UFC Fight Night 34 results and LIVE online Fight Pass coverage stream for 'Saffiedine vs. Lim' on Jan. 4 from Singapore

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is bringing its brand of mixed martial arts (MMA) to Singapore by way of its new "Fight Pass" digital network for UFC Fight Night 34, headlined by a welterweight match-up pitting Tarec Saffiedine vs. Hyun Gyu Lim. Full results and LIVE play-by-play coverage right here this morning (Sat., Jan. 4, 2014) RIGHT NOW!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is kicking off the New Year with a trip overseas as UFC Fight Night 34 emanates live from Marina Bay Sands in Singapore this morning (Sat., Jan. 4, 2014) on the promotion's new "Fight Pass" digital network.

"Saffiedine vs. Lim" features a compelling Welterweight battle that pits former Strikeforce 170-pound champion Tarec Saffiedine against South Korean fighting sensation Hyun Gyu Lim, while Japanese superstar Tatsuya Kawajiri makes his Octagon debut opposite Sean Soriano in the co-main event.

MMAmania.com will provide LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 34 card this evening, starting with the "Fight Pass" digital network "Prelims," which are scheduled to begin at 6:30 a.m. ET, right on through the main card action, which is slated to begin streaming at 9 a.m. ET.

Many of our readers check-in before, during and after the show to share their thoughts on all the exciting action. Therefore, feel free to leave a comment (or 34) before you leave and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it always turns out to be a great discussion.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis after "Saffiedine vs. Lim."

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 34 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Tarec Saffiedine vs. Hyun Gyu Lim -- Saffiedine def. Lim by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 48-47x2)
Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Sean Soriano -- Kawajiri def. Soriano by Submission (Rear naked choke) at 0:50 R2
Kiichi Kunimoto vs. Luiz Dutra -- Kunimoto def. Dutra by Disqualification (illegal elbows to the back of the head) at 2:57 R1
Kyung Ho Kang vs. Shunichi Shimizu -- Kang def. Shimizu by Submission (Arm Triangle) at 3:53 R3
Will Chope vs. Max Holloway -- Holloway def. Chope by TKO (punches) at 2:27 R2
Katsunori Kikuno vs. Quinn Mulhern -- Kikuno def. Mulhern by Unanimous Decision (30-27)
Dave Galera vs. Royston Wee -- Wee def. Galera by Unanimous Decision (30-26x3)
Tae Hyun Bang vs. Mairbek Taisumov -- Taisumov def. Bang by Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)
Dustin Kimura vs. Jon Delos Reyes -- Kimura def. Reyes by Submission (Armbar) at 2:13 R1
Russell Doane vs. Leandro Issa -- Doane def. Issa by Technical Submission (Arm Triangle) at 4:59 R2

Alex G. here ... all morning.

Tarec Saffiedine vs. Hyun Gyu Lim

Round one: Saffiedine keeps his distance, while Lim looks composed in his stance. Early leg kick from Saffiedine. Jab from Saffiedine, and Lim comes in with a big knee. Left hand, followed by a right connects for Lim. Saffiedine is switching stances, and circling around the cage. Right hand lands for Lim. Jab from Lim lands, but Saffiedine hits him with a hard leg kick. Knee on the inside from Lim, and he floors Saffiedine with a big right hand after catching a leg kick. Saffiedine works his way back up. Saffiedine lands an inside leg kick, and Lim almost connects with a vicious right hand. Kick to the body from Lim, and they exchange punches on the inside. Big right hand lands from Lim. Saffiedine slips, and gets right back up. Lim is countering Saffiedine by catching his kicks and drilling him with a hook. Lim misses a front kick. Saffiedine lands a right of his own, and they exchange leg kicks to close out the round.

Round two: They meet at the center, and Saffiedine has his hands up high. Front kick from Saffiedine, however it was not too powerful. Lim is following Saffiedine, and Saffiedine cuts him off by exchanging punches. Saffiedine rocks him twice, back to back, after landing two heavy punches in two separate exchanges. Another right hand from Saffiedine. Jab from Saffiedine, followed by a hard leg kick. Lim working the jab, and lands an uppercut. Saffiedine lands another big right, and Lim attempts a flying knee, which does not land. They start to trade again, and Saffiedine is working his leg kicks. Nice combination lands for Saffiedine, and Lim retaliates with a big uppercut. Right hand lands for Saffiedine. Leg kick by Saffiedine, buckling Lim's leg. Left hook connects for Saffiedine. Saffiedine ends the round with another leg kick.

Round three: Head kick connects for Saffiedine. Lim shows off some leg kicks of his own, but they are nearly not as powerful as Saffiedine's. Huge right hand connects for Saffiedine, and he drops Lim. Switch kick from Saffiedine, and he scores the takedown. Lim goes for a heel hook, however Saffiedine escapes and tries to take his back. They scramble, and make their way back to their feet. Jab and a leg kick from Saffiedine, and the power of those kicks made Lim fall back. Saffiedine kicks his legs on the ground, and avoids an upkick to end up in Lim's guard. Saffiedine is not really doing much damage from top position, and the referee stands them back up. Saffiedine buckles Lim's leg with another leg kick, and Lim goes down. The horn sounds with Lim in serious pain.

Round four: Lim starts to throw down hard in the fourth round, and Saffiedine is clocking him with head kicks. Lim is in serious trouble, avoiding Saffiedine's leg kicks. Lim is headhunting, trying to finish the fight with everything he has left. Saffiedine is working on both legs, and hits Lim right in the liver with a kick. Lim is barely putting weight on his left leg, and Saffiedine drops Lim with a flying knee. Saffiedine is in Lim's guard, and now scrambling to look for a choke. Saffiedine ends up in mount, and then takes Lim's back. Lim is exhausted, trying to fight back.

Round five: Saffiedine clocks Lim with a right hand, and then follows up with two leg kicks. Lim surprises Saffiedine with a combo to the head and the body. Lim starts to land, and hits Saffiedine with a big knee. Uppercut from Lim, but he gets buckled by another leg kick. Uppercut from Saffiedine, who is circling away from Lim. Saffiedine continuing to throw leg kicks, and drills Lim with a straight right. Saffiedine drops Lim with another leg kick, and Saffiedine walks away -- leaving it to the referee to tell Lim to get back up. Lim lets out a scream to let Saffiedine know he is still in it, and Saffiedine is circling away, and landing on the inside. Body kick from Saffiedine. Lim lands a left hand, and they exchange punches. Lim rocks Saffiedine with huge knees and punches. Lim wobbles him directly at the end of the round, and tries to finish, but it is too late.

Final result: Saffiedine def. Lim by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 48-47x2)


Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Sean Soriano

Round one: Soriano starts with kicks to the body, while Kawajiri lands a short right hand. Kawajiri goes for the takedown, although Soriano stuffs it. Kawajiri working the takedown, with Soriano fighting it off. Huge knee lands for Soriano as they break apart. Spinning back elbow by Kawajiri just grazes Soriano. Leg kick from Soriano, and Kawajiri goes for the takedown. After a spin, he scores the takedown, however Soriano gets back up and lands some elbows to the side of his foe's face. Kawajiri scores the takedown again, yet Soriano is right back up. Kawajiri pursuing the takedown, and gets Soriano's back. Kawajiri tries to secure the rear naked choke, however his left arm was not sunken into Soriano's neck. Soriano rolls on all fours, and Kawajiri softens him up with punches. Kawajiri continues to land his ground and pound, and Soriano is more or less saved by the bell.

Round two: Soriano tries to close the distance, but Kawajiri is sticking to him. Kawajiri takes the back once again, and now locks in the rear naked choke. Soriano is grimacing in pain, and taps. The referee does not acknowledge the tap, and Soriano goes out.

Final result: Kawajiri def. Soriano by Submission (Rear naked choke) at 0:50 R2


Kiichi Kunimoto vs. Luiz Dutra

Round one: Dutra misses with a wild left hand. Kunimoto working for a takedown, with Dutra against the fence. Dutra secures double under hooks, and lands a knee to the mid section. They separate, and both are slow to engage. Kunimoto lands a jab, while Dutra misses a combo attempt. Spinning back kick from Dutra fails to land, but he lands a left hook. Kunimoto lands a counter hook, and shoots for the takedown. Dutra drops Kunimoto with elbows, and the referee steps in to signal that they were illegal elbows. Kunimoto is down in agony, and they look to be illegal twelve-to-six elbows to the back of the head. Kunimoto is laying on his back, with the doctor checking up on Kunimoto. Kunimoto and his trainer speak, and he tells his trainer that he cannot continue.

Final result: Kunimoto def. Dutra by Disqualification (illegal elbows to the back of the head) at 2:57 R1


Kyung Ho Kang vs. Shunichi Shimizu

Round one: Kang is much bigger than his counterpart, and just misses with a spinning heel kick. Both are bouncing from side to side, looking for an opening. Leg kick by Kang. Shimizu leans in for a takedown, and he eats a knee. Shimizu stays on his back and Kang goes over, landing punches and easily finds himself in full mount. He starts to rain down punches, and locks up a triangle. He transitions into an armbar, but with Kang's head against the cage, it is difficult for him to complete the choke. Kang sits up on Shimizu and starts to land elbows, however they were twelve-to-six blows, and the referee halts the action. The referee deducts two points, assuming one each for the two strikes. The action resumes, and Kang goes for another spinning back kick. Shimizu works for the takedown, however Kang moves to the cage and reverses the takedown. Kang lands two big right hands, and Shimizu makes his way back to his feet. Overhead right just misses by Kang, and he accidentally kicks Shimizu in the groin. The referee stops the action. The referee tells Shimizu that it was not an illegal strike to the groin. The action starts again, and the horn sounds shortly after.

Round two: Head kick just misses from Kang. He starts to throw leg kicks too, and Shimizu works through them. Shimizu works for a single leg, and Kang defends the takedown against the cage. Shimizu tries to pull guard and eats another big knee, with Kang following up with punches. Kang in dummy mount, and passes to full mount. Shimizu scrambles and wins up in top position. Kang utilizing butterfly guard, and reverses Shimizu seconds later. Elbows from top position by Kang. Shimizu comically jabs Kang's face, but he also takes more ground and pound from Kang on the top. Kang postures up and starts to rain down punches. The horn sounds.

Round three: Huge mouse under the left eye on Shimizu. Big takedown from Kang, reversing Shimizu and he starts to pour on the elbows. Kang is relentlessly working with elbows, and Shimizu's eyes are starting to swell. Punches from Kang on top. He postures up, continuously working with strikes and elbows. Kang goes back to mount, and Kang locks in a head-arm choke. Shimizu taps right away.

Final result: Kang def. Shimizu by Submission (Arm Triangle) at 3:53 R3



145 lbs.: Will Chope vs. Max Holloway

Round one: Chope going in early, trying to set up the clinch. Spinning back kick attempt by Holloway. Right hand lands for Chope. Holloway tries his luck at another spinning back kick attempt, and Chope has already cut Holloway open on the nose. Chope attempts the Thai clinch again, but no avail. Uppercut lands for Chope. Knee lands for Chope, and Holloway still trying to settle in on the feet. Another uppercut lands for Chope, followed by a right cross. Knee to the body by Holloway in the clinch. Chope is chasing Holloway, and the latter lands a combination followed by a spinning back kick. He hurts Chope with a right hand, and is wildly trying to finish. Another right hand lands for Holloway, but Chope is staying in there and lands a combination of his own. Chope ties Holloway against the fence, and lands a counter left hook as they break free. Holloway trying to finish strong, with punches and knees to the body. Chope is saved by the bell, after being dropped and looks very wobbly.

Round two: Holloway rocks Chope again with a powerful combination, and he starts to pour it on. He laces Chope with punches, and lands a nice spinning back kick to the body. Chope is throwing desperate punches, and misses with a wild uppercut. Chope is trying to tie up Holloway, who uses his hips to defend the takedown. Holloway breaks free, and starts to land some brutal body shots. He goes to the head, and then back to the body, dropping Chope and securing the second round finish.

Final result: Holloway def. Chope by TKO (punches) at 2:27 R2


155 lbs.: Katsunori Kikuno vs. Quinn Mulhern

Round one: Kikuno comes out in an unorthodox, karate stance that is somewhat comical. Mulhern opens up with a jab. Kikuno plants his feet and throws a few wild strikes, with a left hand connecting. Left hand lands from Kikuno, and Mulhern pulls guard after a failed takedown attempt. Mulhern going for the rubber guard, and Kikuno pulls out. Back on their feet, Kikuno's hands are down. Mulhern lands a jab, and Kikuno lands a slick combination. Kick to the body from Kikuno. Mulhern lands a short right hand. Left hand lands for Kikuno, and Mulhern goes for the takedown again. Mulhern lands two straight jabs, and he is starting to find his rhythm. Head kick misses by Mulhern. Takedown attempt by Mulhern, and he pulls guard again. No action on the ground until the horn sounds.

Round two: Kikuno's left eye is cut. Kikuno lands a right hand, and Mulhern pulls guard again. He get back up and lands a right hand. Mulhern goes for a takedown again, but Kikuno winds up on top. Mulhern landing from the body, and Kikuno is working short elbows. Kikuno lets Mulhern back up, and Kikuno lands a left hand. Kikuno lands a stiff left jab, and Kikuno rocks Mulhern with a knee as the latter goes for a takedown. Mulhern pulls guard again, and not much action with Mulhern attempting the rubber guard.

Round three: Third round begins with Mulhern pulling guard -- again. Kikuno is now throwing elbows, doing the most significant damage yet on the ground. Kikuno is looking for a crucifix, but Mulhern gets back to his feet. Kikuno starts to get his hands going, and Mulhern shoots and pulls guard once again. Kikuno trying to improve positioning, and both guys look pretty tired. The referee stands them up after inactivity. Mulhern is blinking his right eye, while Kikuno goes into southpaw stance. Mulhern shoots again, and pits himself on his back. Mulhern stands up and tries to spinning heel kick Kikuno, who retaliates with a kick to the body that lands. Takedown attempt by Kikuno, who muscles Mulhern down to the mat.

Final result: Kikuno def. Mulhern by Unanimous Decision (30-27)


135 lbs.: Dave Galera vs. Royston Wee

Round one: Galera throws two kicks to the body right off the bat, and Wee scores a big takedown. Wee working in full guard, with Galera working well off of his back with elbows. Wee landing some big shots from the top, but Galera closes guard. Galera tries for a triangle, but Wee is having none of it. Galera trying to use a guillotine to sweep, but Wee stays on him. Wee is now in half guard, trying to control his opponent while getting into top position. Elbows from Wee, and Galera is cut right above his right eye. The horn sounds with Wee dominating the whole round.

Round two: Wee scores a takedown right away, and Galera has an arm around Wee's neck. He lets go, and Wee transitions into side mount. Elbows from Wee in side control, and he goes back into the guard. Galera punching from the bottom, and Wee passes into half guard. Wee not doing much from the top, and Galera is staying busy off of his back -- landing a ton of strikes. Galera is trying to get up, yet Wee is sticking to him like glue. Elbows from Wee, and Galera finally makes his way back to his feet. Wee is clinching him against the cage, with a lock on the body. Wee scores another takedown, with Galera's back against the fence.

Round three: Galera opens up with a kick to the body. Another kick by Galera, and Wee is backing up. Galera lands a nice right hand. Wee fixes his shorts, and Galera presses forward. Wee takes advantage of Galera's aggressiveness and takes him down again. The crowd starts to boo, as Wee is locking Galera's body from top position and not doing much in terms of strikes or damage. Nasty upkick by Galera off of his back on Wee, and the referee steps in to acknowledge the illegal blow. Replays show Galera on his back and Wee on his knees, with the former landing a really hard shot. Wee apologizes, and the referee sets them back up after deducting a point. Galera stands back up, although Wee picks him up and spikes him on his head. Galera on his back again, looking for a last minute kimura. Wee fights it off, and he controls Galera until the sound of the horn.

Final result: Wee def. Galera by Unanimous Decision (30-26x3)


155 lbs.: Tae Hyun Bang vs. Mairbek Taisumov

Round one: They touch gloves to begin, with Bang in southpaw stance and Taisumov in orthodox stance. Bang has his hands down, with his feet planted. Taisumov misses with an early left. Taisumov is active on the feet, throwing a low leg kick. Head kick just misses by Taisumov. Leg kick from Taisumov. Another inside leg kick from Taisumov, followed by a body kick. Bang lands a left hand. Body kick from Taisumov, and he goes upstairs, but just misses. Right hook from Taisumov, and Bang eats a huge left hook. Blood on the nose of Taisumov, and now Bang is finding his range. They exchange punches for a few seconds, until Bang attempts a flying knee and eats a massive right hand that rocks him back. He recovers, and the horn sounds.

Round two: Bang still stalking Taisumov in the second round, but he's not beating Taisumov to the punch. Taisumov looking for head kicks, and Bang is blocking most of them. His arms and body are definitely feeling the damage, with redness appearing more and more. Boos from the crowd, since this round has been very slow. Standing elbow from Taisumov, and then a kick to the body -- which appeared low.

Round three: Bang with his hands low again, and Taisumov lands a power takedown. Bang gave up the butterfly guard, and now Taisumov is looking for elbows and ground and pound. Taisumov is holding onto his body, controlling positioning and rotating Bang away from the cage. Shoulder strikes from Taisumov. Bang uses his hips and his back against the cage to get back up. Strong leg kick by Taisumov, and fails to land a spinning back kick. Another takedown from Taisumov, showcasing his judo skills for that one. He ends the round on top.

Final result: Taisumov def. Bang by Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)


135 lbs.: Dustin Kimura vs. Jon Delos Reyes

Round one: They touch gloves to begin. Reyes cracks Kimura with a right hand right away. A nice combination lands from Reyes. A right hand lands from Reyes, and Kimura goes down. Kimura recovers and gets back to his feet, but Reyes pounces on him and he drags Kimura down. Reyes survives a heel hook attempt, and gets back to his feet, landing bombs. He gets caught in an armbar after unloading with punches, and a very calm Kimura submits him.

Final result: Kimura def. Reyes by Submission (Armbar) at 2:13 R1


135 lbs.: Russell Doane vs. Leandro Issa

Round one: They touch gloves to commence the evening. Doane comes out strong, with an early combo, but Issa takes him down right away. Issa working in half guard, and Doane reverses him. They are back on their feet. Issa a little stiff on the feet, and Doane is throwing bombs, looking for the knockout blow. Flying knee attempt by Doane. Nice right hand by Doane, and Issa scores a takedown. Issa is working from half guard, yet again. Again, Doane reverses him and takes his back. He punches him a few times and Issa is rolling out of danger. Doane is Issa' guard, and winds up in a triangle choke. Short elbows by Issa, but Doane picks him up and tries to slam him. Issa is still working the submission against the cage. Issa is attempting to finish, but with his head against the fence, he cannot secure it. The horn sounds.

Round two: Issa looking a little stiff on the feet, while Doane is looking like the more patient and composed striker. Right hand by Doane, and then attempts the flying knee again. Issa working for a takedown, and they are up against the fence. A little bit of stalling here, with Issa's back against the fence. They break free, and they go back to the center. Combination from Doane, but he just misses. Issa working the leg kicks, landing three powerful ones. Right hand from Doane rocks Issa, and the jiu-jitsu expert is going for the takedown. Doane stuffs one, and another, knowing Issa is hurt. Another right hand rocks Issa, followed by two more. Issa relentlessly going for the takedown, but Doane stuffs them all. Issa goes for a body lock, and Doane reverses it. With Doane on top, he puts Issa is a crucifix, although Issa is breaking free. Doane looks for an armbar, and Issa escapes with his arm all kinds of twisted. Doane then locks in a triangle, and Issa is out cold at the sound of the buzzer.

Final result: Doane def. Issa by Technical Submission (Arm Triangle) at 4:59 R2


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