MMAmania FFB Week 13 Recap and Playoff Preview

e FFB regular season has ended. 6 teams have advanced to the playoffs, and 4 teams seasons have ended and two teams saw their last game in the A League.

Top 3 Fantasy Performers for Week 13

This week we saw 3 ridiculous performances by WR's. None of which were drafted the first three rounds of the draft.

1. Alshon Jeffrey - 51.90 points - Joben

2. Josh Gordon - 51.10 points - BJPennfan

3. Eric Decker - 49.40 - Shiv

Week 13 Recap

Buster Bluth: 153.67

ViolentMike 151.20

Big win here for Buster and a big loss for me. With this win, Buster makes the playoffs. With this loss, I lose $25 to Buster, and I lost the top seed and first round bye. Buster, Puck, Joben and myself were all in the hunt for the season points winner. I had the lead over Joben by 1 point, lead Buster by 2 points and lead Puck Head by 14 points. Buster and I ended up just short of Joben and his monster games from Alshon and of course Peyton. A couple quick players of note from this matchup: VM's CJ Spiller had his best game of the season (23.7 points) and Buster's fucking kicker won him the matchup with an absurd 19 points.

Shiv: 146.17

John G: 123.00

This matchup had no significance to the playoff picture. Shiv had the 4 TD game from Decker and John G's team was only projecting 126.22 this week. FART!

TripPilch: 134.53

GriffinFan: 134.50

In the closest FFB game I have ever seen, Trip escapes with the win by ONE FUCKING PASSING YARD. ONE YARD!!!!! That is insane. Griffinfan had the worst record this season and is demoted to the B League next season. He was the first ever B League champ to get promoted to the A League and he is now the first A Leaguer demoted to the B League. its a good thing that he already had last place locked up going into this week because if I had something riding on a matchup and I lost by one fucking yard, I'd have broken most things in my house.

Puck Head: 148.77

Deuce: 128.67

Winner of this matchup earned themselves a first round bye. And surprise, surprise - it wasn't Deuce's team. Puck gets to sit pretty next week and Deuce has to get crushed by my team. Deuce had a big game from Demarco Murray and his 33.20 but it wasn't enough to stop Puck and his team lead by Chris Johnson (22.10 points)

Joben: 166.63

donkeypunch: 131.27

Huge game for Joben. He earns the first round bye, and he win the season total points prize of $100, congrats. He was lead by Alshon Jeffrey's absurd 51.90 points and Peyton's 40.13. Roddy White finally decided to show up this season for donkeypunch and put up 24.30 points but it was simply too little too late for donkey.

Kevin 173.03

BJPennfan: 129.03

Kevin gets the win and earns a spot in the playoffs. Kev's team was lead by his running backs, Peterson (26.1) and LeVeon Bell (26.6). BJ's team was lead by Josh Gordon and his 51.1 points. Gordon is the first player in NFL history to have consecutive 200 yard games.

Final Regular Season Standings

Rank Team W-L-T Div Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Moves

Division 1

*2 avatar Joben 8-5-0 6-3-0 1859.77 1738.74 W-1 9 18
*3 avatar ViolentMike 8-5-0 6-3-0 1846.01 1671.61 L-1 10 22
*4 avatar Buster Bluth 7-6-0 6-3-0 1848.78 1822.26 W-3 11 33
8 avatar TripPilch 6-7-0 3-6-0 1679.11 1655.88 W-2 3 40
9 avatar donkeypunch 6-7-0 5-4-0 1643.29 1724.76 L-2 2 22
12 avatar GriffinFan05 2-11-0 1-8-0 1539.08 1803.33 L-8 6 17

Division 2

*1 avatar Puck Head 9-4-0 5-4-0 1834.91 1706.66 W-5 1 24
*5 avatar Mania's Pete Rose 7-6-0 5-4-0 1767.85 1630.20 W-1 12 11
*6 avatar Deuce02 7-6-0 5-4-0 1630.82 1603.95 L-1 7 10
7 avatar Shiv 6-7-0 4-5-0 1744.68 1741.81 W-2 5 30
10 avatar John G 6-7-0 3-6-0 1574.78 1783.72 L-3 4 29
11 avatar BJPennFan 6-7-0 5-4-0 1526.63 1612.79 L-2 8 17

Side Bets

I'm not sure of the details of any side bets you guys had amongst yourselves, but here are how mine turned out.

Joben - we tied 1 - 1 in our season matchups, and you beat me in season points by 13. I owe you $50. Since you are still in the playoffs, I will wait until you are eliminated to send you the money. That way if you place in the money, I only have to send you one payment.

Buster Bluth: you beat me in our season points bet by 2.77 points. I owe you $25. Please email me with you you would like me to pay you.

TripPilch - I beat you by 167 points in our season points bet. You owe me $25. Please send it to me the same way you paid your dues.

donkeypunch - I won both of our matchups this season and I beat you in season points by 197. You owe me $100. Please send it to me the same way you paid your dues.

Puck Head - I beat you in season points by 12 points so I owe you $25. You currently lead our Sproles/CJ2K bet. Johnson has 177.2 points and Sproles has 140.20. But there are still 4 weeks to go. If Johnson holds on, our bets are a wash. If Sproles comes from behind, you will owe me $50.

Kevin - We went 1 -1 in our matchups and I beat you in season points by 69. You owe me $50. Please send it to me the same way you paid your dues.

Thanks again for all the side bet action and i look forward to running them back next season!!!!!


(1) Puck Head - bye

(4) Buster Bluth vs Kevin (5)

(3) ViolentMike vs (6) Deuce

(2) Joben - bye

It looks like we just might have two blowouts on our hands in the quaterfinals. Buster is projecting to beat Kevin 158.34 - 127.04 and I'm projecting to beat Deuce 151.17 - 125.31

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