Reminder: UFC 157-inspired contest giveaway courtesy of and Q5 Combat!

Q5 Combat

Thought you couldn't eat chocolate and still maintain your strict training regimen? Think again!

Get those picks in! Time is running out! is featuring a UFC 157: "Rousey vs. Carmouche"-inspired contest giveaway currently underway and in effect until Feb. 23, 2013 at 10 p.m. ET, courtesy of our fitness friends over at Q5 Combat, the elite nutritional supplement retailer favored by combat sports athletes worldwide (see the stacked Q5 roster here).

What's so special about UFC 157?

Well, for starters, the gals in the main event will be making history as the first female duo to ever headline a UFC pay-per-view. Which, not coincidentally, is just over a week after Valentine's Day. What do beautiful women have in common with that special day in February?


The good news is, you don't have to splurge on that cardboard heart filled with the mystery chocolates that are (blech) injected with cough syrup. No, you can have your chocolate and eat it too, especially if you're training hard and getting ready for shirtless season.

Introducing Q5 Combat's chocolate-flavored premium New Zealand Whey.

I hope you weren't attached to all that added sugar, artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors in that overpriced tub of bland protein powder you bought at the local GNC, because you won't find any of that crap here.

New Zealand whey comes from grass fed, antibiotic free, hormone free, humanely treated and naturally pastured cows. The NZ dairy industry produces the finest dairy products in the world thanks to strict regulations that insure optimum conditions for the dairy herds. From the organically grown oat grass the cows graze on, to the rigorous inspections of the final product, there is no cleaner source of whey on earth.

And the taste? You can literally eat this stuff out of the container with a spoon -- it's that good. After selecting the finest whey on the planet, they carefully blend in just the right amount of natural rich chocolate.


Put your credit card away. This one is on us. And all you have to do to win is be the smartest MMA fan in the room.

Simple, right?

STEP ONE: Become a FAN and "Like" the official Q5 Facebook page by clicking here AND follow it on Twitter (@Q5Combat) if you don't already.

STEP TWO: Provide your fight prediction for the Ronda Rousey vs. Liz Carmouche main event at UFC 157 (ex. Rousey def. Carmouche via submission in round one at 1:39; or Carmouche def. Rousey via unanimous decision in round five at 5:00).

So it's winner, round, method and time. One entry per reader ... so make it count! If you pick a decision, be sure to include the official time, as well as guess the potential scores for each round (10-9, 10-9, 8-10, etc.)

And, to be on the safe side, all entries that pick a decision win must include a tie-breaker pick from the Dan Henderson vs. Lyoto Machida co-main event. Same criteria as above. Heck, we might even throw in a few prizes for second and third place, because that's how we roll.

Not to mention most of you will probably pick "Rowdy" by first-round armbar.

To enter, leave your picks in the comments section below. Get moving! Contest ends on Feb. 23 at 10 p.m. ET sharp!

Good luck!

For complete UFC 157 results and live fight coverage click here. To check out the entire Q5 product line click here.

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