MKL season 2 finale results. / Recruitment thread



to season 2 finale recap.

Sorry for the delay, but I was a bit drunk over the weekend. Well, very drunk. Drunk for 3 days, sick for 2, and splilled a can over my keyboard and couldn't be arsed doin anything about it until today. Right, enough of my crap lads, yer not here for that.

Winner of the final event:


Averaging a very high score of 108.5 points per fighter, Jelly_Belly took down the final event with relative ease. This win let him finish in the top 10, which means nothin ultimately. Here's how he got it done:


Well done bud!

Top 10

Ninja with a nice 20 points there. Mohamed scoring in the top 3 once again and finally, Mr G gets on the board. The rest is fairly academic until you see Bons scoring, 1 single point.




In the end, winning by a clear 21 points, Mohamed is our new Champion. Hard to argue with the form of the lad, finishing in the points in 4 out of 5 events and winning 2 of those, congrats go to Mohamed. He certainly had the last laugh, and takes first place prize of $75.

Well done Mo, well played man!!!!

Final League table:

With Mo taking top prize, there was a consolation prize of $20 up for grabs for the runner-up. With Phasebook inexplicably forgetting to make his picks, and pretty much anyone else who had a chance not scoring so well. I, Bons, nicked the runner-up spot by half a point, (0.5)


Season 3

New season, new schedule.

Entry fee: $10 for the next 10 events

Payout: 1st-75% 2nd-25%

So hopefully, a full 20 man game will payout $150 for 1st and $50 for 2nd

Obviously, all 19 players who took part this season will have priority entrance to the next season.

Please let me know if you are interested in joining again.


For the next season, I will go by the Playground schedule.

However, for the season after (4), if this is still alive. I am considering doing 10 PPV EVENTS ONLY.


As always, I appreciate your participation and hope to see ye back again, even if you scored zero and are down-hearted about it. Once again, Thank you.

If anyone is interested in joining the new season, it begin this Saturday, feel free to contact me:


twatter: @BonusPrize

Comment below.

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