Sorry for my absence last week i wont make excuses i was busy and just didnt get to it. Im sure yall got along without it for a week so lets get to it.

Matchup Reviews:

Diazsweedman vs Rbf8489:

Diazsweedman remains unbeaten in two matchups against Rbf8489 and they make a statement this time, with a 193.03 - 116.77 big win. Diazsweedman usually does well against Rbf8489, against whom they have a 55.70-point average margin of victory. In fact, this particular blowout ranks fifth overall in the league this season. This week, Eric Decker did the most damage, putting up 49.40 points. It was a lot more than the 25.00 points the Kansas City Chiefs Defense got the last time these teams played. Diazsweedman beat Rbf8489 126.13 - 91.00 in Week 6 and now averages 159.58 points against them.

TFK vs JACardin:

TFK dismantled JACardin 148.20 - 99.17, making it two blowouts in as many matchups. This week, Josh Gordon was the key difference, getting 51.10 points. It was more than twice the 25.10 points Jason Witten got the last time these teams played. This is the tightest victory for TFK in two head-to-head matchups. They beat JACardin 144.50 - 80.23 in Week 5.

BDUBBS vs doonerthesooner:

BDUBBS shames doonerthesooner after another blowout, this time by a final score of 201.67 - 119.97. BDUBBS usually does well against doonerthesooner, against whom they have a 68.65-point average margin of victory. In fact, this particular blowout ranks second overall in the league this season. Furthermore, BDUBBS put it to their opponent this week, and scored the second-highest point total in the league this season. This brings their average score in the series to 193.07 points, 127.2% of their season average. This week, Alshon Jeffery was the team leader, getting 51.90 points. That's even more than Vernon Davis, who led all players with 38.00 points the last time these teams met. BDUBBS defeated doonerthesooner 184.47 - 128.87 in Week 6.

pballinboxer vs LetsTalkMMA:

LetsTalkMMA earned their third consecutive win and clinched a playoff spot when they defeated pballinboxer 136.37 - 123.40. They were led by DeMarco Murray who had 33.20 points and Mike Wallace who got 21.20. The streak, which has been a shot in the arm for LetsTalkMMA, has allowed them to move up from sixth place in Week 11 to second place now. pballinboxer goes to 6-7 and stays put in sixth place. LetsTalkMMA has recently blown through JACardin (172.13 - 100.53) and OJR (135.33 - 93.10).


MMA Boss took one from OJR 116.20 - 116.13 for a second win in as many head-to-head matchups. OJR is not a guaranteed win for MMA Boss, who has an average margin of victory of 8.05 points when they play. That's much smaller than their 26.94-point average margin of victory for the season. This week, Rob Gronkowski was the determining factor, putting up 24.70 points. It was still quite a drop-off from the 34.50 points Marshawn Lynch got the last time these teams played. Each team left something on the table as MMA Boss had one starter turn in zero points and OJR had three. MMA Boss beat OJR 160.97 - 144.93 in Week 2 and now averages 138.59 points against them.

Top Players:

P.Manning - 40.13 points

A.Jeffery - 51.90 points

D.Murray - 33.20 points

R.Gronkowski - 24.70 points

A.Vinatieri - 20.00 points

Carolina Def - 16.00 points

Biggest Bench Stash of the Week:

LetsTalk gets it this wekk with ben tate's 28.2 unused points.

Week Notes:

LetsTalk was able to clinch a playoff spot which only leaves two left soscramble boys its getting close. TFK got lucky again with gordon going for 50+ otherwise he has another miserable week with his garbage team. MMA BOSS won a nail bitter aginst OJR .07 r u kidding!!!!! BDUBBS is surging late and has a small margin in the points lead but has a pivotal matchup against me this week.

Next Weeks Matchups:

Diazsweedman vs BDUBBS

Rbf8489 vs OJR

TFK vs doonerthesooner

JACardin vs pballinboxer


There you go guys its getting close so pay attentin and make sure one of those last spots go tp you.

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