Penne vs Karate Hottie Invicta FC 5: The most stacked all female card ever


So, there aren't that many all female anythings to compare to, but this is still loaded with WMMA talent. Looking at this card, NOW, this is something Invicta should charge for, but I would prefer a "pay what you want format". It would do better than trying on the last card headlined by Carla Esparza and Bec Hyatt (filling in for the injured Claudia Gadelha). The main card has 9 fights and the prelims have 5, I'm going to run through ones I'm most excited for, but let's just say there's going to be a lot of shameful masturbation in the privacy of my own home come APRIL 6 2013.


Jessica Penne vs Michelle Waterson - This is for Penne's 105lbs Atomweight title, and will be a 5 round contest. You know those cards where the main event isn't really the main event, like when Bisping/Sonnen fought. This is going to be amazing fight between two fine as hell ladies. I'm pretty happy that Invicta decided on this being the MAIN, despite having a heavier weight class also have a title on the line. FUCK... Michelle you are too fine, I know having a baby made you better.

Barb Honchak vs Vanessa Porto - For the first Invicta Flyweight 125lbs title. Barb's good to go. Vanessa loved her destruction of the old dog and pioneer, Tara La Rosa. Barb's got the advantage on the ground and that's where it'll be decided. Plus, you don't fuck with a chick named Barb. Ever.

Zoila Frauso vs Jennifer Maia - Oh my god. Zoila, Zoila, Zoila. You and Miesha are the two of the thickest girls in MMA. Something about you two, just makes me think you girls would take it in the ass, and LOVE IT. Plus, you got put to sleep from a standing arm triangle choke. You beat my hero Megumi, but fuck it. I'm still a fan. If you ever release a sex tape with Little Monkey and your man, Jorge, sign me up for illegal acquisition. I don't know much about Maia, she's got the same last name as Damian, and this happened to her.

Let's take a break.

Leslie Smith vs Sarah Kaufman - No links for this one, but Leslie Smith had a nip slip in her last fight against Raquel Pennington, whom she had beef with or some shit like omg lol swag. She didn't give a fuck about it, and I like that. She's the Diaz sister, almost literally. She's got the body of a Diaz brother, and taunts in her fights. I dig her. It's going to be Kaufman's constant 1-2s versus the combination striking of Leslie The Peacemaker Smith. Sick nickname. *am i the only one who automatically thinks someone is a homosexual if their name is Leslie, boy or girl?

Kaitlin Young vs Amanda Nunes - The Lioness of the ring. Damn that's sexy. BUTT... my girl Kaitlin Young. *Ugh* - RIck Ross. Nobody got it like Kaitlin Young. She walked out to Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta. She always bangs, she don't do too well against high level competition, but fuck I love her. Her and Marloes Coenen, wifey fucking material. She also headkicked Miesha Tate 3 times. KAITLIN YOUNG ALL DAY EVERYDAY. THE ONLY B WORD YOU SHOULD EVER CALL A GIRL IS BEAUTIFUL. BITCHES LOVE BEING CALLED BEAUTIFUL. Excited the most for this fight.


Alright, I've wrote quite a bit. A little to much. Here's a quick rundown of other's I'm looking forward to


Budd/Gomes - A fitness model, muay thai champion turned ground n pound finisher vs. the one woman that could defeat Cyborg in a scary looking ass female contest. Winner fights Marloes Coenen at Invicta 6 for the first 145 title.



Rodish/Rivera-Calanoc - We all know it's comoing.


winner probably fights winner of Penne/Waterson

The Spitfire, Jessamyn Duke, fights Miriam Nakamoto. Nakamoto is half black-half japanese and is nasty. This fight is going to be disgusting.


Girls need to work that camel more. UNDERRATED

The beauty out of Australia, Alex Chambers, fights Keith Jardine's significant fuckee, Jodie Esquibel.

Pat Barry's badass girlfriend,

Rose Namajunas, oh shit is that Kaitlin? How you doing kaitlinnn. She fights Kathina Kill Switch Catron, someone I've never heard of.

TheHeartBreaker Veronica Rothlenhausler takes her long ass arms, knock out power and sloppy ass striking with that fine little ass of hers to Molly Estes. Jammon lee.


And finally. Two chicks I did not make up. River Jones vs. Lauren Barefoot. I'm pulling for River Barefoot, but who knows Lauren Jones is a tough chick.

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