2014 Predictions from the Old Man's Front Porch

Hi there Maniacs. Long time, no see. Here is to wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and success in the New Year. I am throwing down a list of rambling MMA predictions that are sure to stir the pot and get this New Year's Eve off to a bang. With no further ado...

Cain Velasquez won't lose again in the UFC. Even when Jon Jones moves up.

The UFC will stage a money grab. A main event will falter, the UFC will fill the fight with Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, Stephen Bonnar, Randy get my point. Someone who has no business being in a title fight unless roided to the gills simply so the UFC can preserve an event. You dumb fuckers will line up to buy it because shiny turds make you watch in awe.

Nick Diaz will smoke pot and once again not win a belt in the UFC. Same for Nate. Sucks being a bridesmaid, but mean mugging can only take you so far.

BJ Penn will dazzle us all on TUF. We will see him working hard and doing amazing things in training that make us believe that he is back. He is once again the killer who licked his own blood and relished in the pain of becoming a UFC champion. He will look like he will destroy Frankie, the Decisioner, Edgar. Then, we will buy the PPV, remember that BJ never works hard, be amazed that the last fight with Edgar was kinder to BJ than this one, and realize we fell for another fucking money grab by the UFC, but this time they did it with smart editing on a "reality" TV show.

A Gracie will get embarrased in MMA...again. The family that the staged the first infomercial for mma has been left behind, and no one really cares.

Ben Askren will finish 4 fights in ONEFC, and get a top 5 ranking. Fanboys everywhere will call for his instant title shot in the UFC, who won't sign him as he didn't come up through their new farm system, World Series of Fighting. Askren won't care, and he will tell us exactly how much he doesn't care.

Anthony Pettis will lose the 155 belt to TJ Grant, who will lose to Jose Aldo, who will lose to Anthony Pettis bringing us full circle on the toughest division in MMA, bar none.

Dominic Cruz will unify his real belt with the fake one. EASILY.

Anderson Silva will not fight ever again in professional MMA. Chris Weidman will still be champ this time next year.

I want Ronda Rousey to lose. She won't. McMann is still too green, which is exactly why Rousey pushed to fight her now.

I got more, but that is all for now. Again, Happy New Year. Stay safe. Stay Warm. And Remember. WWSSD. What Would Scott Shrive Do. He was the best of us. And even though almost a year has passed, he will never be forgotten.

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