‘Bigfoot’ Silva eyes Josh Barnett scrap after he submits Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 33

Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Antonio Silva has his hands full against Mark Hunt at this weekend's (Dec. 6, 2013) UFC Fight Night 33 event, but that won't stop "Bigfoot" from eyeing a chance to settle his beef with Josh Barnett inside the Octagon.

Antonio Silva isn't keeping his gameplan a secret ahead of his main event heavyweight fight against Mark Hunt, which is set to go down this weekend (Dec. 6, 2013) at UFC Fight Night 33 on FOX Sports 1 in Brisbane, Australia.

Sure, the heavy-handed behemoth has proven he can lay out the best of them with his enormous fists, (click here for proof), but as he challenges an accomplished K-1 level striker in Hunt, "Bigfoot" says he'll be looking to take the fight to the ground.

The jiu-jitsu black belt goes into detail in his conversation with MMA Fighting:

"He's a striker with a huge experience, did some great fights at K-1, so the perfect way to win this fight would obviously be using my jiu-jitsu. I've trained a lot of jiu-jitsu and wrestling, but I also worked on my striking game. The fight starts standing and I have to be prepared for everything. If I see some openings to end the fight standing, I will. I've always did great against strikers, like Alistair Overeem, Travis Browne, Fedor Emelianenko. I'll go for the knockout if I have the opportunity, but taking him to the ground will be my game plan."

Of "Super Samoan's" eight losses in mixed martial arts (MMA), six of them have come by way of submission, so you can see why Silva will look to play the ground game "down under."

Furthermore, while "Bigfoot" isn't afraid to swing leather against the New Zealander, it may not be the best option for victory as Hunt has proven that he can lay out the biggest of the big men (see evidence here).

Should Silva come out on top in the Outback, he has his sights set on the winner of UFC 168's 265-pound collision between Travis Browne and Josh Barnett. But as Silva admits, he'll be rooting for Barnett, because it will give him a chance to settle his issues with "The Warmaster."

"Travis Browne is a great athlete and has been evolving ever since we fought. He got a great knockout against Overeem, but I think there was a mistake in his fight against (Gabriel Gonzaga) because he finished the fight with elbows to the back of the head. His win over Overeem was great, though. But I'll root for him against Josh Barnett. I'm not the type of fighter that chooses opponents. I will fight whoever the UFC puts in front of me. But if they give me the opportunity to choose, I'd like to fight Barnett. We have a history, and that's why I'd want this fight."

The beef between Silva and Barnett dates back to 2011, when the big men traded verbal jabs as Barnett expressed his desire to smash Silva's head like a pinata after he backed out of a proposed fight in Sengoku.

That prompted "Bigfoot" to label "The Warmaster" a "kiss ass" and a "filthy" person.

As interesting as a fight between the two heavy-handed brawlers would be, they first must handle their immediate business at hand. First up will be Silva, who plans to climb his way up the rankings by making his former training partner tap.

Can he do it?

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