Michelle Jenneke In The 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue


You may not recognize the name Michelle Jenneke but I bet you recognize this cutie for her zesty pre-hurdling dance at the 2012 Junior World Championship in Barcelona.

For those of you living under a rock... I'm looking at you Jonnyboy!

Michelle Jenneke - Boys Boys Boys (very sexy) (via Brian Powell)

The sudden surge internet fame brought on by the viral video, made it possible for aspiring Olympian to receive the honor of getting her own spread in the 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, where she rubbed elbows with well known models such as: Kate Upton, Ariel Meredith and Jessica Gomes.

Yes, those three are my favorites.

Michelle Jenneke Sport Illustrated Swimsuit 2013 (via Risky Vidsness)

On why hurdling is her passion in life.

"I like the challenge of hurdling it's a little more technical than just straight sprinting. It's just something that I feel I was born to do."

"Shelly," was pleasantly surprised about being contacted by Sports Illustrated.

"I was absolutely amazed whenI found out that Sports Illustrated wanted to shoot me because they're such a big name and it's such an amazing experience. I loved all the suits, there are just so many that I would like to take home with me. There's this one with the it's ruffly top and cute little bottoms, I loved them."

Here is what she had to say when asked about her viral video.

"I wouldn't even say that I really came up with it's just something that happened it one of the races. Someone got a hold of the footage and decided to post it on Youtube and somehow it racked up a lot of hits."

The young athlete turned model was giddy and humble in her response to her own photos.

"Everyone made me feel really comfortable. I actually fell into whole modeling a lot thing easier than I thought I would. I looked at the pictures and I was like wow it that really me? They turned out so much better than I thought they would."

I know you Maniacs love fap material so check out the rest of the roster of models of the Sports Illustrated website and please for the love of god contact Dana White on Twitter @danawhite and maybe we can get her a job as a ring girl in Sydney, Australia.

Who is your favorite SI swimsuit model and do you think Jenneke has what it takes to be the new Australian UFC ring girl?

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