Judah vs. Malignaggi results and LIVE online fight coverage stream for Showtime boxing event on Dec. 7 at Barclays Center


Also featuring solid undercard match-ups including Devon Alexander vs. Shawn Porter, Erislandy Lara vs. Austin Trout and Sakio Bika vs. Anthony Dirrell.

After narrow defeats in their last appearances, Brooklyn's own Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah will duke it out at the Barclays Center, headlining a quality four-fight card courtesy of Showtime.

MMAmania.com will have LIVE coverage of the event, starting with the SHO Sports broadcast at 8:00 PM ET.

In addition to the NABF welterweight title fight headlining the event, the card will also feature quality match-ups in multiple divisions. IBF Welterweight Champion Devon Alexander, fresh off a brutal stoppage of Lee Purdy, will take on unbeaten American Shawn Porter, last seen avenging his lone career draw against Julio Diaz.

Two top-tier junior middleweights will also go at it for the vacant WBA title, Cuban technician Erislandy Lara facing Austin Trout, and WBC middleweight champion Sakio Bika will defend his belt against undefeated knockout artist Anthony Dirrell.

Quick results and round-by-round coverage below.

Welterweight: Paulie Malignaggi def. Zab Judah by unanimous decision (116-111, 117-110 x2)

Welterweight: Shawn Porter def. Devon Alexander by unanimous decision (115-113, 116-112 x2)

Junior Middleweight: Erislandy Lara def. Austin Trout by unanimous decision (118-109, 117-110 x2)

Super Middleweight: Sakio Bika and Anthony Dirrell fight to split draw (114-112, 110-116 (bullshit), 113-113)

Paulie Malignaggi vs. Zab Judah

Round one: Both men pawing early. Paulie lands a right straight. Paulie with a right to the body. Zab content to stay back and take a handful of shots to the body. Pauile avoids a straight. Zab pops Paulie's head back with a jab. Limited contact so far, save for Paulie poking the body and Zab firing the occasional stiff jab. Good straight right by Malignaggi. Round ends ,10-9 Paulie.

Round two: Zab comes forward with a series of straight shots and forces Paulie's glove to touch canvas. Paulie whines throughout the mandatory eight-count. Good body shot from Paulie. Clinch. Paulie lands a counter right, Zab content to let Paulie lead. Malignaggi lands another right straight. Zab hasn't thrown a big punch since the knockdown. Jab exchanges. Bell, 19-18 Judah.

Round three: Looks like their legs got tangled when Paulie went down.

Zab lands a one-two to the body. Clash of heads opens up a small cut over Zab's eye. Paulie lands a wide right to the body. Judah lands a left. Paulie's just way more active here. Paulie landing some long body shots. Paulie's now cut under his left eye. Judah lands a left, Paulie flurries inside. Right hand downstairs. Zab's jab has some pop when he bothers to throw it. Paulie lands a right before the bell. 28-28.

Round four: Stiff jab by Zab. Nice counter left from Zab off a Paulie jab. Paulie lands a left hook over Zab's jab. Counter left by Zab lands again. Paulie slips. Double jab from Zab, Paulie with one of his own. Jab exchanges populate the round. Both men jab to the body. I'll give that to Judah based on his jab. 38-37 same.

Round five: Paulie moving in behind an active jab, lands a right to the body. Stiff jab from Zab. One-one-two from Judah. Paulie complaining to the ref about something. Judah cornered, stays out of trouble with head movement. Solid body blow by Judah makes a nice sound. Zab slips a three-piece combination. Zab with a left to the body, Paulie with a right afterwards. Paulie gets his attention with a jab. One from Zab. Zab pursues but misses to end the round. 47-47.

Round six: Mostly jabs early. Paulie lands a right hand thirty seconds in. Zab's making an impact when he throws, he's just getting outworked. Good one-two from Paulie. Right hand by Paulie. I don't think Judah's thrown his left all round. Paule working well being his jab, Judah tries a left to the body that falls short. Stiff jab from Paulie, Zab isn't even countering. Can't see any sort of gameplan in Zab's work. Good series of jabs by Paulie. Round ends, 57-56 Malignaggi.

Round seven: Zab still content to work his jab. Now Judah fires a counter left and gets Paulie's attention. Another big shot and Paulie elects to clinch. Zab hits on the exit, Paulie gets warned for holding and Zab for hitting on the break. Stiff jab by Paulie, who's upped his jab output. One-two from Paulie lands. One-two by Paulie connects. Zab's back to just jabbing and taking punches. Nice left by Paulie. Now a right to the body. One-one-two from Judah connects with thirty seconds left. Paulie responds with a flurry. Zab throws another one-one-two in the waning seconds. Good body shot by Zab at the bell. Still Paulie's round. 67-65 Malignaggi.

Round eight: Paulie stil the much more active of the two. Right to the body. Zab lands a solid left hand. Clinch. Paulie tags the body. It's not like Paulie's hurting him at all, it's just that Zab isn't throwing anything. Now he lands a good left. Good one-two by Paulie. Zab lands a left hook. Clinch. Paulie throws a combo, dodges the counter left. Decent action in the last ten seconds. 77-74 Malignaggi.

Round nine: Zab just refusing to commit to the kind of shots he needs to win the fight. Paulie's landing at a fairly high rate, but not hurting him. Paulie's landing almost at will to the body and working a solid jab to the head. Zab's offense consists almost entirely of the jab. Two minutes in and Judah's thrown one left hand. Paulie mixing it up well. Just a dull fight. 87-83 Malignaggi.

Round ten: Paulie circling and landing long punches, Zab doing nothing. Zab lands a left, Paulie goes to the body with a right. Paulie can't hurt Zab, Zab refuses to throw. It's a crap fight that you can't really get invested in. Now Zab lands a right hook. Left to the body. Paulie with a left hook. Paulie taunting Zab, Zab refuses to do anything. Left uppercut to the body by Zab. Clinch. 97-92 Malignaggi.

Round eleven: 2-1 from Judah lands. Solid left to the body. Paulie answers with a right to the body and jab upstairs. Left hook.

Honestly, this is sad. Judah needs to shit or get off the pot. This is a fight. He's losing. He's fighting a guy with zero punching power. There is no rational reason why he should be sitting back and getting picked apart.

Should I even keep typing? You know how it goes. Paulie throws a lot, Zab throws nothing. Now Zab finally lands a pair of lefts. Paulie flurries with ten seconds left. 107-101 Malignaggi.

Round twelve: Zab doesn't give a shit. It's an insult to everyone who paid money to watch this fight. It's an insult to Malignaggi.

I have finals next week. I have better things to do than sit here watching an asshole refuse to throw a goddamn punch.

What is the mindset here? What possesses someone to get behind in a fight and then sit there getting owned? How can a fighter stand there and refuse to fight?

Fuck you too, Zab Judah. 117-110 Malignaggi.

Final result: Malignaggi def. Judah by unanimous decision


Devon Alexander vs. Shawn Porter

Round one: If Devon does that BS where he sits at range, whiffing by a foot and barking like a dog instead of actually hitting his opponent, I might cut somebody.

Porter aggressive to start, lands a one-two. Porter ducks a one-two, lands some light body blows. Right downstairs, clinch. Roughhousing in the clinch. More clinching. Porter dashes back into the clinch and they club each other. Porter runs headlong into the clinch again and continues trying to chisel to the body. Alexander lands a hard left hand. Porter slips a lead left and lands an overhand right. Clinch. Porter wades forward with body shots, a few connecting. Alexander with a right hook and left cross as Porter barrels forward. Round ends with a clinch. 10-9 Porter.

Round two: Alexander counters Porter's rush with a left. Porter again rushes into the clinch and works short shots to the body. Same sequence repeats. Alexander puts a couple in the body. Clinch, but no shots follows them. Porter connects with a pair of left hooks and a one-two. Clinch. Big left hands by both men. Clinch. Stiff jab from Porter. Alexander whiffs, Porter clinches. I think Alexander's starting that barking crap again and it displeases me. Alexander falls short with punches, Porter clinches. Jab to the body from Devon. Porter connects with a wild left hook, goes into the clinch. Again. Bell, 20-18 Porter.

Round three: One-two from Porter hurts Alexander, who staggers a bit before clinching. Porter continuing to fire away, Alexander desperately holding. Porter lands a left hook as Alexander fires back. Alexander initiating clinches every time. Ref pauses the fight to warn both of them, giving Alexander time to recover. Alexander clinches right afterwards anyway. More clinching, although they're both sneaking some shots in there. Porter's getting the better of it in the clinch. Wide shots with Alexander against the ropes. More clinching. Porter lands an overhand right, Alexander ties up. Big 2-3 from Porter as they  trade like crazy. Big left hook from Porter has Alexander hurt again. After Devon clinches, yet another left hook hurts him. I'm giving Porter a 10-8; Alexander only got out with blatant holding. 30-26 Porter.

Round four: Porter still aggressive, first clinch comes after twenty seconds. More clinching afterwards. And another. Alexander jab, Porter left hook. Porter continues walking forward, but takes a counter left uppercut. Fast exchange, clinch. Solid left from Porter and another. One-two stings Devon before they clinch. Alexander with a left to the body. Porter steps in with a hard left. Once again. Alexander connects with a right hook exiting the clinch. Another. Clinch. Another clinch. Alexander's accuracy just isn't there. 40-35 Porter.

Round five: Clinch early. Roughhousing against the ropes. More clinching. Nobody's landing clean, they're just winging shots and then holding. Really, we're two minutes in and nobody's landed anything solid. They're not even doing much in the clinch. I'm not giving anyone that round. 50-45 Porter.

Round six: Porter on the front foot. Alexander lands a counter left, Porter bullies into the clinch and works the body. More clinching, shots from both men. More clinch, decent shots up top from Porter. Alexander pushes forward with about eight punches, but doesn't land clean. Two good left hooks by Porter. Another one; Alexander cross pushes him back. Stiff jab by Porter leads into the clinch. Porter left hook, Alexander counters bounce off the top of his head. Alexander connects with a decent body shot. Stiff jab by Alexander. Nice bruising in center ring, both men land well to the body and head. Big right to the body from Porter, counter straight from Alexander. Clinch. 60-54 Porter.

Round seven: Alexander counters the jab with a left of his own. Nice right hook from Alexander. Alexander doing well keeping Porter at range with flurries in the early going. Clinch at thirty seconds. Nice overhand right from Porter. Stiff left counters a wild Alexander uppercut. Porter jabs the body.  Alexander with a straight downstairs. Alexander with an inaccurate combo into the clinch. Alexander yelling a lot but landing about equal with Porter. Clinch, rough work by both. Again. Alexander lands a straight. Nice left hook by Porter and straight from Alexander. Both land two shots before the clinch. Clinch again. Actually giving that one to Alexander; 69-94 Porter.

Round eight: Porter barrels into the clinch, tags the body as he does so. More clinching. Solid counter left from Devon doesn't faze Porter. Porter steps in with a 3-2 that connects. Alexander left, clinch. Clinch. Porter tags the body in the clinch; Alexander tries the same to lesser effect. Nice right uppercut by Devon met by a left hook. Clubbing shots in the clinch dominated by Porter right hands to the gut. Alexander digs a left to the body between clinches. Clinch. Short left by Alexander before the next clinch. More short punches from each. Clinch. Clinch. Bell. 79-73 Porter.

Round nine: Porter wading in, Alexander working from the outside. Counter uppercut from Alexander. Porter ripping some body shots, shrugging off Alexander's retaliatory strikes. Porter sticks a couple rights to the body before clinching. Counter right from Alexander. Solid lefts from both men as Porter works the body. Big right from Porter and big left from Alexander connect. Clinch. Another clinch. Another. Nice counter left and right hands by Alexander as Porter storms forward. Counter right on a subsequent clinch. Ref pauses the fight to look at a small cut on Porter's eye from a headbutt. Porter left hook, Alexander right hook. Hard body shots by Porter and a left uppercut up top, Alexander slamming home a few of his own. 89-82 Porter.

Round ten: Porter steps in, bounces power shots off Alexander's guard. Clinch. Porter lands a left hook, takes a right hook. Right hand lands, then some blistering body shots with Alexander in the corner. Again, Alexander is generally landing some of his own, but without the same impact. Clinch. Devon lands a left straight. Clinch. More clinching. And more. Body shots from both men in the clinch. Alexander lands a solid left hand to the head inside. Porter lands a couple rights, shrugs off a heavy right from Devon. Bell, 99-91 Porter.

Round eleven: Nice right hands form both men as they continue to engage in the clinch. Lead left hook from Porter into the clinch. Porter continues targeting the body and eats an uppercut. More clinching. Stiff jab by Porter, uppercut from Devon. Alexander puts a good left into Porter's body. Big left hook from Porter leads into the clinch. Body shots in the clinch. Nice counter right uppercut by Devon is ignored. More clinches. Porter puts some rights into Alexander's body in the penultimate clinch. 109-100 Porter.

Round twelve: Quick clinch, kicked off by an Alexander uppercut. Porter moving in aggressively, continuing to trade body shots in the clinch. Solid right hand downstairs. Right hand upstairs in one of the later clinches. Porter with some wide body shots. Alexander body blow into the clinch. Counter left by Alexander before a clinch. Porter with a lead right hand. I've been a bit negligent in announcing every clinch, but rest assured; there are plenty. More work to the body from both men inside. Again. Round ends, of course, in the clinch. 119-109 Porter.

Final result: Porter def. Alexander by unanimous decision


Erislandy Lara vs. Austin Trout

Round one: Technical difficulties means I missed the first round. We'll just start scoring from the second and call this 10-10.

Round two: Jabbing early. Lara digs in a couple lefts to the body. Solid lead left, then right hook from Trout. Lara clips Trout with a right hook. Trout pumping out a body jab with some regularity. Nobody really committing to big punches. Trout lands a body left as Lara moves in. Good one-two by Lara. Clinch after a long period of tentative pawing. Trout with a pair of right hooks. 20-19 Trout. Not a great fight so far.

Round three: Just jabs really. Hard to tell who has the advantage. Lara lands the round's first cross about halfway through. Trout with a short right hook. He lands another twenty seconds later. Clinch. Lara right hook thirty seconds after the last real punch. One-two in the waning seconds by Lara, then a clinch. I have no idea who won that round, so I'm taking the easy way out: 10-10s until somebody throws real punches. 30-29 Trout.

Round four: One-two from Lara. Clinch. Trout with a lead left. That's all the action of the first minute. Lots of pawing jabs, particularly from Trout. Trout finally lands a right hook halfway through the round. Another thirty seconds later. One-two by Erislandy, Trout taunts. Another one-two by Lara. 10-10. 40-39 Trout.

Round five: There is nothing worth writing about in the first minute.  Lara lands a one-two after seventy seconds. Second minute doesn't fare much better; Trout's slightly more aggressive, but with blocked arm punches. Lara throwing the occasional one-two. Now Trout lands a right to the body. Chopping left from Lara. Lara lands a left uppercut and a powerful jab at the end. I guess that's worth a round. 49-49.

Round six:  Only takes thirty seconds for Lara to land a straight this time. Trout lands a right hook. Trout with a long left to the body.

I mean, what is there to write about? Trout barely commits to anything he throws, so it's hard to give him credit, and Lara barely throws at all.

Lara lands a counter left. Trout pushes forward behind arm punches and clinches. Right hook exchange. Lara lands a straight with twenty seconds left in the round. Trout right hook, Lara uppercut. Now Lara lands a hard left with ten seconds. 59-58 Lara.

Round seven: Trout jabs the body, Lara responds with a left. One-two from Lara. Now Lara lands a right hook. Trout right hook.

Doop de doo, nothing happening.

No clean punches in the last ninety seconds. 69-68 Lara.

Round eight: They're not boxing. This isn't boxing. Yeah, not being hit is a big part of the sport, but so's, you know, hitting.

Lara now lands a couple of left hands. Another. And another, Trout comes back with a right hand.

It looks like they're all in sequence, but they're all well apart. There's just nothing happening between them.

Chopping left by Lara. I guess he did enough to win the round. 79-77 same.

Round nine: I think someone landed a punch, but I was too busy fantasizing about steak. Sorry.

Lara lands a left hand. Trout with some short body shots. Trout throwing a bit more, actually lands a head shot and a few very short body shots. Nice counters by Lara. Both land right hooks. 89-87 Lara.

Round ten: Trout is actually throwing a little more this round and occasionally landing punches. It is literally a physical effort to stay invested enough in this fight to write anything. I'm a Guillermo Rigondeaux fanboy and I can barely watch this.

Not as bad as Smith-Molina, though. 99-97.

Round eleven: Lara with a good one-two early. Trout lands a solid right hook. Huh, both land solid lefts in the second minute. I might actually need two hands to count the total number of quality punches this round. GIGANTIC left hand from Lara completely discombobulates Trout and puts him awkwardly on the canvas.. Trout miraculously gets up, Lara pouring it on. Trout survives the round. Where was that earlier, Erislandy? 109-105.

Round twelve: Trout steady and moving forward. Lara content to continue to circle. Clinch. Another clinch. Trout lands a few short shots inside with around sixty seconds left. Good hooks from both men. Lara lands a one-two in the last ten seconds and I guess wins the round. 119-114 Lara.

Final result: Lara def. Trout by unanimous decision


Sakio Bika vs. Anthony Dirrell

Round one: Dirrell lands the first blow, a left hook downstairs while ducking a wide Bika haymaker. Bika doubling up his jab, they exchange briefly in the corner. Good right and left hands from Dirrell. Bika tries to swing against the ropes, no success. Dirrell steps in and Bika hits a nice takedown. Ref warns Bika, they reset. Bika walks in with wide shots, gets Dirrell to the ropes and lands a couple to the gut. Clinch. Dirrell lands a solid left, avoids some swatting blows from Sakio. Roughhousing in the clinch from Bika. 10-9 Dirrell.

Round two: One-two from Dirrell met by a Bika right. Bika grazes him with a long right, Dirrell answers. Dirrell lands an uppercut as Bika steps on. Clinch. Double jab to the body by Bika. Dirrell steps in behind a right straight, takes a right hand as he leans. Dirrell counters a wild swing with a left. Counter hook from Dirrell lands, they briefly trade before clinching. Clinch. Body shot from Bika, overhand right follow-up grazes Anthony. Bika with a right to the body. Counter right uppercut by Dirrell, counter left hook on the next charge. Big straight punches from Dirrell before the bell. 20-18 Dirrell.

Round three: Clinch, borderline rabbit punch by Bika. Big lead right and left hook from Dirrell. Another huge right staggers Bika, but Sakio refuses to back down. Yet another hard right and another, but Sakio's clinching effectively and seems steady. More clinching. One-two from Dirrell amidst the clinching. Bika sneaks in a left hand. Dirrell connects with another one-two, Bika whiffs badly with overhand bombs. Bika takes a left hook upstairs as he throws to the body. Bika gets Dirrell to the ropes, goes to work on the body and has a couple land up top. Round ends in the clinch with Bika throwing. 30-27 Dirrell.

Round four: Jabbing to the body from both men. Bika lands some clubbing blows in the clinch. Dirrell targeting the right hand. Clinch. Bika lands a right to the body and a slapping one upstairs in the clinch. Overhand right gets through Dirrell's guard. Bika again digs to the body with Dirrell against the ropes. Dirrell sneaks in a chopping right during the flurry. Dirrell's output is incredibly low. Bika's overhand lands. Check hook by Dirrell, who takes two more overhands. Clinch. Again. Dirrell one-two whiffs. Clinch. Bell, 39-37 Dirrell.

Round five: Sakio stalking, wobbles Dirrell with a left hook. Bika winging body and head shots in the corner, Dirrell trying to counter. Stiff body jab from Dirrell. Bika lands an overhand, they clinch. Whiff, clinch. Dirrell with a pair of short counters, takes another right hand. Dirrell is pumping his jab as a counter with some success. Bika with a hard left downstairs. Jab exchange. Dirrell lands a brutal right inside. MONSTER one-two from Dirrell takes Bika's legs out; Bika tries to hold on but eventually goes down to subsequent shots. Sakio up by 8. Dirrell going in for the kill, Bika trying to fight back. Amazingly, Bika survives the round. 49-45 Dirrell.

Round six: Dirrell left hook lands as they exchange. Bika stalking forward, gets DIrrell to the ropes and goes back to work with wide shots. Body shots and an overhand right land. Bika chiseling away, Dirrell looking for counters with mixed success. Right hands land simultaneously. Close-range work, both men with uppercuts. Dirrel to the ropes again, stings Bika with a counter but takes a left hand. BIka digging in with powerful body shots, Dirrell just standing there. Now Dirrell scores with a handful of hooks. Dirrell rips off a combination but can't back Bika up. Forehead-to-forehead. Bika puts Dirrell on rubber legs with an overhand. Dirrell throws back and he hurts Bika with a three-piece combo. Dirrell left hook and hard right as Bika wings more bombs. Good fight. 58-55 Dirrell.

Round seven: Dirrell again backed to the ropes, circles out this time. Bika glances with a check hook as Dirrell enters the clinch. Bika walking his man down, good move by Dirrell to circle out of the corner. Bika lands the straightest right he's thrown all night. Bika slams a right hand to the body before they clinch. Dirrell one-two, working a consistent jab to the body. Bika one-two to the body. Bika briefly gets Dirrell to the ropes, takes a counter left. Dirrell backed up again and briefly roughed up. Solid left by Bika and they trade huge hooks to end the round. 67-65 Dirrell.

Round eight: Lefts land for both men. Dirrell circles out of the corner, gets clinched before he can corner Bika. Clinch. Limited engagement so far, save for some lefts. Both clinching constantly. Bika lands a long left hook to the body. Dirrell body shot met by a Bika right upstairs. Clinch, Bika tags Dirrell with a left hook as he exits. Clinch, chiseling shots from BIka with questionable accuracy. BIka right hook, Dirrell left. BIka's overhand connects, prompts Dirrell to fire off an accurate three-piece combo. Body shot from Bika. Bika manages one more right hand before the bell. 76-75 Dirrell.

Round nine: Three-two from Dirrell early. Dirrell jabs to the body. Bika whiffs. Nice double jab by Sakio. Bika cuffs Dirrell with a left, lands a lead right. Dirrell lands a solid check hook. Bika just walking forward with big shots to little retribution. Lead right, Clinch. Dirrell lands some short body shots and both cuff each other with rights in a subsequent clinch. Clinch. Clinch. Bika's entering the clinch with wide blows, Dirrell is barely throwing. Bika body shot. Bika with a right to the body. Check left hook by Anthony. Bika lands a left, takes a hard cross from Anothy. Anthony now throwing and connecting will. Bika corners him at the bell and briefly works the body. 85-85.

Round ten: Dirrell leads with a one-two-three, can't connect. Lead right from Dirrell, left hook from Bika. Clinch. Stiff jab by Anthony. Clinch. Dirrell is landing well with his jab when he bothers to throw it. Clinch. Counter hook from Bika after a body jab. Body shot from Bika, clinch. Body jab. Dirrell cornered, backs him off with a left hook. Exchange of lefts. Bika connects with a right to the body before a clinch. Dirrell left hook. Clinch. Clinch. Dirrell lands a solid left hook and backs Bika off, only to take another overhand before the bell. 95-94 Bika.

Round eleven: Clinch. Clinch. Dirrell left hook, Bika body shot. Good left hook from Bika and a lead right. Dirrell backed up to the ropes, Bika digging hard to the body. Dirrell backs Bika off with a three-shot combination. Left hook after they re-engage. One-two from Dirrell. Dirrell trips as Bika throws, tries to milk the resultant blow to no effect. Bika back to walking Dirrell down. Dirrell lands a left hook to the head as Bika backs him up into the ropes, takes a massive shot to the junk. Ref takes a point from a protesting Bika. Back to work. Bika walking Dirrell down. Bika throwing aggressively as soon as Dirrell hits the ropes. Good body shots. Dirrell retreating but not backing Bika off. Now he lands a good hook and right on the counter. Clinch, bell. 104-103 Bika.

Round twelve: Jabbing to begin. Bika winging body shots on DIrrell. Dirrell jabbing off his back foot, but getting backed to the ropes and corner. Bika with some thudding body shots. Bika pushes Dirrell over with a forearm, ref threatens to DQ him if one more infraction occurs. Clinch. Dirrell lands a short counter hook with his back to the ropes. Bika still walking forward, briefly backed up by a jab. Dirrell is now advancing, but gets clinched. Bika lead right, Dirrell counter. Bika ripping to the body. Dirrell throwing but Bika isn't giving him any room. Clinch after some wild exchanges. Dirrell steps in with a hard right and another as Bika leans away. Bika lands an overhand amd a big left hook. Dirrell to the body. Bika left hook upstairs, clinch. Dirrell showboating like a dumbass and literally running away from Bika to end the round. Idiot. 114-112 Bika.

Final result: Bika and Dirrell draw.


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