Who Should Fight Who? UFC on FUEL 7 Winners & Losers


Alright, here is another Who Should Fight Who.

Barao should fight Cruz - Reason: The Interim Champ vs The Champ, lets finally get it done. If Cruz isn't healthy in time then Barao could fight Wineland.

McDonald should fight The Loser of Faber vs Menjivar - Reason: McDonald fought hard against Barao, this loss shouldn't send him far down the rankings. I think they will try to build him back up so a fight against The Loser of Faber/Menjivar makes sense. McDonald could also fight Jorgensen or Assuncao.

Swanson should fight Siver - Reason: They were already supposed to fight but Siver got hurt, now that Swanson is close to a title shot, what better time then now for this fight to happen. Swanson could also fight Lamas or Zombie, I actually think those two guys are going to be fighting each other in May but if not he could fight one of them if the Siver fight doesn't work out. I'd love to see all four of those guys fight on the same card in May.

Poirier should fight Koch - Reason: They both just lost to top contenders and they both have very exciting styles, I love this fight and I hope it gets booked. Poirier could also fight Hioki and Nunes.

Manuwa should fight Te Huna - Reason: They both just won, both have a ton of power in their hands. Book it. If this fight doesn't happen then Manuwa can also fight Pokrajac and Vera.

Diabate should fight Maldonado - Reason: Both are great strikers and they're both coming off of loses. This has BANGFEST written all of it. If this fight doesn't happen then Diabate could fight Vera or Jimmo.

Nelson should fight Alves - Reason: Nelson is on the rise and Alves might be on the decline, I can see the UFC putting this fight together for the same reason, its a good fight so they wouldn't have any trouble marketing it. Nelson could also fight Silva, Riddle or Waldburger.

Santiago should fight Mills - Reason: I think they will give Santiago another chance, he looked okay in his fight with Nelson, he didn't get destroyed, it was competitive. I think a fight with Mills makes perfect sense, both just lost. Santiago could also fight Swick or Hieron.

Te Huna should fight Manuwa - Reason: They both just won, they both like to stand and throw bombs. I like this fight. Te Huna could also fight The Winner of Davis/Magalhaes or Shogun.

Jimmo should fight Vera - Reason: Both are exciting and both are coming off a loss. I like this fight. Jimmo could also fight Maldonado or Diabate.

Riddle should fight Hathaway - Reason: Although it wasn't very impressive Riddle won his fight and he should get another top 20 guy, I think Hathaway should be that guy. Hes a very good fighter with solid wrestling skills and hes British so they can keep doing the Riddle vs Britain thing. I like this fight. Riddle could also fight Nelson or Woodley.

Mills should fight Santiago - Reason: They both just lost so it works. It could be a loser leaves town fight. Mills could also fight Swick or Hieron.

Forte should fight The Winner of Stout vs Fodor - Reason: He looked good, I thought Etim would dominate and he didn't. Forte, I don't really know a lot about him but I know hes a hyped up TUF Brazil guy so a fight against the Winner of Stout/Fodor will work. Forte could also fight Trujillo.

Etim should fight Edwards - Reason: Etim is on a cold streak so a fight against The Veteran Edwards should show if he should stay with the UFC or not. Etim could also fight Sotiropoulos or Danzig.

Castillo should fight Varner - Reason: I was actually pretty impressed with Castillo, I thought he'd get submitted early but he had a good gameplan and he stuck to it. I think a step up in competition is needed, he just beat Sass and thats no easy task, I think a fight against Varner will be another good test for him. Castillo could also fight Dos Anjos or Barboza.

Sass should fight Lauzon - Reason: Sass has now lost two in a row after bursting onto the scene with amazing and fast submission wins. A fight against Lauzon would be a great fight, both have solid JJ and I just think it would be a good scrap. Sass could also fight Tibau or Guillard.

Ogel should fight Phan - Reason: I think Ogel is terrible, he layed on top of Grispi for 15 minutes. I'd like to see him get matched up with someone like Phan next. Just book it. Ogel could also fight Roop or Garcia.

Grispi should fight Garcia - Reason: This guy, he was great at one point, I don't know what happened. I hope they give him another shot and match him up with Garcia. It would be a good fight and it makes sense. Grispi could also fight Roop or Phan.

Watson should fight The Winner of Silva vs Stann - Reason: Watson is very solid, hes a top 20 MW and so I think he should fight someone with some name power, The Winner of Silva/Stann will have that. It would be a great fight. He could also fight The Winner of Tavares vs Fukuda(If Fukuda is the Winner) or Dollaway.

Nedkov should fight Leben - Reason: They both like to stand and trade and this would be guaranteed fireworks. Nedkov didn't look terrible at the new weight, he actually looked good in that first round but then he kinda gassed and got beat up. This would be a great rebound fight for both of them. Nedkov could also fight Craig or Roberts.

Lee should fight The Winner of Caceres vs Kang - Reason: Lee just beat Tezuka and Caceres beat Tezuka as well so thats something. They are really just closely ranked and I think this fight would work. He could also fight Viana or Kimura.

Tezuka should fight Figueroa - Reason: Both are coming off a loss and thats pretty much it. Texuka could also fight Camus.

Harris should fight Elliott - Reason: Harris won and he should fight one of the handful of FLWs that are on winning streaks, Elliott makes the most sense. Harris could also fight Cariaso or Lineker.

Gomez should fight Da Silva - Reason: There really aren't a lot of 125 lbers in the UFC yet so I don't know who Gomez should fight but Da Silva could be the guy. Gomez could also fight Dodson or McCall.

Alright, leave your comments. Let me know what fights you like and what fights you want to see happen. Please don't Rec this post, lets try to keep Scotti's posts up as long as possible.

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