The Contenders in 135 WMMA for Ronda Arousey

We all know, anything can happen in MMA. And, hey, sometimes these things happen in MMA. But, I ain't ever heard anyone say anything can happen in WMMA. Liz Carmouche will not, I repeat WILL NOT defeat Ronda Rousey. The only thing we haven't seen of Haunted House-y is her stand up and Liz won't be the chick to test her. Carmouche is a chick with a steady girlfriend, who wins her fights on the GROUND. AND if you haven't noticed, the first rule of ground fighting with Ronda is YOU DO NOT GROUND FIGHT WITH RONDA.

Carmouche got triangled by Marloes Coenen. Coenen got arm triangled by Miesha. MMA math doesn't work, but grappling math definitely holds more merit in

I mean seriously, Carmouche doesn't even wanna win. You want to be the killer of WMMA in the UFC? You want retarded Russian Coaches to have more power? C'mon, Liz knows whats up. Now let me look at the other fine ass females that are going to succumb to Ronda:

1. Winner of Miesha CUPCAKE Tate vs. Cat Zingano

Two amazing grapplers by MMA standards. And two extremely attractive ladies. Cat/Miesha over Ronda any day. Now, Zingano hasn't had a single win over any top opponents at 135, spending most of her career at 125, but she's huge now (I always feel like I'm gonna get slapped for calling a girl huge, but she huge... and thick) Cat_zingano_medium

You know what I take it back. Miesha > Ronda > Cat. So, what was I talking about. Oh yeah... Cat's resume at 135 is thin, but a win over Miesha Tate, my #2 at 135, definitely earns her the next title shot against Ronda. And I just noticed via Dana's VLOGs that he loves fighters with undefeated records. It's strange, really, how ecstatic he is. Love you Dana. SO... Cat's got that going for her too.

Then, there's Miesha, of course. The nemesis. The veteran. The girl with the QB boyfriend (the title) only to have some new flashy cunt (Ronda, anything but) come and take that meat and her arm away. She hasn't fought since her thrilling back and forth war with Julie Kedzie, a fight she was on her way to losing if it weren't for a come from behind armbar win. She took some time off, training in Brazil, making love to Mr. Tate. She really opened up her mouth for Mr. Helwani explaining her lack of drive after the Ronda fight and more. Check it out if you got the time here. Its very long for those ADD fuckers.

I love the variety of Zingano's victories (Slam, Anaconda, RNC), but Miesha's got this. She'll be well rested, have competitive grappling exchanges and win in an exciting fight. Cupcake was able to take Ronda's back. That's huge for me and escaped one armbar against a Judo Olympic Medalist. TUF 17: Rousey vs Tate anyone? Women 135 and men 125? Probably not for the women, but I'd love to see it so damn much. A men's 125 on TUF needs to happen though.

2. Olympic Wrestling Medalist, Sara McMann look at that body in that singlet... damn

The UFC hasn't officially announced an opponent for McMann, I don't think. She might be fighting Alexis Davis, she might not be. It'd be wise for the UFC to keep McMann, undefeated with that Olympic medal, to be Rouseys opponent after Carmouche. Olympian vs Olympian! I've been saying it for the longest time, how can you not sell that? It'd be almost foolish. Plus, Sara McMann has an incredible backstory just like Ronda. Her boyfriend/husband/significant other died in a car crash right after she won her Silver Medal at the 2004 Summer Games. But, if the Davis/McMann rumors are true, the Rousey/McMann match up could very well be lost.

3. Alexis Davis, who IMO if dolled up looks very similar to fellow Canadian actress Anna Silk

Davis. The underdog in all this, and the girl I think would give Ronda immense, immense amount of trouble. She's the first girl to submit Shayna Baszler in MMA as well as the first to submit Hitomi Akano (both of them having more than 20 fights). She almost submitted Kyra Gracie in a grappling contest, TKO'd Amanda Nunes and gave Sarah Kaufman a hell of fight. She definitely played to Kaufman's strength keeping it standing, but I reckon if it were a 5 round fight Alexis would have won.

Cardio. She isn't flashy at all, but she always works and never gets tired. In her fight with Kaufman, it was her that turned it on in the 3rd round getting the takedown and threatening to finish the fight. The UFC might be looking to matchup Davis and McMann, but McMann BARELY got passed Shayna Baszler (a fight I did score for Baszler) and I would be looking to avoid a Davis match up against any potentially high drawing opponents. Girl has top notch grappling, again submitting Shayna Baszler AND Hitomi Akano is really something. Baszler, who's been trained by Josh Barnett, and Akano, who trains with Megumi Fujii. And Fujii learned a lot of her game from Barnett.

At this point, I'd confidently take Davis over any other 135er in a 5 round fight, and probably a 3 round fight except for Ronda Rousey.




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