FREE-POOL RESULTS. / BRACKET TOURNY SCORES (Special edition) London Live Event


Welcome to my special edition of this results post of UFC London.

Sorry its late.

I'm not really sorry though, fuck ye guys.

I had to make sure I made it to this event, as I haven't been to one in a fuckin long time. So the event wasn't the greatest, it was certainly better on paper. But I don't care, I had a fuckin savage time. More on that shit later, I'll just crack on with the results.

You know when the ring girls finish their way around the cage, a photographer takes a picture or twenty of them, every fuckin time. So that should be at least 12 good enough pictures of the new ring girl, holdin a fuckin card that says 1 on it. But I couldn't find one and couldn't be arsed to look for one, so I put this picture together instead.

Top 3



Numero Uno, TopDog.


Everyone, please welcome back Rolandando to the freepool. What, you don't want to. Fine, but at least congratulate the fucker, cos he came back with a bang and smashed this event. Oh, and just so ye know he is back, he's fuckin top of the league aswell. Dude managed top 20 in all of PG.

Rolo, hope you don't mind this, but I'm excluding you from gettin your entry fee paid for next season in case you win this league. It kind of unfair for those who have been here from the start of the season. You are obviously still in contention in the bracket, kind of why you joined here. besides, I fuckin paid your entry before anyway.

Rolandando took top spot by:

  • Scoring 82 points
  • Had 7/12 correct
  • 5 perfect picks (Excellent considerin)
  • 22 Hot points
  • 2 Bonus points on Harris.
  • #19/1852

Well done fella, great scorin.



Runner up


Just about taking second place for the second time this season is T_Buck7. He is makin a real impression here on his debut season and now sits 3rd in the league overall. He took runner up spot by:

  • Scoring 68 points
  • Had 7/12 correct
  • 3 perfect picks
  • 22 Hot points
  • 2 Bonus points on Harris.




Well Mr. Inconsistent is showin some, consistency for a change and actually had the most correct picks of the top 3. Breaking the top 3 for the first time this season, Karp is averaging 50 points per event, which has seen him settle at 6th in the league. Fair play lad, keep it goin.Karp takes 3rd by:

  • Scoring 65 points
  • Had 8/12 correct
  • 2 perfect picks
  • 22 Hot points
  • Only man to pick Watson



Holy shitballs. Last events shit-picker, makes an unlucky return here. It's bad enough to score 30 points and be last, thats unlucky, but last event he was shit picker with 10 points, after pickin a full card. Haha, fuckin funny shit though, back to back shit-picker. Your in a statistic that only can be matched by Karp lol.

Event Scores:










4 63 scott1
5 56 bezeau24
6 52 UKBlitzkrieg
6 52 Scaly_Manphi
8 51 IrishKev
9 48 Bons_210309
9 48 PotOfGold
11 43 Raymondo
11 43 wolfman13
13 42 TheNextDamnChamp
14 41 paulnewman
15 33 thunderdownunder
15 33 the_rocketeer
17 31 fulch




Current League Standings










4 206 Bons_210309
4 206 IrishKev
5 204 wolfman13
6 200 karpentero
7 193 Scaly_Manphi
8 185 fulch
9 179 TheNextDamnChamp
10 175 the_rocketeer
11 166 Raymondo
12 164 PotOfGold
13 159 bezeau24
14 141 vhw
15 134 UKBlitzkrieg
16 126 liverpoolsnxt
17 111 burlzilla129
18 100 PorkchopSandwich

64 Man Bracket Tourny

Round 2.1.

Remember, if score ties after the next event, whoever qualified with the better score previous round qualifies.


My story of UFC London 2013.

My mission was to go to the UFC for free. Yup, I was goin to try and be there for when Dana 'tweeted' tickets. Well, I was fuckin there, but shit went a bit haywire and kind of got cancelled. Ye probably seen the footage at the end of the vlog ep.2 that Dana put out, if not. check it out. Needless to say, I never got a free ticket, but I did get to meet some fighters at the weigh ins.

Have to say, Bisping gives the fans the most time. 47798_10151448522580489_1608615304_n_medium



Cub is one intense dude.


Okay, undetered, I decided to see if I could find 'Nick the tooth' and see if I could get a ticket of him in person. I knew what pub was established as the after party venue post weigh ins for fight club members, so I made my way there. He was there, but I never bothered askin if he had any tickets on him, fuck that. I was too busy gettin pissed with a few fans who I met at the weigh ins.

On my drunken travels around London's Covent Garden, where Nick had moved too, yes, I went in search again thinkin I'll just ask this time. I'm a determined cunt at times. I took photos of some seasonal artworks that are temporarily on show.

Rest in Peace Scotti.

This picture, I took for my son:


Now, I don't really know what possessed me to take the following photo.

Until now.


Now, I'm not the most romantic guy in the world. I mean, I just got my missus a new microwave for valentines day, so somethin like this I just think is mushy crap. It a European thing where people write a message of love or devotion to a loved on a padlock and attach it to a bridge or a fence. This piece of heart shaped artwork, is basically a Valentines concept of that tradition. Big deal right?

Well, what I realised only now, is I took this picture around midnight of the Friday, around the same time as DetroitDrew posted his post about Scotti's unfortunate passing. After I saw that post I went home, and started reading all the messages on his post, and contributed myself. And now I can see even more of a connection. Detroit's post can be seen as the art piece, and all our messages of love and support and memories, are those padlocks.

I wasn't even going to post any of this, until I was going through my photos realised the timing of it all. A strange paradox of events I'm sure you will agree. As if I was given a tribute without knowing it.

Thinkin of ya Bigman.

Main Event.


Okay, so I never got any free tickets. So I ended up buying a floor ticket off a fella who actually managed to get one from Nick the tooth. Paid £100 for it and it was money well spent. I really can't comment on the fights, well, I can for the first 8 or 9. The last few is a bit of a blur tbh. So I was on the piss big style, and the event was epic to me. I was buzzin the whole fuckin night. UFC fans get to see fighters and they are almost always approachable. Here are a few pics of fighters I met at and after the event.

Production shot.



Has to be said, Pickett gave fans a lot of his time also.



Riddle, really is just a goof, but isn't actually as much as a douche as he makes out to be.




Former undefeated Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight and just recently named boxer of the decade, Joe Calzaghi.



Obviously you have figured I went alone to the event. For one reason or another, it just conspired that my friends couldn't come. Couldn't get the time off work or just plain couldn't afford it. Sure, I was with other fans a lot of the times too, so i was actually never alone, but I wasn't with them for the actual event. Although I did bump into a couple of them at one stage.

However I did have company whilst at the event. I seen some hot chick on her own, and as I was on my own, I decided to say hello. Now normally, I would never even dare say hello, or anything, but this is the Scotti effect. I thought about him and what people were saying about him and how he always welcomed people, said hello and made newbies feel welcome. So I figured I'll just say hello. So we got chattin and I asked if she would mind if I joined her for the rest of the show. She was more than happy too, so was I of course. Bought her a drink and just had a nice time. It was her first time at a UFC event. Unbeknown to me, she was more than just some hot-chick.

She is a model, Miss Asian 2012 and finalist of Miss England 2012. My own missus is Asian, so needless to say, I love this now lol. She's training to fight and is the first Asian woman to be sponsored by Badboy.

Her name is Nikki Sahota.



MMA really have the best fans in the world.

I dedicate this post to our late great Maniac Scottidog.

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