Video: UFC 157's Ronda Rousey on ESPN's 'SportsCenter' to hype historic fight with Liz Carmouche

Ronda Rousey, billed as JUDO, MMA FIGHTER, was recently a guest on ESPN's "SportsCenter" to discuss her upcoming fight with Liz Carmouche in the UFC 157 main event, which is the first-ever female fight to take place inside the Octagon.

Better get used to seeing this female face.

With less than one week until fight night (Sat., Feb. 23, 2013), Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) began the final promotional push to highlight its first-ever female mixed martial arts (MMA) match up between Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and No. 1 women's 135-pound contender, Liz Carmouche.

First stop: ESPN "SportsCenter," the self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports, with host Jay Crawford.

Rousey, who will headline UFC 157 this weekend opposite "Girl-Rilla" from the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif., was on set for nearly five minutes, talking for most of it about how she landed in this historic position, especially considering UFC President Dana White's long-held assertion that women would likely never fight inside his Octagon.

That, clearly, is no longer the case, with "Rowdy" attributing his change of heart to her trash-talking attitude, as well as her ability to back it up in fights against Miesha Tate (watch video highlights here) and Sarah Kaufman (watch more video highlights here).

And while the trash-talk may be absent in the build-up to this high-profile scrap, Rousey assures fight fans that she will be all business once the cage door closes on fight night.

She explains:

"I try to talk to her as little as possible because every time I talk to her I like her a lot more -- she's a really cool chick…. But, it's business, we go out there an fight each other. We're not there to bake each other cupcakes or anything like that. It's a very serious situation and I take it seriously. You could be sweet as pie and feed my dog on Sundays, but it real doesn't have anything to actually do without he fight itself."

Rousey finished up the interview by taking a few viewer questions like whether or note she was more nervous before her Olympics appearance or Octagon debut, he favorite post-fight meal and her encounter with a "couple of guys" who decided to jump her back in 2007 that ended with an assault lawsuit.


Be sure to tune into HBO tomorrow night (Feb. 19, 2013), which will feature Rousey in its popular "Real Sports" franchise that airs at 10 p.m. ET.

I told you we were just getting started.

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