that Rugilo is negating. They trade straight punches that both end in each fighter on their butt - first Allen on the canvas, then Rugilo as the fight ends. 30-27 Rugilo.

RESULTS - Kate Allen wins a Split Decision (29-28 x2, 27-30) and is the new champ!

My friendly neighborhood judge feels differently. Interestingly enough, the ref comes by and says he scored it for Rugilo as well (as did I). The ringside doc, who's sitting to my left and my fellow reporter from Fight Nerd also felt this was the wrong score.

Rob Lin (5-2), The Wat, NY
Tim Schmeier (7-3), Sitan Gym, NY

ROUND 1 - Mostly a clinch batte on the onset as the ref is letting them go. They're trading body and leg knees and continue to do so for most of the round. Left from Lin on the break. They re-clinch and repeat, but this time with Schmeier hitting on the separation. The round ends with more clinch knees. 10-9 Schmeier.

ROUND 2 - High kick from Schmeier. Body kick from Lin. Teep from Lin. fast and furious kicking action to start, but they soon initiate the clinch again. Schmeier away from the ropes, so his knees have a bit more on them. Jab from Schmeier. They trade position back and forth on the ropes. Leg kick from Lin answered by a head kick. Schmeier ends the round with another high kick and another 10-9 from the judge.

ROUND 3 - Body kick from Schmeier to open it up. Pounding knees as they clinch yet again. Schmeier's core strength is just a huge advantage over Lin at this point, as every time they clinch (which is multiple times a minute), he's able to gain dominant position to get more into his knees, rather than having his back up against the ropes. They power back and forth right near me, but Schmeier is hitting the harder knees. They break, but re-engage with Schmeier throwing a flying body kick (see pic) on the way back in.


Here's a video clip of the fight from the inimitable Larry Legend:

RESULTS - Unanimous decision for Tim Schmeier.

Joe Bastone (3-0), Impact Muay Thai, NJ
Dean Roberts (2-0), Cool Hearts Muay Thai, PA

ROUND 1 - Bastone in the blue firing and circling early. right low kick, but eats an overhand in retaliation. Clinch in the ropes leads to an exchange of knees to the legs. They tumble and nearly fall through the ropes, but no damage done. Roberts with a high kick that misses. They trade powerful leg kicks and immediately after Bastone lands a gigantic overhand right to the temple that sends Roberts crashing down in a heap. Roberts rolls a couple of times, but ends up staying down and we have our first finish of the night!

RESULTS - Joe Bastone wins via KO (punch) at 1:26 of round 1

Joey Hernandez (6-2), Mushin MMA, NY
Bobby Slavin (4-5), Cool Hearts Muay Thai, PA

ROUND 1 - Solid leg kick from Slavin. Hernandez backs him into the ropes, but Slavin circles off. They exchange leg kicks. Body kick from Hernandez. Hernandez firing and landing, but Slavin's chin is good and he takes them clear-eyed. Slavin blocks a leg kick. Clinch into the far ropes as the 10-second warning sounds and that ends the round. 10-9 Slavin.

ROUND 2 - Slavin's right rib cage is tagged red to match his shorts and gloves. Hernandez pressing forward and throwing heavy. A lot of the shots are blocked, but as anyone who's been in a gym will tell you, getting hit in the arms still hurts. Forward pressure from Hernandez still and he's the much more active fighter. Slavin is throwing back sporadically, but not with the volume and power of Hernandez. They clinch to end the round and Slavin is nearly tossed down, but stays up. 10-9 Hernandez.

ROUND 3 - Hernandez with a perfect jab and pushes him back into the near corner. Slavin blocks a sweep and they trade knees until the ref breaks them. Hernandez lands a right to the forehead. Slavin backs Hernadez in, but gets reversed and eats knees for his trouble. He pushes out, but again, more body knees. Straight right from Hernandez lands, and again. Hernandez backs him into the ropes and they trade knees to end the fight. 10-9 Hernandez.

RESULTS - Unanimous decision for Joey Hernandez

Neil Mustafa (4-0), Sitan Gym, Philadelphia
Srijan Munier (2-2), Cobans Muay Thai, NY

ROUND 1 - Technical back and forth, until Neil hits a solid power double that would be the envy of every D1-wrestler. They stand back up and continue throwing. Munier with a right. Mustafa with a left kick. Solid low kick from Munier. They clinch into the ropes and attempt body knees to little effect. 10-9 Mustafa.

ROUND 2 - Good low kick from Munier. Good right from Mustafa staggers Munier a bit and Mustafa chases him into his corner, only to be knocked on his butt by a teep. Good right from Mustafa in the far corner. Ref breaks a clinch and they work there way over here swinging, but not landing cleanly. Another 10-9 for blue.

ROUND 3 - Inside low kick for Munier. Clinch and another takedown that would earn him points in our kissing-cousin sport, MMA, but not here. Clinch and a break. And another. Good right from Munier lands flush. Mustafa throws a big kick, but it's blocked. They clinch again and start a wild exchange to end the fight. 10-9 Munier.

RESULTS - Majority decision for Neil Mustafa

Watt Sriboonruang (1-3), Cobans Muay Thai
Mirjana Sadeghi (1-3), Sitan Gym, NY

ROUND 1 - Watt in the red, and my apologies, but if you think I'm typing that last name out every time on the fly, you're insane. Wai Kru before the fight to give the tradition. They exchange along the right side of the ropes, with Watt landing the better leg kicks while Sadeghi hits some good jabs. Sadeghi gets tripped, but stands. Straight right from Sadeghi lands. They're directly in front of me, and Sadeghi lands a nice right, while Watt answers with one of her own. Leg kick from Watt knocks Sadeghi a bit off balance, and not much action ends the round. 10-9 blue.

ROUND 2 - Solid exchange of punches from both fighters, although Watt is landing a solid amount of low kicks. Watt seems to be slowing down a bit, but lands a straight right to the nose. Sadeghi's attacks are mostly a simple 1-2, but she's been effective with it, especially the 2. The leg kicks from Watt have little starch on them. Another 10-9 blue.

ROUND 3 - More exchanges from both fighters, and when they throw straight, they're landing effective shots. Sadeghi is just throwing more straights, as her very, very vocal cheering section nearby me encourages her. Watt with a right that connects. Sadeghi with a right and a left. Clinch knees and that ends the fight. Same round result, and I expect the other judges will agree.

RESULTS - Majority decision for Mirjana Sadeghi

Daniel Rodriguez (0-1), Performance Muay Thai, NJ
John Zabriski (0-0), Wellington Martial Arts, NJ

ROUND 1 - Big knockdown on a right punch from Rodriguez, but the ref rules it a slip. They keep winging away with both fighters throwing haymakers. Right from Zabriski, followed by another. Two kicks land for Rodriguez. Close round, judge scores it 10-9 Rodriguez.

ROUND 2 - Heavy throw from Zabriski seems to knock the wind out of Rodriguez, but he gets back up and continues to trade. Left for Rodriguez and a throw brings a warning from the ref. Big left from Zabriski gets him a knockdown, and he then staggers Rodriguez again as the bell sounds. 10-9 Zabriski.

ROUND 3 - Trip from Rodriguez gets answered by a stiff jab from Rodriguez that snaps Z's head back. Another Rodriguez trip and yet another. They trade lefts, with Rodriguez getting the worst of it and staggering back a bit. Zabriski follows up with a huge right that floors Rodriguez and earns an 8-count. The 10-second warning claps and they run forward, exchanging jumping knees. Zabriski with a running teep at the end, and our local score is 29-27 Zabriski.

RESULTS - Majority decision for John Zabriski.

Rich Stambach (0-0), AMA Fight Club, NJ
Rob Mauceri (0-1), Black & Blue MMA, NY

ROUND 1 - Stambach out of the blue corner. Right from Mauceri lands at the same time as a knee that appeared low from Stambach, but as there's no reaction, I'll guess that nothing happened. A low blow a minute later does register on Mauceri, and he shakes it off. Mauceri with a leg kick. Stambach with a body kick and a leg kick as the round ends. Close round, with my pocket judge scoring it 10-9 for the red corner.

ROUND 2 - Solid kicking game from Stambach so far, as his legs are landing on the body and legs of Mauceri with regularity. Left from Mauceri. Solid teep. Another punch lands and Mauceri looks like he might have the timing down. Leg kick from each fighter lands. Right from Mauceri. Body kick from Stambach. Another close round, with the score from the judge 10-9 Mauceri. I'll just quit trying to score, with an official right here by me.

ROUND 3 - The right side of Mauceri's body is red from body kicks, but he looks fresh. Spinning backfist from Stambach. They clinch and break. Clinch again and they exchange knees that mostly get blocked on both sides. Solid jab from Mauceri and a powerful leg kick from Stambach. Mauceri trips Mauceri down. Mauceri gets to his feet and dodges an overhand as the final bell rings. Judge score is 10-9 Mauceri.

RESULTS - Majority decision for Stambach.

(Rich Stambach gets his hand raised after defeating Rob Mauceri)

Vichai Wellington (0-0), Wellington Martial Arts, NJ
Ken Beaulie (0-0), Sitan Gym CT

ROUND 1 - Beaulie in the blue corner, and Wellington is definitely the showman of the two. Beaulie trips Wellington down and he immediately does a handspring back up to standing. Wellington lands a nice right and engages a clinch in which they trade knees. They break on their own and go back to throwing. Wellington's left is doing work so far and I'd give him the round, however the judge to my right gives it to Beaulie.

(Vichai Wellington waits between rounds)

ROUND 2 - Beaulie grabs a clinch and they exchange from in tight, but the clinch ends with a gnarly knee to the groin of Beaulie. After he recovers, they come out blazing, with Wellington punching in a bunch. They trade back and forth and disengage. Beaulie with a solid lead left that lands flush on the jaw of Wellington. They clinch ineffectively in center ring and then break. Another solid hook from Beaulie. Combo from Wellington. Wellington gets pushed to the ground and again does the handspring up. Crowd pleasing, but the ref has a sardonic look on his face. The judge and I agree on a 10-9 Wellington this time.

ROUND 3 - Beaulie powers through a trip takedown and lands on top. Beaulie lands a nice left hook from a clinch. Superman punch misses, as does an overhand. Wellington gets a knee caught and is dumped unceremoniously. Another accidental low blow, but this time, it was just glancing, and Beaulie shakes it off after a brief moment. Much slower round, and I'm at a loss on how to score it.

RESULTS - the judges score it a unanimous decision for Wellington who celebrates with a backflip.

Brandice Poltier (2-0), Five Points Academy, NY
Yanelisa Reyes (0-0), Cobans Muay Thai, NY

ROUND 1 - Three two minute rounds in the 140-lb weight class. Poltier out of the red corner and she comes storming out of the gate, landing a left punch that starts a flurry. She grabs a plumm and gets in some solid body knees to Reyes. After a flurry, the ref gives Reyes a standing 8. A shot to the back of Poltier's head wobbles her and gives Reyes a warning. Insubstantial punches to end the round. 10-8 Poltier for the eight-count.

ROUND 2 - Same as the first, with Poltier starting out fast. Reyes manages to grab a clinch and the ref breaks them. 1-2 from Reyes and another clinch. Left body kick from Poltier. Series of rights from Reyes and she catches a lunging teep. Solid left straight from Poltier lands as the round ends. Closer round, but probably 10-9 red corner.

ROUND 3 - Once more, with feeling as Poltier comes out firing. Reyes eats a teep and at the end of the flurry, complains to the ref about something I'm unable to make out. Reyes is getting hit hard and doesn't seem to have an answer for the solid power that Poltier is throwing. They clinch and fall with Reyes on top. Big teep to the upper chest of Reyes. The round ends, and the judge sitting next to me scores it 30-26 Poltier as do I.

RESULTS - Unanimous decision for Poltier.

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