Dana White: Clay Guida went from being a 'buzzsaw' in the cage to a fighter that 'runs'

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

With Wednesday's (Feb. 20, 2013) unexpected release of 16 UFC veterans including Jon Fitch, could Clay Guida's spot on the roster be in danger now that Dana White has, again, come down on his recent lackluster performances inside the Octagon?

Though he doesn't have the best win-loss record in mixed martial arts (MMA) and has yet to hold an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) world title, Clay Guida knows how to entertain fight fans and has been doing so on the biggest stage of them all for the last six years.

His record boasts a classic "Fight of The Night" bout against Tyson Griffin at UFC 72 along with his thrilling "Fight of the Year" against Roger Huerta in 2007. He's also known for his three-round war in 2009 against Diego Sanchez (which also took home "Fight of the Year" honors) and his other bonus winning performances against Ben Henderson and Nate Diaz.

Win, lose or draw, Guida comes to fight and when fans see his name in the line-up, they know they have a doozy of a fight in store.

Or do they?

Despite all of Guida's "Fight Night" accolades, the stench of his previous performance against Gray Maynard and Hatsu Hioki seems to overshadow all of "The Carpenter's" previous accomplishments in the eyes of many, including UFC President Dana White, who didn't have many kind things to say when describing the bout against "The Bully."

Appearing on the morning show at 95.5 KLOS Los Angeles (via Bleacher Report) White again talked about Guida's recent performances inside the Octagon and his transformation from a "buzzsaw" to a fighter that "runs."

His words:

"The problem with Clay Guida lately is Clay Guida has completely changed his style. The style that made him popular and exciting, what everybody liked, why everybody liked Clay Guida, now he does the exact opposite."

Dana continued to say "The Carpenter" we once knew is no more and his new style is one that involves a lot of running that doesn't appeal to fans:

"He was a buzzsaw and just moves forward and doesn't stop and he keeps going until he eventually breaks you. Now he does the exact opposite, he runs. Nobody wants to see that."

Guida will next take on scrappy Chad Mendes on April 20, 2013 at UFC on FOX 7 in a featherweight bout.

With this now being the second time White has criticized Guida's style on the heels of Wednesday's (Feb. 20, 2013) unexpected release of seasoned UFC veterans like Jacob Volkmann and Jon Fitch, could Clay be facing the ax next, should his fight game not be on the "Money" when he takes on Mendes in San Jose?

Anyone have an argument in favor of his new style?

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